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  1. I'm not against it, actually would like to see him brough in. at the same time- when are we going to see Boston get an opportunity as a full time starter? It seems we keep bringing in stopgap after stopgap instead of offering the job to Boston. I'm fine with competition, but if we bring in Weddle it's a clear sign that Boston will never be a full time starter for us.
  2. Cap Casualties - Top 25

    In before "Dwayne Bowe!!!"
  3. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    Come home Beason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    I like that guy, Jonathan Stewart
  5. Deangelo Williams picks....

    He is one strange dude
  6. What position did you play?

    Played Center
  7. Something I got a few weeks ago

    Would be really weird if that was Von Miller instead of Kalil Mack...
  8. Yeah I suppose that is true. either way it will be a mauling
  9. Wish it'd pour rain TBH 
  10. Destiny - Luke Kuechly toddler pic

    Gorgeous man.                                           wait what
  11. It's NOT about race!