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  1. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    I remember hearing a trade rumor but the Jets probably wanted too much since he was a 1st rounder. Plus teams around the league probably got wind of it and would rather just wait it out then come to the jets asking price. Wouldnt surprise me if the Rams pick him up. Lmao their line is already stacked, but if you can bring him and Fairley in as rotation guys smh  
  2. What is a "Catch?" I No Longer Know

    Catch rule is getting confusing but the beckham TD shouldn't be one of them.  Easily not a TD 
  3. Your wishlist for the draft

    Really liking Su'a Cravens to replace Harper but him falling that fair is a pipe dream depending on how teams view him.  
  4. Yeah exactly. A guy in the barbershop tried to say duke put stars in the league every year, I almost fell out the chair.
  5. He isn't lying, kyrie is the first duke player who looks like he's a consistent superstar. Grant Hill was on his way but couldn't stay Healthy.
  6. Is this too basic of an idea?

    Things won't change until they consistently make the playoffs. Greg Monroe got the same max deal from 4 teams but picked to live in Milwaukee because they were the most playoff ready. Do you think Gordon Hayward signs that contract last summer if we would've missed the playoffs in the brutal eastern conference.
  7. How could the Hornets pick Justice Winslow...

    My roommates a heat fan and hates the pick because Winslow can't shoot. This wouldn't even be an issue if they would've took Beal a few years ago. I don't hate the pick because I didn't want Winslow and was praying the Nuggets didn't make the mistake
  8. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Don't mind it.
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    They changed they way they attacked cleveland. Every possession he's getting a screen now. Before that he was pretty much on clamps. Lmao
  10. NBA Finals Thread

    I laughed when people attacked like the Warriors would just manhandled the cavs. I'm not a lebron fan but this ass Whooping I'd glorious
  11. Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA

    You gotta love westbrooks heart. He'll get more love once he's on his own team. Honestly I know I'm in the minority but I always preferred Harden and Westbrook over KD when they were together. KD just seems to soft.