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  1. Mini-Melee: Josh Norman VS Cam Newton

    Norman picked him off, Cam ran him down shoved him in the face and then the two went to the ground. Had to be separated by several players. - Joe Person I'm sure Norman was taunting him after the pick, but Cam has to know how important he is. Doesn't take a lot for a broken finger or something stupid in a scuffle. Not worried about it, just annoyed that this will fuel the 'immaturity'narrativethat the media loves so much.
  2. Harbaugh vs Cowherd

    I like Cowherd, he's polarizing and entertaining which is his job. If you agree with everything he says that's not very exciting radio. Harbaugh sounded like he just woke up.
  3. Biz is a free agent

    I don't get this, it would only be about 6 more years before he could make a layup!
  4. NBA Finals Thread

    The T to Duncan for Tim laughing at him from the bench is one of my all time favorites.
  5. NBA Finals Thread

    Sick ass pass
  6. Shaq's offcially at Wednesday OTAs

    I'd be somewhat surprised if he looked lost on some plays. It seems like Luke does an outstanding job at making sure everyone is on the same page and where they need to be. Plus he doesn't seem like a dope, seems like a smart kid. I think once we get some inside reviews about how he's looking, which from everything we've seen is athletic, fast, etc, the convos of best LB corps in the NFL will emerge.
  7. NBA Finals Thread

    Like what cowherd said about the series, that convertible sports car doesn't work well in a hail storm in January.
  8. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    Solid, reliable white kid just isn't exciting. See Stephen Hill.
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    Pretty obvious they need that many points from him a game to have a chance to be champions. I have no issue with the high volume, low fg%, he had some dimes and that big 3 with a minute left last night.
  10. NBA Finals Thread

    Pretty surprised by the body language of gsw
  11. NBA Finals Thread

    Cavs are just playing harder
  12. NBA Finals Thread

    Lol at everyone saying mugging curry etc. Anyone with 2 eyes can see that Cleveland is taking it to GS...37pts at half and averaged 110 regular season.
  13. NBA Finals Thread

    Good point I've been hearing today, if LeBron had Curry's performance last night he would've been destroyed today in the media. Why does Curry get a pass? He was the mvp...
  14. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Agreed that the cgi once Danny was riding was shaky but I imagine that's incredibly hard to make smooth. But DAMN, all the closeups of Drogon and his face showed tons of expression and detail. Thought those shots were amazing.
  15. Uh what? How do you know he can't seem to find a way to end it...we are far from the end. Let alone all the prophecies and foreshadowing of multiple theories throughout the entire series. I think he's known from very early on the end game of GoT.