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  1. I don't recall the philly exchange either.. That would have been epic..lol  
  2. with all of this trade talk

    Exactly!!!! 6-0
  3. True statement..The City is cool and yes it depends on what you are into..I would however stay away from getting into a heated argument with the sports fans there. They are far tooooo passionate in not a good way sometimes.
  4. Don't bother.. It will only make you want to get into an argument with them and they would love it!!  
  5. Only if I have Josh Norman standing near me at all times for protection.
  6. Hi, my name is Philly

    Me too. I actuallythink the two can be a dangerous dual to cover.  Philly just needs to remember to go back to the basics and what he did to get on the roster in the begining last year.
  7. Hi, my name is Philly

    I'm surpised that he doesn't wake up everyday being thankful that he is on an NFL Roster!! ..Oh wait you said that he didn't!! . I don't care who's on twitter just as long as they do the right thing when it comes time.
  8. Panthers Corey Brown OTA Thoughts

    very nice. seems like he is focused and not taken anything for granted.  
  9. OTA Notes - June 11

    ​Can you ask him if we can call him Corey "philly Brown"