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  1. I was holding out hope until the Broncos went up by two scores. I felt like Angry Grandpa.    
  2. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Those mistakes might not have happened if the officiating wasn't so bad.
  3. Hopefully I make it to that point, I'm gonna keep drinking until I forget this ever happened.
  4. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The refs scored more points than the Broncos.
  5. It is taking a bunch of humility for me not to wish bad things on the refs.
  6. If we come back and win, Kony Ealy wins Super Bowl MVP
  7. Opening drive TD and we take the lead. You know Ron and crew had plenty of time to chew their asses out.
  8. Ealy hit Peyton in the sack so thats a sack
  9. If they call it incomplete the fix is in
  10. You know Thomas Davis is ready to put Manning on his ass with his newly rebuilt cybernetic arm
  11. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Not exactly sure what I'm gonna make and eat yet, but I know one thing, I've already called off work tomorrow and I'm gonna need it after all the beverages I'm going to partake in.
  12. Big difference between Sherman and Ryan. Matt Ryan told us to get off his fuggin field, so he can go eat a dog poo sandwich.
  13. There was some uproar the past couple of weeks at the nature reserves in the Carolinas. Something about 53 big wild felines breaking out, attacking and killing all the birds in sight. Now they are going after bigger prey, most notably the bucking horse bronco.
  14. GIFs from the NFC Championship Game

    Forgot this one, team posing for a victory photo.