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  1. Looking back - the 2016 draft was mediocre at best. But frankly, after 15-1, there wasn't much room for a bunch of new starters. Butler was picked in case we lost Short and Edwards/Cole were done. Letting Norman walk vs. paying him 15m was a calculated gamble. We play zone and had confidence in Benewikere stepping in. Gman probably felt he could get someone solid in the 2nd or 3rd (which he did) that could hold down a zone corner spot. The extra cap allowed us to extend Oher, and rollover about 13m, which was ultimately used to pay Turner and Short. Most of our starters in 2015 were the same in 2016. The following chart shows the exceptions and his replacement: Punter: Nortman (Lee) DE: Allen (Ealy) WR: Crotchery (KB) S: Harper (Boston) CB: Robert McClain (Benewikere) CB: Norman (Bradberry) Arguably, with the exception of Norman, every single starter was replaced by a better guy. We didn't need to draft a ton of guys all over the roster, just depth on the dline and a solid zone corner. That is exactly what we got. We also got a mediocre corner that we turned into Torrey Smith and a few pieces that have helped out here and there (Byrd and Cash). Its not the best draft - but you have to remember the context. Bottom line is - We got what we needed to repeat in 2016 - we just got destroyed by injuries and losing close games.
  2. grimesgoat

    North Korea Summit

    At this point we have to bide our time for 2 years until we get a legit president that knows what he's doing. I don't give a crap if he's democrat or republican at this point. Just someone that's not a dumbass.
  3. grimesgoat

    North Korea Summit

    I've come to accept he is POTUS for now. But he really comes off as incredibly ignorant - which is just embarrassing. He is a very dim-witted human being. You don't have to be the smartest guy to be POTUS, but you shouldn't be a fool either. And based on the things he's done and said in the past, he's really dumb. There is just no escaping that conclusion. Very vulnerable people were conned and they will be conned again.
  4. grimesgoat

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    As I understand it, it has to do with mixing meat and dairy. You can't combine two products from the same source. Realistically, the chance of getting milk and meat from the same cow seems remote, but might not have been that much of a stretch back in the day. If your still getting your guidance from a book written in a backwater 2000-3000 years ago by a bunch of religious zealots that were clearly just winging it, more power to you.
  5. grimesgoat

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Exodus 23:19, if you're into that sort of thing. Here's a complete list of sins: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/List_of_actions_prohibited_by_the_Bible
  6. grimesgoat

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    My faves are always the food restrictions. No pork. No cheeseburgers. No fat. Hell's gonna be crowded as hell.
  7. grimesgoat

    A Gettleman legacy

    I assume you are thinking Norman is an "all-time great" Panther. But come on. He started 36 games in 4 years, logged 7 interceptions, got into a fight with our franchise quarterback, and refused to play for 15m in 2016. Can this franchise not do a lot better than this as far as "all-time greats"? It is laughable to think Norman would have turned a 6-10 team into a contender. He didn't turn Washington into a contender. And he has a grand total of 3 interceptions in 2 years since leaving. 2016 was just a lot of close losses, key injuries, and 1 very big missed FG. Norman wasn't going to save us from any of that. The only thing retaining Norman would have done was prevent us from extending Short. Maybe you are talking about Smith. I agree, he is an all-time great, but Gettleman didn't lose him - he cut him. And the reasons are well documented. And how exactly was Gettleman going to extend Norwell? He was fired before the season even started.
  8. grimesgoat

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    good point. Basically I do not like our chances when its Trump vs. anybody else. I think he is the dumbest world leader out there right now, which is compounded by his spectacular narcissism and self-interest.
  9. grimesgoat

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    I do not think Obama was impacted by the media portraying him as calm and reasonable. There is an art to negotiations. A necessary give and take. I'm sure Obama was well informed on the issues. People want to work with reasonable people. Both countries benefit. Trump, on the other hand, is a bully. Further, he sees everything as a competition. Pretty much any world leader has learned how to deal with and get the better of a bully (even an unstable one). His narcissism makes him easy to manipulate. He is simply not bright enough nor is he willing to put in the necessary work to understand. The fact he does not understand basic trade is a classic example. We give China money, they give us goods. He insists this a trade deficit problem. But both countries benefit and get what they want. We get cheaper goods and China gets American dollars. Win-Win. His solution to this Win-Win is tariffs and a trade war. He's a moron.
  10. grimesgoat

    For the brain trust on the Tbox

    I did not pay as close attention to the media when Obama was president. He wasn't constantly whining and doing stupid things to bring attention to himself. I knew he was bright, engaged, and had the American people's interest at heart. That goes for any other president going back to Nixon. All of those guys were qualified to make decisions and in hindsight most of their day-to-day decisions were probably the right decisions (with a few notable exceptions). I didn't even know Obama won a peace prize until Trump started whining about wanting one too. I pay more attention to the media now because like anyone else, when a trainwreck is occurring, you can't look away. When a person with that much power is so terrible at handling it - its hard to just look away. I don't think his instability is an act to keep opponents off stride. Its not a negotiating ploy. I think he is in way over his head and other countries that have chosen smart people to be their leaders know exactly how to manipulate him to get what they want. He is hopelessly out of his league. I've never seen a guy just make poor decision after poor decision every single day. Quite simply, we elected a fug-up. And fug-ups are entertaining to watch fug-up (as long as they are not getting us killed).
  11. I believe they would fit in perfectly with fly-over trump world.
  12. grimesgoat

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    If we keep him and cut him next year, the cap hit is 4m this year and 3m next year. If we cut him now, its a 6.4m hit (we can spread over 2 years). But assuming everyone is healthy, I'd trade him for a 7th/bag of chips. We'd still have a hit of 4.5m dead which I don't think we can spread over 2 years, but that is the lowest cost alternative. Cutting him now is premature as injuries happen, but if possible I'd try to trade him for something (anything).
  13. Got it. But how do we know its a detriment to the team? How do we know the younger, unproven players will always perform better? At what point do we trust the guy who is 64-47-1, was voted coach of the year in 2 of the last 5 years, and took us to the playoffs in 4 of the last 5 years including a superb owl? I'm not a huge Silotolu fan, but I can't get on board the Ron bashing. He's got the numbers to suggest he knows what he's doing here.
  14. So are you saying Ron prefers to play players that he knows are terrible and is purposely trying to tank our season, cause an injury to our franchise quarterback, and try to lose enough games to get fired?