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  1. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    I think Ginn stays. We can talk about who we might get from FA but the fact is the WR core we had this season provided just about all we could ask for. Add in KB and we improve nearly automatically. I just don't see DG going shopping for a WR when other positions are in greater need of offseason help. 
  2. My CEO is Cooler Than Yours

    He didn't mention anything about being paid. Could be a good hire.
  3. Who did this?! No Chill!

    That was great! The fence was definitely missing.
  4. Caption This Photo

    "Philly Brown catches footballs"
  5. Touchdown

    Interesting that he is being defended by a "Minter" and what could be a "Witherspoon", two great name in Panther lore.
  6. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    That's too bad.  I've been a panther fan for years (even though I have been quiet on the Huddle) and was looking forward to having nice glossy photos to look at whenever the mood struck me. And I have not seen better photos than the ones Zod captures.
  7. What to do with confetti?

    I'm thinking a fish bowl with three of your best pics from the season (1 Cam, 1 Luke and 1 Lombardi) attached or somehow printed to the outside and then filled with the confetti.
  8. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Awesome pics. Any word on the coffee table book?
  9. SQUAD

  10. Official one and only Superb Owl 50 Pie

    So excited tonight! The guys put together a complete game and left no doubt! KEEP POUNDING!!!!
  11. Too good not to share--Norman tweet

    Tolbert as Juggernaut