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  1. Favoritism. I would appeal and take it to court if needed like the Pats.
  2. Cam complains and he is a whiner and they allow the whole league to head hunt him. Rodgers whines and they suspend the player the rest of the season. fug the NFL.
  3. Might want to go ahead and put the Sonola cartel and the Russians government as well.
  4. Yeah for one this is new area because rarely does someone get to purchase a successful team thus the need to restructure. Whoever does purchase the team will get a playoff team as well. That's why JR will get paid a ton of money and we want see the team sell off Luke and Cam.
  5. None of them can catch. That's a problem for a receiver no matter how young or old they are. Bersin isn't a ideal WR but he can catch. That's the difference.
  6. I know one thing there will be no gimme games in the playoffs this year. Facing a 5th seed Panthers would be a tall order.
  7. The firing was reactionary and we know partly why now. It's probably why TD and Olsen were pushing for contract extensions. They knew it was likely JR wouldn't be around long.
  8. It would be a even bigger mistake. We have a top 5 QB that will go down as one of the best. It would be like trading Payton Manning in his prime.
  9. I think it would be funny to win the SB the year he has to sell the team.
  10. I think there is about a 10% chance of it happening. We have a winning football team and I doubt that constitutes rocking the boat. We'll unless someone like Diddy buys it.
  11. Maybe but with the right GM and ownership Cam has at least 6 probably 10 more years in the league. Probably not the ideal time to draft a QB.
  12. Let it get poo on like he poo on the fans.
  13. I doubt we move on from Cam. It's very likely though a new GM would like to bring his own coaching staff in though. It's why I'm pissed Dave was fired.
  14. I'm not terribly upset that Hurney will run it. My biggest concern was JR in the background really pulling the strings. I just hate we lost such a good talent evaluator that actually worked well with Rivera. Anytime a new GM comes in to a team with a HC in place it doesn't always work and Dave was smart enough to make it. I don't hate Rivera and I don't want a total rebuild in coaching with Cam and Luke in there prime but it's going to take a really strong GM to make it work successfully.