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  1. Kneecaps

    Well my knees crack.
  2. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    Stop alto it's all the same. I'm sure I could just go to China and drive fine even though I don't know the language. And last I checked those teenagers have to pass a driving test and have insurance.
  3. Streaming TV box

    I'm thinking of buying the G-box Q2. It seems to have good reviews and the Nvidia is a little pricey for me. Setup seems manageable with knowledge of Android.
  4. HVAC question

    This is what I was thinking.
  5. Wear a Yankees hat while in Boston. It will be a all day experience of there culture.
  6. Sexting

    I'm married and thank God I don't have to do this crap.
  7. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    Actually SC is tougher on immigration. They just drive without a license in SC. NC gives them a license and even gives them free college education.
  8. Streaming TV box

    Been wanting to pull the trigger on one of those. Do you get sky tv?
  9. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    But let's all get mad at Trump because he wants to get rid of the illegal immigrants that drive and cause this. In other words most insurance companies have found a sneaky way to make up for losses incurred by no/or under insured drivers. Shocking...
  10. Ties?

    Should be who can throw a football longer.
  11. Norman could have tore the team apart as well. It took several capt. To control him and his anger on a good day.
  12. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    Can't really disagree with you as well. Both sides have caused this and both resist change.
  13. Good lord....

    The Seahawks might not even make the playoffs this year. The Packers have a handful in the Vikings as well.