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  1. It's real now

    Baseball I'll give you, its played by who though? A Canadian team? (Blue Jays) Cuba maybe? Japan....One team plays in the World Series to my knowledge. I guess by definition the winner could be classified as a world champion right?.....Did you watch or follow the US soccer team play in the world cup? Regardless of whether you like the sport or not a lot of sports fans were rooting for the home nation, hoping they would kick the ass of another country's team. That is a sport where a world champion can legitimately call themselves world champions.....  Lets get back to football, I realize I'm dealing with fragile egos when it comes to calling out the 'world champions' mantra so I'll leave it alone, you can have the last word if you like, but for me I'll always wry smile and roll my eyes when I hear the term because until they compete on a world stage with teams from other countries then I'll always be bemused.  On another note can you imagine if football took off around the world? and you could then watch the very best 53 players from the NFL compete in an actual world championship?.....Now that would be pretty cool. 
  2. It's real now

    Until the NFL (or any of the other home grown sports you mention) are played competitively on a global scale then yes I actually think its just as ridiculous. 
  3. It's real now

    Why stop there? Makes just as much sense to say Champions of the Universe then? See how ridiculous it sounds.....Lets keep it real, champions of the NFL. 
  4. Love it, No man left behind attitude...
  5. Superbowl 50 Teaser Trailer

    Gave me goosebumps! Pied and shared on FB
  6. 50 Facts about Super Bowl 50

    Fun fact 51, Panthers have a record of 175-175-1 games over their franchise history (including post season games). Winning the Superb Owl will put us over .500 for the first time since 1998.
  7. Blue rally towels this Sunday...

    Yup thats the post. Bandana that doubles up as a rally towel.....sweet.
  8. Blue rally towels this Sunday...

    I saw that pic on FB. The post made it sound like it was a Bandana?
  9. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I'm in it to win it, Count me in!
  10. Seattle to BOA pie thread!

    Its the match up I wanted~! 
  11. I will be in of the few.....the proud......The Roaring Riot.
  12. Outstanding night. Many Thanks to Roaring Riot for a very special evening. I even got my own selfie with Cam!
  13. Cowboys hoping for playoff run, won't IR Romo

    De-Nile is just a river in Egypt apparently....