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  1. Bacon can guard multiple positions
  2. They should but they wont even tho its the same premise
  3. Hated that they took Duke Riley, he's going to follow the footsteps of Kwon Alexander and Deion Jones. Not higlyh touted prospects because of what LSU asked them to do but ball out when the lights are on in the League smh
  4. It wasn't like our defense was dog poo or anything like that....
  5. Pin this at the beginning of the thread and be done with it. So much truth in this post. Some of y'all are complaining and whining like females.
  6. But honestly, is he really supposed to think "wait this guy has had a history with concussion let me not throw this punch" How many guys have a undocumented history of concussion? I doubt he maliciously thought about Luke's injury history. NOT PERTAINING to this situation but I was raised from the old school perspective: if you lace em up, then you're 100%. I don't want to hear poo about a sore ankle or headache, if its that bad and you can't be touched sit out.
  7. That's not playing devil's advocate, its the fuging truth
  8. Star or JAG everyone is a grown man at the end of the day.
  9. Luke is a man just like him, he'll be cut because of it but he is well in his right to react how he sees fit.
  10. poo, get that check. He's definitely earned it.
  11. Is Olsen holding a bottle of Henny? Oh, lord knows what he did at the U with that Hendog in him. He's creeping up on GOAT status
  12. Jets basically tossed him away for the first option that came available. You trade him for a player you previously cut
  13. No he cant....
  14. Not gonna lie I was starting to think Cam wasn't on the list. Kinda surprised to see him that high this morning, but I'll take it