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  1. Culturally, what will change?

    Well yeah if we went 1-15 that would require some serious change. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but it would take some serious collapse to fall that far next season.
  2. Culturally, what will change?

    Cmon man. you’re poking the bear here
  3. Culturally, what will change?

    What gives with this? it felt like we took steps forward in 2015 but we are back to playing complete trash lately. The DJ hasn’t changed so I don’t quite understand it.
  4. Lol. As a defender that isn’t really an insult. I’m sure TD lost a lot of sleep over this.
  5. And that observer link was directly from Forbes. do you trust them?
  6. Jonathan Jones writes for Sports Illustrated now. He has no ties to the Observer, and his opinion is knowledgeable and also unbiased.
  7. It ain’t happening tin foil mcgee http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/panther-tracks/article161108728.html
  8. “And so now the Panthers will be up for sale in a city that has no major college team and couldn’t care less about its NBA team. Residents will worry that Charlotte could lose the Panthers under a new owner, despite how unlikely that is. The NFL would never move a team that has sold out every home game since 2002, has made major stadium upgrades in recent years and has a city council deathly afraid of having an unoccupied stadium sitting under its proud skyline.” Jonathan Jones SI article ill take this over the tin foil hat speculators around the city any day
  9. LOL classic ”a coach like Belichick” pretty sure 31 teams would love to find that
  10. would you rather take the foot off the gas and win, or keep the pedal to the metal and lose?
  11. You say it’s luck- but you haven’t provided any evidence to show the contrary
  12. @Zaximus you should be able to provide an example of a time where the Panthers got out to a large lead, let their foot off the gas, and lost.
  13. That’s great! 6-0 in the games you provided. Thanks for disputing your silly argument for me.
  14. I’ll just name a few off the top of my head from this year: At NE At Detroit MIN GB okay your turn. @Zaximus
  15. @Zaximus I suppose you’d rather have Bruce Arians? He’ll be looking for a job! https://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2016/8/22/12581800/bruce-arians-is-the-best-coach-in-the-nfl-in-close-games he got da best record in da close game !1!1!!!!1!!!
  16. Right. But that doesn’t help Zax spew his negativity !!!
  17. @Zaximus you do realize that number doesn’t necessarily mean we held a lead at all? Some of those are due to coming back and falling short. But yeah beat, go on. Tell me more about all the times we have jumped out to an early lead and lost the game.
  18. Also, How many games have we lost due to “letting his foot off the gas” ? bring some facts to your argument other than standing on your desk screaming out a record
  19. Post some other coaches records during close games please
  20. Same. When we jump out ahead early I already know it’s a W every time
  21. @Zaximus the loudest one in the room