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  1. Making a roster and starting is totally different.
  2. Snake

    Preseason Games

    Philly and Minnesota had starting QB's behind their starter, we don't even have a Anderson type QB for one. Secondly I wasn't talking about DT were we are deep but OT. Thirdly we have one starting CB and after that???? Hopes and dreams. We are thin and there is no way around that. We have extreme depth at WR, DT, and C but that's it.
  3. Snake

    Preseason Games

    And the Pats lost last year because that thin spot was exploited. They were thin because of injuries not depth. You leave off the packers as well who almost made it to the playoffs by shear depth. Going into the season with no T depth, no DE depth, no CB or DB depth, and no back up QB is risky.
  4. Snake

    Preseason Games

    We are thin on both the T and DE spot. CB is also super thin not to mention both Safety spots where we will be starting more or less back up quality players. Also there is no one behind Newton and we didn't address that or T so it's not crazy Cam could miss a game or two because of injuries from a weak line. I think you can be thin at one or two of these but to ignore them all is risky.
  5. And that shows you how seriously we take the TE position.
  6. Snake

    Preseason Games

    Negative only the bad ones. Good teams actually have good depth at core positions. It's why teams like the packers, patirots, eagles, and Steelers can overcome losses. Not to mention there GM doesn't go on IR sprees like ours.
  7. Snake

    Julio Jones holding out

    They can afford it. Just need to back load a few contracts.
  8. Well absolutely no help at secondary.
  9. Snake

    Preseason Games

    As with all Hurney teams
  10. His khakis are perfectly aligned.
  11. Snake

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    He's worth that pick because of the match up problem he brings. McCaffrey is better than any LB in this league running routes. Shula used him horribly last year and that's why you question the pick. Hopefully a revamped system will use both Newton and McCaffrey better.
  12. Red Cam we are happy, Purple Cam bad news.
  13. Holy poo we are ALL IN. Win or go home beeeches.
  14. What a giant butt hole isn't sexy?
  15. You haven't seen him in his khakis.