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  1. 11-0 Pie

  2. Game ball, who gets it?!! Turkey edition!! 11-0

    Luke motherfuggin Kuechly
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Heads up play by Marlowe
  4. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Nice catch by Olsen while being mauled
  5. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Kurt Coleman deserves to go to the Pro Bowl
  6. Panthers Get SI Cover

    I think this was the last time we were on the SI cover. Back in 2005.
  7. GIFs from the Redskins game

    Almost forgot Cam's run on our final drive of the first half. I still don't understand why we wasted a good opportunity to really demoralize them by getting another TD before the half, considering they get the ball back in the second half, but at least we got some points after Cam took matters into his own hands.
  8. GIFs from the Redskins game

    I upload the Gifs on Imgur and it has an option for .gifv and .webm formats that seem to be much quicker to load and less memory depleting. Can't figure out how to post them like regular Gifs but they load way faster and would probably be easier for mobile users.
  9. Time for another weekly Gif thread and there's quite a few this time around, hope your internet connection can handle it. Kurt Coleman having a great year, gets another INT J-Stew gets in the endzone but doesn't like the cheap shot at his knee Cam tosses a TD to Tolbert and a lucky kid gets the football Stewart slams a guy down and runs with authority for a 1st down Luke forces a fumble and Thomas Davis recovers Cam Newton tries to calm down a pissed off Michael Oher Josh Norman isn't scared of anybody, even if they outweigh him by several pounds Ted Ginn gets a touchdown after the blind ref called it incomplete Cam Newton celebrates after throwing another touchdown Cam slings it to Greg Olsen in the endzone for a touchdown Cam throws another TD this time to Devin Funchess Kony Ealy strip sacks Cousins and takes the ball away himself Love and Delaire make Cousins familiar with the turf Bene Benwikere comes off the corner blitz and blasts Cousins Big Play Bene destroys a screen pass before it gets started Thomas Davis forces a fumble but the Redskins recover Josh Norman forces a fumble and Luke recovers Mario Addison and Ryan Delaire meet each other at the QB Devin Funchess makes a nice catch on the sideline Cam does the dab with J-Stew and WR group Cam on the sidelines excited about another victory Cam either joking around or making fun of this rather slim referee Longest safety in the history of the league, also look at Tolbert keeping his block
  10. I think we could be competitive when it comes to stopping a short to mid passing attack, but the strong run game is what worries me. We tend to let people run on us for some reason and that might be our biggest weakness.
  11. Fug Rodney Harrison, could have sworn I heard him say "Please lose" during our highlights.