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  1. 76west added a post in a topic Can we once and for all retire the name "Philly"?   

    It actually does not bother him to be called Philly, he has said it countless times. I think the problem was that people thought that was his real name instead of Corey. We called him  a Philly while he was at OSU and the commentators will call him Corey "Philly" Brown. Someone should just ask him flat out hates the name which I doubt he does. #phillybrown10.
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  2. 76west added a post in a topic Philly Brown   

    So after reading all of these comments about Brown I think it should have been titled lets trash Philly because he sucks and has no place in the NFL. I have nothing to say either way until I see him playing actual games during the season. It's almost insane how easily people forget that Philly really didn't play a ton of games last season where he was a targeted receiver. He played PR/KR where we all know how that looked and had a couple of injuries which caused him to miss some games as well. I don't think it would be fair to compare his stats to someone that's played in this position all season and targeted 60 percent of time. Clearly he has some work to do and I'm sure he knows it and it it needs to be done fast.  At this point because  I am not a Coach or anyone of importance on how things will work out with this group. I will just sit back a be a fan. Same goes for Bersin just let them play and let the coaches decide.
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  3. 76west added a post in a topic Who Impressed/Who Depressed   

    I too agree with this. I don't think Philly is the type of person that thinks a spot is his just by default. Listening to his interviews he seems very humble in fact. I think he needs to clear his head or shake what seems to be nerves off. He was clearly the only one that was getting open tonight with the ones and I agree that if your open and its your play you have to catch the ball. No doubt in my mind this kid will shake this off and get back into the game. 
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