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  1. Gameday Menu

    Made a giant batch of boiled peanuts also made a pizza Friday night so those leftovers
  2. Gameday Menu

    Got a couple of those in the fridge as well
  3. Gameday Menu

    Yes please elaborate on this oyster bar
  4. Yeah I’ve been following the threads and your posts and you know your stuff on this subject so I was moreso curious as to what you were thinking. I just can’t wrap my mind around worrying about his career right now (especially after what appears to be an extremely quick recovery unlike the last two injuries). Maybe it’s me not wanting to admit that he is “concussion-prone” and a ticking tim bomb- or maybe it’s just the facts that have been put out surrounding this particular injury.
  5. Yeah okay we are on the same page here. He obviously had some sort of concussion-esque injury, and I’m pleased with how quickly he has advanced through the stages of the protocol. I expect him to be cleared when he meets with the doctor Monday.
  6. I am having a hard time understanding the point you are making here?
  7. I’m no doctor (just like 99% of you...except @thebigcat) but I do know that players with concussions are typically not allowed to fly with the team to away games. Again, the fact that doctors have given Luke the green light to board the team plane tells me he is farther along in recovery than many of you folks are insinuating. He isn’t broken, and it magically isn’t time for him to call it a career. R-E-L-A-X.
  8. I certainly seemed to prevent this one from being as serious.
  10. Man you guys are really overreacting about this...like seriously overreacting. Luke is boarding the plane to head to Chicago. The fact that doctors gave him the green light to do so tells me all I need to know about where he is in terms of a “concussion”.
  11. This thread has given me a concussion.
  12. We didn’t give him an opportunity to get “cleared”. He meets with the doctor Monday. If he’s out next week, yeah I’ll join you in the panic...but given what we know and what he was able to do this week, I’m not concerned at the moment.
  13. That’s really jumping the gun a bit don’t you think?
  14. This is literally nothing like how last year played out.
  15. If we can’t beat the Bears without Luke...well, even without all these guys- we are not who we think we are.
  16. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Regardless of how much money Cam makes- he has a job to do, and part of the job requirement is being the face of this franchise, speaking to the media. this is a bad look for him.
  17. Pretty sure Igo was talking about Sunday, not Wednesday practice.
  18. With KB’s injury it’s time we implement a two TE set as shown below: this will open up the run game and allow us to use play action for a down field attack @sanjay_rajput
  19. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Truthfully speaking, I can’t side with Cam here.
  20. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Lol RR has no emotions so it probably wasn’t hard to teach stoic Ron how to deal with the media. Also Ron has never had his name constantly drug through the mud like Cam has ever since before he even declared for the NFL draft. You are literally comparing apples and oranges.
  21. I don’t think that it is league mandated at all.