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  1. Man I really thought we all knew this poo by now but I guess not. If anyone thought they were going to trade for Torrey and then bring in a guy that's ran Norvs system for 3 years and they weren't going to get the nods with funchess then you simply haven't been paying attention to how we operate
  2. And since we speaking of learning playbooks, it must be an easy transition that Steve was Ridleys OC in college.
  3. Bro how is saying Rivera would play vets over him if he was here discrediting him. We played and all-pro guard behind amini just because I anticipated him having the better rookie season: passing scheme and playing alongside Julio. Every analyst pretty much said Ridley was in the better situation. Ridley balling isn't hard to admit in the slightest bit
  4. Who's discrediting anything that Ridley has done? I haven't knocked his production to date. All I'm saying is if you flip Moore and Ridley, they would both be in the same pecking order. Moore would be number 3 in Atlanta and Ridley would be number 4 here. It's less top in competition but if you've been penciled in the top 3 and your team runs more 3 wr sets then you'll see the field. poo our staff has a long history of playing vets above better talented players all the time. Only difference is that they probably wouldn't have Ridley learning 3 wr positions here, since we didn't view him as movable of a piece.
  5. Dpoty threads are different than scheme and how a player is used threads. Most people during the draft would've wanted Oliver and not Jackson but one guy has 3 ints and is bringing attitude to a unit and the other can barely get on the field. If Ridley was here we'd still be playing the vets over him
  6. I know it's been touched on but you know if Ridley was here he'd be in the same pecking order thst Moore is behind. Different structures and schemes, is what it is.
  7. jumpman910


    Obviously Wilks scheme didn't do him ANY favors
  8. Part of Thomas's two games was the fact that Adams got knocked out on National TV by a dirty hit.
  9. Never thought he would. Freak poo happens and unfortunately it happened to him
  10. He's garbage, had ONE good year here in his entire career and people seem to want to bring him in.
  11. Yeah this is the year to draft one and I can already see the outrage when we take one before an Olinemen. It's a pipe dream but I want Nick Bosa on this team in the worse way lol
  12. Jones would have to get hurt before we get better and signed Reid.
  13. jumpman910

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Michael Thomas thinks he's the best in the league and is already hinting at getting odell type money. But his uncle is Keyshawn Johnson and he rarely held his tongue
  14. jumpman910

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Well it is Cam Jordan's list so...