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  1. Igo would go viral, Trump would host him in the rose garden and have a press conference all the while Igo's real motivation comes clear the moment he gets the mic "plant based diet executive order"! Ivanka even gives Jeremy a fist bump.
  2. End around with Stewart running up the middle in the gun.
  3. This will be a blowout. Panthers get Kalil back, play McCaffrey more, and Funchess and Samuel rip them a new one.
  4. In simple terms not only does he bring his knowledge but he can hold his man up. If Kalil played the Eagles game Cox would not have been as effective.
  5. Probably the dumbest movie by Cleveland. They could have had the best DE and QB of this draft.
  6. I can't wait to see more of this in our GM. Ignoring all good advice and being wrong. It was so much fun last time.
  7. People said drafting a QB in the top 10 this year was stupid. How stupid are they looking now.
  8. When we pass we gain yards. I mean we convert 2nd and 11 easily and consistently. What if we didn't have to dig out of those holes. Passing is not our problem. Our commitment to trying to be a running team is. Newton will gain his yards no matter what. The best thing about Chud was he knew when the run game didn't work you start firing out of shotgun till the defense respects the pass. Even then Rivera was having a hissy fit he want using the run game enough yet he put up 35 points every game.
  9. I haven't numerically broke it down but we run it quite a bit and yes better than a simple iso but not good enough to gain yards on good defenses. No matter what we run through our oline sucks at run blocking. We are better just abandoning it and using the pass to losen up the coverage.
  10. You forgot to add hire Shula then fire him again. Why cause fug you that's why.
  11. Probably should stick to left iso on first down anyway.
  12. It's because we were in cap hell and had no money. Kalil is terrible at run blocking and Williams is just as bad. Read option would work but not when trying to protect Cam's shoulder. Scrap it and simply. Use options with McCaffrey, Stewart, and Samuel. Add screens and short passes. FYI we have done this but Shula always ditches it for pounding Stewart.