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  1. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Be careful. Cam is not a standout passer. The Panthers built an offense around Cam's strength (running). If the Panthers were not determined to run the ball, Cam would be an extremely average QB.
  2. Panthers win with a FG as time expires. Will be close throughout. Vikings are somewhat unproven on the road. They beat Cleveland (lol) by 8, Detroit (so did we), Redskins by 8, Bears (ugh) by 3, and the Falcons by 5. Not exactly murderer's row and they didn't blow anyone out. All those suggesting we'll lose at home to these guys means you guys think we are no better than Cleveland Chicago and Washington. Shame on you. Panthers sort of have their backs against the wall and embarrassed themselves last week. They tend to play well in those circumstances, especially at home. The crowd will be pumped. Panthers will play hard. And we'll put together a gritty close win.
  3. Who do we root for thursday night?

    Forget about Thursday, I'm not even sure who many of you guys are pulling for on Sunday.
  4. Time person of the year - 10 finalist

    Mueller gets it next year. Trump can read about it as he rots in jail.
  5. This is just Monday morning quarterbacking. If we come out in the second half, march down the field to tie it up, and go on to win, none of this angst matters. What a tired cliché - 'playing not to lose'. Everyone plays not to lose. Find me someone that plays to lose. If you play not to lose and you are successful, you win. Its just semantics. Rivera believed our best chance to win (hence not to lose) was to play it cautious at the end of the half so as not to dig a deeper hole.
  6. I think they were playing not to lose by the end of the first half. Down 7 with the ball starting the 2nd half is not a bad spot. Down 14 is deep doo.
  7. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    Agree. Very much a subjective exercise. I just get tired of the whole "we're wasting the talent of 2 once-in-a-generation players" argument. Cam and Luke are great - but so are a bunch of their peers.
  8. We got the ball on our own 19 with 46 seconds to play down 7 on the road. Our quarterback is ranked 27th in passing accuracy and tied for 5th in the league with 11 interceptions. We also have an extremely young and inexperience wide receiving corps. One mistake and we're easily down 10-14 points at the half. Now tell me why we should have been flinging it around deep in our end at the end of the half.
  9. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    From a numbers standpoint, Kuechly is tied for 14th in tackles with Ryan Shazier. As a matter of fact, they both have 89 tackles, 3 interceptions, and no sacks. Shazier has 11 pds (to Luke's 5) but Luke has a TD. I'm kind of wondering if any Panther is elite this year.
  10. What is your explanation from going 4-8 last year to 8-4 this year? Other than adding CMC, what have we done that has created this 4 game swing? None of our other draft picks have made an impact. Peppers has been a nice part-time addition. But Cam's numbers are similar (about 215 yards per game passing through 12 games each year). Arguably Kalil is not an improvement over Remmers. Adams is supposedly old and slow. TD has lost a step. We've been without Olsen and Ryan Kalil for practically the entire year. And our turnover margin through 12 games was -6 last year and -6 this year. Yet here we are at 8-4. I wonder how we did it.
  11. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    Not to belabor the point, but I'm thinking elite might mean "future Hall-of-Famer", which means Keuchly and probably Cam. Do you think Norman is a future Hall-of-Famer?
  12. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    The draft, free agency, and the waiver system is designed to provide parity throughout the league. There are roughly 12 every-down positions (QB, WR, TE, G, T, C, RB, DE, DT, LB, CB, S). If only top 5 are elite, then about 60 players are elite. Dividing these up among 32 teams leave slightly less than 2 per team. We have Luke and probably Olsen. Ryan Kalil, Trai Turner, and KK are probably outside looking in. We can expand the list by saying there are also 5 elite MLBs separate from regular LBs, 5 elite Nickles, 5 elite slot receivers, 5 elite fullbacks, 5 elite strong safeties, 5 elite nose tackles, etc. This may get Short into the conversation. The strength of our team is not the individuals, but the meshing and leadership of the talent we have. Anyone thinking a first rounder should automatically be elite, or that we should have 7-8 elite players on the team are in la-la land.
  13. Seems like they have been rotating lines instead of players. It seems like Peppers, Horton, Love, and Butler are always in together. They will probably just roll Cox into the Short/Star/Addison line. I love CJ and appreciate all he has done over the years, but this will probably not be a huge blow unless another DE goes down to injury.
  14. Huge advantage for the panthers. I doubt Kuechly even needs a mic. So the theory goes the defense sets up in a plain vanilla scheme. Panthers break the huddle late, allowing defenses only have a few seconds to react to the formation. Is this advantage Panthers?
  15. That's actually an interesting thought. Does anyone on defense get a mike? If so, does it cut off at 15 seconds? I always assumed we broke the huddle late due to lollygagging from coaches/players, but maybe they do it so as not to tip their hand on formation. Or maybe the coaches wait to see what personnel are in the game on defense before finalizing the play. Who knows - but I believe successful football in the NFL is much more complicated than many on here realize. You can't always win on talent, you also need some smarts.