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  1. I did see a quote from a scout that suggests this same thing. Basically it was saying Dalvin has made question decisions on numerous occasions whereas Mixon has 1 incident
  2. They shouldn't be, I call a spade a spade. We got bested by an opponent, they have all the room in the world to taunt and rub it in our faces. Cam taunts opponents its fun and games, he gets taunted and its oh fug that scumbag who taunted our guy.
  3. I know Kaep sucks now but what has Webb ever showed at QB?
  4. He's better than Webb. And we really need to find someone to improve our backup situation. We could do worse than DA but if we can improve soon, might as well
  5. Same hopes we had about Philly being a gem and passing on a late round guy like Stefon Diggs. I seen this story before it doesn't end well.
  6. Not sure he'll make it out of the 2nd
  7. I guess people still aren't reading the periods and commas that I placed in their correct location. If you use the punctuation as its clearly meant, you'll see that I'm referring to Cooper being overrated not Steve Smith.
  8. Some people have Dede as un-draftable and solely based upon him coming off not being remorseful or seeing the issue with his off the field actions. As well as coming off as scripted and not genuine with his responses. Much later round for Dede
  9. See those periods and commas young fella, use them shits.
  10. Man, I had to reread my own post. Like did I make a mistake, I'm guessing they saw the words overrated, stopped reading and got out the pitchforks. Reading is fundamental lmao
  11. Maybe I put my comma in the wring place but I was referring to Amari Copper being overated
  12. Honestly until he's in the Hall of Fame or the ring of honor his number should be fair game. But they wont let it happen. Even tho I think he's overrated, I wonder if they would've denied Amari Cooper?
  13. If he stays healthy thats a hell of a pick up.
  14. Bro it's ridiculous what people expect out of him at this stage in his career .
  15. Nickell Robey-Coleman was PFF highest rated nickel cb last season. He's still a FA