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  1. Who left for FA Big?

    I've always liked Sullinger and thought he was under-rated when he left Boston. A couple of bigs have been waived that have some potential - Tarik Black and to a lesser extent Steve Zimmerman (who pretty much fits the profile of a Charlotte big 100%) I was pretty high on Adreian Payne when he was coming out of college and was convinced he was going to be a solid stretch 4 (i'd like for him to be given a chance so that that confession could come true!) or we could give one of the lottery busts a go from 2011/12 - Derrick Williams or Thomas Robinson (thinking back, weren't a lot of us looking to draft him?!)
  2. We are not trading MKG or Zeller.

    i can't imagine the hornets would be looking to resign Dwight after his contract ends - tbh i cant see him lasting 2 years with us (a $23.5m expiring contract should net the franchise a decent return in february 2019). In 2 years one would hope that the performance of a 26 year old Cody should be at least the equivalent of a 33 year old Dwight (Zeller's PER numbers have increased in each of his first 4 years in the league and it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that this will continue to trend upwards into the early part of his prime). however, we could continue to look for quick success in a period of time that we have no chance of getting past the ECF, rather than consolidate our assets, build for the future and develop players ready to make a push for a deep playoff run once Lebron either leaves or is in his decline and the East is wide open. i'd say we hold fire and show a little patience i'd much rather look to do a trade with toronto and offer marvin and lamb in exchange for demare caroll and corey joseph (although i'm not sure they would be interested as their not shedding much payroll from the trade?) - both raptors players come off the books in 2 years and along with howards contract, would leave us north of $57m to make a run at Kemba's resigning and another allstar talent