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  1. A pretty considerable drop off, especially with the fumbling problems he has
  2. Late 1st. But IMO it's comical that she's going to get a payday from this
  3. Just so happens to be the divisions we play this year.
  4. I honestly feel like if he has 2 more concussions, he'll retire. He really has nothing else left to prove on a football field.
  5. LMAO if it wasn't for a prior family engagement, he'd be front row and center waiting at the white house steps.
  6. Reaching like a mother fuger, this is his opinion about athletes who charge in general
  7. Isn't a major concern about him is his willingness to be physical and actually tackle for his size?
  8. You must not have been following Dede and the concerns about his past.
  9. Quoting solely based off how hard that new Kodak goes
  10. Definitely time to groom someone,
  11. The guy who fumbles alot, I'm going to take a pass on that one.
  12. Its a stretch and nothing of substance but man oh man, if they did this to make sure that they got in front of the jags for Leonard lmao. But if the Browns pass on Myles Garrett, thats a different story.
  13. At first he seem crazy and I hated the type of parent that he was coming off as but the more I watched him you can't knock the hussle. He had a vision and brand for his kids and yeah it might be pushy to some but it's coming to life. Then I thought about it, if my kids come to me and say they want to be professional athletes I'm going to make sure they know how much hard work it takes but if they still agree we're going to work at it everyday if they truly want it. He talked about the family's BBB brand being a 20 year investment and what do you know now they're about to be millionaires. Does he say crazy things sure, but that's a marketing strategy that's working like a charm.
  14. That would actually be UCLA buddy. Kentucky would definitelybe 2nd