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  1. He said this last week on the Dan Patrick show, he really sounded surprised but not a ounce of hate in his tone. I respect that. 
  2. It was reported at the time but I think Cam brought up Steve and the Superbowl they lost to the Rams. And Titans fans were tweeting about how disgraceful it was for him to be wearing Cam's jersey in the stadium his father built. SMH. 
  3. The home and away games are already set,  so look at the home games and probably the best nfc opponent and there's your opener. 
  4. Jeremy Cash

    I prefer Cravens but Cash is a player too.
  5. 2003 vs 2015 Panthers

    2015 would walk the dog on the 2003 team. I don't think it would be close
  6. Hey, Russell Wilson...

    Odell lmao
  7. Lmao the first point sounds so misinformed kinda like he made some poo up 
  8. It's not that baseball isn't thriving its that its dying in certain communities. NC will ALWAYS be a basketball state whether its professional or college. The team would get more support than the Hurricanes but after that I'm not sure. If anything they need to go the soccer route honestly and leave baseball where its at.
  9. I would support them if we had a baseball team, but at the end of the day I can't see any reason for us to get a baseball team lol
  10. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Wish we could pick up Sean Smith in the offseason,  he's been good for a while. 
  11. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    What? Who's the MVP of the Seahawks if its not him? And don't give me anyone on that defense that was losing them games week after week.  Man I'm not the biggest Wilson fan but I try to look at things in an unbiased fashion. But if he would've played the entire season like he finished it, RW and cam would be neck and neck for MVP. They both had one of the most ridiculous 4-5 games stretches that I've seen in awhile. Difference is Cam was playing at that level for most of the year and Wilson came on late. But its easy to see that if they both continue to improve this will be a recurring theme for both franchises. 
  12. Seahawks fans overlooking the Vikes

    I've heard many of their fans say when they come to Charlotte it'll be a war. And that they think whoever wins will go to the superbowl. 
  13. Seahawks fans overlooking the Vikes

    Vikings could win but I don't think their better than Seattle
  14. Bring back Hardy?

  15. Nah don't want that racist fuger to cheer for anything we do