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  1. MikeD83

    JR Statue to remain

    Just take it down when he has passed in a few years. His kids arent big fans of his either, so I can't imagine there will be much fuss.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000938890/article/jerry-richardson-fined-275-million-by-nfl and fortunately only Jerry will face any consequences.
  3. MikeD83

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    Amen. Hopefully Democrats in the future don't wimp out when given the chance to stick it to the Right.
  4. MikeD83

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    I understand, but there were certain issues that Kennedy was a centrist on, and wouldn't touch. I don't believe that will be the case for whoever is appointed.
  5. MikeD83

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    Someone build RBG a robot body, stat! This is bad, bad news. This court will have the potential to destroy half a century of progressive legislation and rulings. Far-Right Christian Sharia and fascism has won. Good luck, America.
  6. MikeD83

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Happy he restrained himself. Nothing to gain and everything to lose, over some punk kid who will never amount to anything.
  7. Good luck with superstar Nathan Peterman as your QB, Kelvin. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/17/nathan-peterman-has-a-real-chance-to-win-the-bills-quarterback-job/
  8. MikeD83

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    What would you give for him? A first and Greg?
  9. MikeD83

    Good vibes at practice

    For sure. Cam Newton is the best thing to ever happen to the Panthers, and it’s not close.
  10. MikeD83

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    I hope Tepper makes an effort to reach out to Smith. No reason his name shouldn’t be in the ring of honor.
  11. No dog in this fight, but Shaun King is pretty notorious for bending the truth and spreading lies. Just this week nearly ruined the lives of several officers by spreading a false accusation against them, and giving their personal info to the public. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/05/23/she-said-she-was-raped-by-a-state-trooper-his-camera-footage-shows-otherwise/?utm_term=.8d7d28aa613f He probably has heard from a couple players, as I am sure many are upset, but I would wait to hear it from the players first. 25% of players striking also would not shut down the league for the year anyways. There are hundreds of fringe guys that are fighting for roster spots, who will do whatever it takes to make a team. The show would go on.
  12. MikeD83

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    Really enjoyed listening. Seems to be genuinely excited and honored by the opportunity to own the team. The raw emotion of the speech was a refreshing thing to see. He certainly hasn't forgotten where he came from. We could have done much worse.
  13. Tepper is now the second wealthiest owner in the league, only behind Paul Allen. Happy to have that type of money on our side.
  14. Talk is cheap, as made evident by how Kroenke yanked St. Louis around for years before finally relocation to LA, despite stating on several occasions he would not. Hopefully there is a written agreement soon extending the teams previous commitment to Charlotte.
  15. As long as the team stays, I’m cool with it. Hate that Navarro got shafted by the Good Ol Boys Club though.