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  1. Going for it on 4th and 6, from midfield, when only down 10 before the half is truly incredible.
  2. Pay Attention to Post Game PC

    I agree. Has there ever been a piece in the Observer that questioned Shula’s ability as a playcaller? I don’t think have ever seen one.
  3. For every Norman, there a dozen+ guys who never pan out, and eventually wash out of the league. Not ready to give up on Worley, but he isn’t heading in the right direction.
  4. Watson might be on track for an MVP season if Houston can finish with a strong enough record. I doubt he continues at his current pace, but he will at least be fighting Hunt for OROY.
  5. So you're coming to Chicago

    Chicago gets a bad rap, but I think it is my favorite big US city. Tons to do, very accessible, relatively friendly people (compared to NYC, Philly, Boston, etc), affordable, and an all around great sports town. Visit if you ever get the chance.
  6. Falcons at Pats should be a good chance for us to gain a little space on ATL, but the Saints against a Rodgerless Green Bay is going to have them right on our tail. The division is going to be nuts.
  7. SF and New Orleans had a trade worked out for Bowman, but they backed out and decided to release him instead. Happy that fell through. Bowman and Klein would be a very solid duo.
  8. Larsen has continually improved and impressed, but Kalil is as good as any center when healthy. Larsen will get his chance to take that role permanently down the road. If not here, somewhere else.
  9. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    If it's not us winning it, I want it to be the Lions. Tough town with a tough team. Would be nearly 10 years since their 0-16 season.
  10. Welp, I guess we can put to rest the fear that Cam would be distracted coming into today’s game. Incredible passing game so far.
  11. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    It was always going to be difficult for her to go back and do her job effectively, unfortunately. Kind of expected to see her leave or get reassigned at the CO.
  12. Cam apologizes

    Raising Kia’s daughter as his own as well. Takes a special kind of man to do that.
  13. DIdnt realize McClain was still in the league.
  14. If we can find a way to win on Sunday with all the crap going on this week, we may never lose again.