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  1. You get pie for the Life reference alone. Looking back at the 2nd round it that draft it looks underwhelming as a whole. There's a few bright spots but not many that would've filled our needs that we could've drafted in the 2nd.
  2. I'm talking about someone who would come in and completely take funchess's role. I think Samuel can play on the outside but isn't his initial role to play the slot with some looks on the outside?
  3. Obviously he meant having our best WR out there with our fastest. Keep up buddy.
  4. Boldin, done!

    Problem is the Bills aren't trying to be competitive. They realize they are in a cycle of mediocrity, so they are going to compete as best as they can and when they suck, so be it. Them having 6 picks and the potential that their pick will be really high is the plan.
  5. Not adding to the funchess talk because I knew regardless of how good or bad he looks in practice NO ONE was going to be brought in to challenge him because they want to get a good long look at him this year. And essentially if you bring in a guy to take snaps away from him you go into his contract summer still not knowing what Funchess is. But that Terrelle Pryor contract the Redskins got him on doesn't look bad. Pryor looks like he has more upside albeit at 28 to Funchess's 23 but at the same token Pryor has been a wr's for far less years then Devin. IN short this is Devin's last year to cement having a long term future in Carolina.
  6. I remember last year against San Fran, KB could've easily got his 3rd td but they ran a play that was designed for Devin smh
  7. And now they're trying to force funchess the ball.
  8. I'll be looking at Ronnie Harrison from Bama a lot.
  9. Let's reiterate something, Kelvin is NOT the problem
  10. Or the Titans are just taking it seriously, weird they would do that
  11. Very good article on Kelvin

    BINGO And they started double teaming him as well. Caps comments while in Minnesota should be all people need to hear about how they and other teams viewed our passing attack. Hell the snip from the Rams All or Nothing had Kelvin in a wr tier by himself. "
  12. Very good article on Kelvin

    You do realize if he cleans up these concentration drops you speak of that he will be a more reliable target then Olsen right. Last season they were both fighting for the lowest drop % on the team. Kelvin having bad hands as far as last year goes, just isn't true anymore. Kelvin dropped fewer passes than Larry Fitz last season, now if he resorts back to his rookie season drop % you can make the argument but at this point and time its false.
  13. Jeeeebus

    It was DA