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  1. We wont be that bad come draft time, but Minkah Fitzpatrick would kill two birds with one stone.
  2. He's a great follow on twitter. Against the Siants he was breaking down plays and basically said Cam either isn't healthy or has to get better. Killa is looking healthy again.
  3. Go Pats go. Just like I was in the superbowl against the Falcons.
  4. New starting safety this weekend?

    Speaking of safeties, DJ Swearinger is turning himself into a player. Was tagged as only a hard hitter but has definitely expanded his game in recent years.
  5. Pats pretty much double covered Kelvin most of the game when they didn't blow coverage. They lived with Butler guarding Funchess 1 on 1 and Chung coming down on whoever was in the slot CMC/Dickson. Glad Devin took advantage of the situation and balled out. But other teams still prioritize Olsen and KB in the passing game.
  6. San Antonio Spurs Coach Goes In on White Privilege Popovich has a military background and served five years in the air force.
  7. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    Lol haters gonna hate.
  8. Bro he went there when he told a grown ass man what to do with HIS body.
  9. The ones they shipped off Norman and Steve would've done it regardless. Part of that Culture they speak on, was wanting more Yes mans in the building. Gettlemen was NOT a yes man...
  10. Them not being focus was SO obvious, it's bad when you know that your coach and possibly the owner don't have your back. Literally EVERY team protested as a unit in some way, shape, or form except for us. And our players are suppose to be okay with it.....yeah its sad Rivera thought that this would end well.
  11. Being the best WR and being a legit deep threat to keep the defense honest are two completely different things.
  12. Snap Counts...

    Captain CANT cover Thomas in the slot, so that battle was already lost if hes in the game or not.