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  1. Week 5 it'll feel like dejavu
  2. Jaylon Smith?

    Probably not until the 4th but I'd be cool with it then
  3. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    So being an all American safety his freshman year wasn't good enough? Or would you have liked to see it more than 1 season?
  4. As much as I want Greg on this team from a production on the field aspect. It's not.....well y'all know the rest
  5. Panthers working out WVU Corner... oh Squirrel....

    I'd be thrilled with him in the late rounds, his tape shows that he can make great plays on the ball while in the air and can actually looks like he's a natural hands catcher.
  6. Sterling Shepard had private workout for Panthers

    You can't take Sterling in the first. It's alot better than the crowd that wanted Dorsett and Perriman but still. Great talent but probably wont happen.
  7. Carolina Panthers will target offense in round one

    I'd be happy with either one and a move that somehow gets us Su'a Cravens
  8. So he should never play again? Is that the road we're taking. Lmao
  9. Not average corners but for the guys who deserve it. Especially if a team gives Josh the 16 mil.
  10. Personally I wouldn't pay him $16 mil, he's earned to be one of the highest paid corners tho. He's worked for it and deserves to be paid as such. Just won't be here and if 12.5 is what the offer is that's an insult when janoris makes 14 mil. But in two seasons 16 mil for corners will be the going rate for ones that may not be as productive as josh. As the cap goes up so will the salaries. When Bortles and Carr reup on deals they'll easily make more than Cam and we'll all laugh but it's just the nature of the beast. So in theory if josh can give his next team 4 more good years then it's not such a crazy investment. But regardless of what happens some panther fans will still bitch and moan like females about josh wanting to get paid. He's earned and I hope he gets it from someone. I say enjoy his last season and keep building for continued success.
  11. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    Problem with this is Shaq has been committed to LB and they view him as only playing LB. Yes Shaq is versatile and would do anything asked of him, but both him and the team want him exclusively at LB. But the team views su'a as the opposite a SS, yes he is versatile but they want him as a safety. Some view Su'a and Shaq on the same defense a problem since there similar prospects but I think it's insane because of how versatile and dynamic it makes a defense. And as crazy as it is to say with Luke and TD already on the field, Shaq and Su'a may have a better nose for the ball and be around more plays which is crazy to imagine. And Su'a looks to have the best ball skills then any of them with the ball in the air picking it off.
  12. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    Just say you don't like the guy and let's move on.
  13. And frankly if he's outplaying the highest paid corners for the last year and a half he should be paid on the same level. Gotta respect where he's come from. And after Jenkins got 14 mil I see NO reason why josh shouldn't get more. It just won't be from us, enjoy his last year and keep building for continued success