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  1. Everything I've seen has Brown being viewed as a RT at the next level.
  2. He's also been on record saying he looks to cam for fashion tips and trends.
  3. Harrison or Deshon Elliot in the 2nd. IMO Elliot has the higher ceiling but we desperately need speed on the back end. But both Harrison and Elliot are physical and can hold their own in the run game which we like in safeties.
  4. We'd play the vikings. Since the falcons are the 6th seed they'd go to Philly
  5. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    I'm not hyping him up tho, he's changing the way teams attack the saints when he' on the field. Not knocking Bradberry at all but it is what it is. And isn't marshon on pace to have a better rookie season then Bradberry, Ramsey, and Peters?
  6. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Stop that, Lattimore is the best young corner in the division. Hell next season he might be the best.
  7. We definitely gotta go rb and safety this draft(Ronnie Harrison in the 2nd)
  8. We’re going 10-6

    Yeah for division winners..... Looks different for Wildcard
  9. We’re going 10-6

    And the Seahawks have already beat the rams once. This is why that Chicago game was so disappointing.
  10. We’re going 10-6

    It's easier since the lions lost and Stafford got hurt. But before today there was a scenario that if us, rams, saints, falcons, Seahawks and lions would all be 11-5 we wouldn't make it. We still have the potential issue that all of our losses are in the NFC and that doesn't bode well in tiebreaker scenarios
  11. We’re going 10-6

    Yea 10-6 probably won't get you a playoff spot this year.
  12. Cam on Cam trash talk

    I have always wondered why cam jordan cared so much about Newton
  13. Davis and Williams have had injuries but John Ross has been a healthy scratch for a few weeks which isn't good. Also that time that Jermaine Kearse was better than Funchess
  14. Coach's film on the CMC long run....

    Trent Richardson would like a word with you.