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  1. I'd probably look uncomfortable too if some babe wandered into the locker room at the Y while I was in there.
  2. It was a very deep defensive draft. Most thought we needed an impact player on the offensive side of the ball and many liked John Ross or OJ Howard, who are both off to slow starts. McCaffrey, on the other hand, is on pace for over 1500 all purpose yards. That will probably put him around 8th or 9th in that category. Not bad for a rookie. Someone suggested he's just Reggie Bush. Bush was actually pretty good his rookie year. He had around 1500 all purpose yards his first year, but for whatever reason, his numbers fell off drastically after that. I'd give CMC at least 2 years before drawing any conclusions.
  3. We evaluate, we don't second guess.

    Evaluate - Review plays to see what worked and what did not. How can we make it better? What can we learn? Does not Second Guess means he doesn't sit around saying 'we should have done this, we should have done that instead of what we actually did'. That is a job for the Huddle Monday morning QBs and a complete waste of his time.
  4. In 2017, Samuel will end up with 400 yards from scrimmage and a couple of TDs and half the board will call him a bust and the other half will blame Shula for not knowing how to use him. In 2018, he will have 600 yards from scrimmage and 3 tds and half the huddle will call him a bust and the other half will blame Shula for not getting him enough touches. In 2019, he will break out with 1000 yards running/receiving and 6 TDs. Half of the huddle will wonder how we will be able to pay both he and CMC. The other half will have moved on to calling our 2018 first rounder a bust. (note - everyone would also be calling out 2019 first rounder a bust, but unfortunately Hurney traded that away for a 2018 second round LB/DE hybrid).
  5. Which path for Newton?

    Cam needs to be a threat to run to be effective. What he is doing now I believe is ideal. A couple option runs, a QB draw, a couple of scrambles, a couple of sneaks when we need a yard, and of course 3 knees out of victory formation at the end of the game. 6-7 runs a game for around 35 yards (assuming around 60-70 offensive snaps) is about perfect.
  6. Your worship of Cam has reached pathological status. After 7 years in the NFL, Cam is perfectly capable of reacting to what the defense is showing him and making an adjustment. To suggest otherwise is to perpetuate the black quarterback stereotype. This offends me. Another explanation is that we want to run the ball on first down to get the clock started. The expectation is to pick up 2-3 yards and burn about 50 seconds. That is a significantly better result than an incompletion which nets 0 yards and burns 6-7 seconds, or worse a turnover. I suspect Cam understands this basic strategy and therefore is comfortable with the play call.
  7. Are you saying Cam can't audible out of a play? Is he forced to run whatever play is sent in regardless of the defensive formation?
  8. Well Cam had the ball in his hands for every single play. I thought he was our best player.
  9. Did a quick count and it looks like we ran 14 times on first down and passed 11 times on first down. It feels like we always run Stew up the middle on first down, but its really not like that. The good news is we held the ball 35 minutes, which is the true goal of running the ball. Keep the defense fresh. Control your destiny. The fact we beat a very good team at their place while spotting them 100+ yards in penalties feels like cause for happiness, but not here I guess.
  10. Another cool thing about this play is Hoover (#45). He throws a block and is laying on the ground as Foster hops over. But he doesn't lay there watching. He jumps up and bowls over a couple of eagles at the end.
  11. Ron Rivera has a fix for the offense.

    This is the greatest thread ever. We receive confirmation that perhaps Rivera knows more about football than the Huddle experts. Rivera: 57-43-1.
  12. Cam apologizes

    That might be true. But there were a lot of people at the press conference and the cameras were rolling. Hard to know how it would have played out had she not reported her follow up to her boss.
  13. Cam apologizes

    Just blabbing about the possibility a person can laugh at racist humor but not necessarily be a racist. I apologize for not making my point easier for you to understand.
  14. Cam apologizes

    I'm not defending her because she is white or a woman. I'm defending her because she is a fellow human being getting ripped by a bunch of Cam-worshippers, all because she had the audacity to stand up for herself. She destroyed the "evidence" in her tweets because turds like you combed through her tweet messages from 5 years ago, hoping to get something on her to deflect attention from Cam. But if she was truly a card-carrying racist, shouldn't we have more evidence than admitting to a chuckle at her fathers racist comments? Is this really the best we can do? But then again, this is your shtick. Anytime Cam gets negative press, you make it about race. But its not always about race. And if you cry wolf every time, people stop listening.
  15. Hall to IR, Southward to active roster

    Hall was only going to play if we tanked the season. The front office must think we've got a pretty good team to make this move. I doubt Southward will ever be active, but it does free up a practice squad spot to bring someone in to learn.