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  1. Dude you’ve got your own hashtag. You made it fam.
  2. That tweet from 8 days ago could be from him standing in the middle of a food court.
  3. mjligon

    Monday camp tweets

    Ron caving and givkng Larsen a legitimate shot at LG seems like our only hope
  4. mjligon

    Monday camp tweets

    “So bruh next time you shove her down the stairs you got to slightly extend the arm like this, they’ll never catch you fam”
  5. mjligon

    Monday camp tweets

    Another great photo from David Newton
  6. mjligon

    Monday camp tweets

    Not sure whether to be mad about this or be excited
  7. I’ve was so out of touch this offseason I didn’t even realize he was back.
  8. mjligon

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    @UpstatePanther on his grind. thx for the content
  9. mjligon

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    That and first day back in pads. No worries from me. Just happy to see a WR running routes that crisp.
  10. But is he embracing the physicality of his route running
  11. mjligon

    Former Panther News

    Yep that was LIT
  12. Looking like RetiredCollegeRacist has another account @uncfan888
  13. I thought he had like 500 yards for tampa
  14. My body is ready
  15. Also a bad week for a guy who no Huddler wanted us to draft (Butler).
  16. got my wires crossed was thinking he meant 5th year option
  17. That’s how I feel about my contributions to this forum.
  18. Why Lonzo Ball following him
  19. LOL man that was good times last year
  20. We play him week 1. the thread title says week 1 QB
  21. Tepper looks like he has a very strict diet of only scotch and ribeyes