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  1. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I've definitely lost some muscle mass, but really don't care.  I was starting to look pretty ridiculous anyway. 
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I've had to cut out weight training for a while because of inflammation.  I hated it at first, but now I actually feel better than I have in so long.  I'm just focusing on cardio and core.  I might just stick with that indefinitely.  Being jacked up is nice but there comes a point in your life when it's not worth it anymore. 
  3. Talking Punt Returners

    Ginn was OK, but hardly a game changer as a returner.  I'm more concerned about replacing him on offense.  Returner is definitely a concern though.  Hopefully we get lucky.
  4. OTA Observations

      Sounds a lot like Bell. 
  5. OTA Observations

    We're talking about practice, man.  We're talking about practice.  We're not even talking about a game.     We're not even talking about practice really.  It's a starting point to learn the system and get your feet wet.  I'm not going to throw the towel in on a guy because he has a couple of shitty OTAs.
  6. OTA Observations

      Because OTA's are pretty meaningless.  I want to see him in a game. 
  7. OTA Observations

    I have some hope that Chandler can be serviceable at LT.  He's got the athleticism, pretty good feet.  There's some tools there to work with.  I'm pretty sure Bell would be an unmitigated disaster at LT (or any position).   I really want to see the Canadian get a real shot at RT.