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  1. mjligon

    Ex-Panther Fans?

  2. He was an absolute animal at LSU
  3. mjligon


    He won’t know about it until the Observer is delivered tomorrow morning
  4. I’ve never felt like that until now
  5. @Lords0fPain go away weirdo
  6. Somebody ban this idiot
  7. What kind of idiotic tomfoolery is this
  8. I didn’t expect him to come back anyway. Was more worried that Kalil would come back and ruin this thing we got going
  9. This means Kalil is done. Which is great news.
  10. mjligon

    week 5 returns

    Hopefully Byrd Samuel Turner are all back
  11. mjligon

    Van Roten is legit - Video Proof

    Yep. Imposing his will.
  12. His response implied it would have been Cams fault that our garbage defense gave up a go ahead score
  13. I understand that but you said it would have been his fault the game was tied. That penalty didn’t give them an extra TD. So how would them scoring been his fault?
  14. That looks nothing like the footage that’s been provided on Cam. Like not even similar.
  15. The commentators would have gotten a kick out of Rodgers doing it. “This guy is the ultimate competitor. Look at him having fun playing on one knee!”
  16. Does Aaron Rodgers get called for that yes or no
  17. Cams fault for allowing the Bengals to drive down the field on us? plz explain
  18. I’ve been waiting on someone to provide some sort of evidence of this. But no one has yet. It was some ticky tack call that only goes against certain players.
  19. So now we’re back to saying he threw the ball at Dunlap? Is there any video evidence of that actually happening? Sitting a ball down in a defenders lap shouldn’t be a personal foul. That is ridiculous and wouldn’t be called if Aaron Rodgers had done it.