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  1. MikeD83

    Curtis Samuel

    You just don’t mess around with the heart. We don’t need someone dieing on the field after a hit to the chest. I am starting to think we may never see him out there again.
  2. MikeD83

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    It does feel like this Seahawks team is at the end of its road. Players seem to be over Carrol and Wilson's shtick, they have been struggling to put together a remotely competent O-line for several seasons now, and their vaunted defense is a ghost of itself (and will be even more so with the inevitable departure of Earl Thomas.) Their entire offense is Russ throwing it up on a prayer, and somehow Lockett or Baldwin find their way to the ball. They are going to have to evolve, much like we have tried to do, to survive
  3. MikeD83

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    I’m happy we don’t have to play the Bears defense this year.
  4. MikeD83

    Where was C.J. today

    Was awful in the passing game. On one drive late in the game, had a dropped pass, and a couple plays later deflected another off of his hands for an INT.
  5. Just like the playoff game in New Orleans last year. Cam plays out of his mind, but his supporting cast does everything it can to waste that effort.
  6. MikeD83

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    Have to think Dallas will go all in. Desperate for WR help, and willing to put up with troubled players.
  7. Eh, I don’t know if the refs have ever favored them more than us. They aren’t one of the leagues blue bloods either.
  8. I bet that Cam has the highest average completion percentage of his career, and scores 30+ total TDs.
  9. MikeD83

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    Whatever happened to TJ Ward?
  10. On a side note, check the box scores of last night’s games and laugh if anyone tries to tell you that Carr or Stafford are better than Cam.
  11. 6 sacks against a top 5 line is a great way to start the season. I think Washington will end up being a better D-coordinator than Wilks. Hopefully we hold on to him for more than a season.
  12. MikeD83

    Bitter sweet?

    I like watching high powered offenses too, but when we play our style of football well, we don’t lose very often.
  13. Absolutely. I have no concerns about how the team played. The injuries on the other hand...
  14. MikeD83

    Early game discussion

    Not sure. But Fitz has been unstoppable. Looks more like Brees than Brees today.
  15. MikeD83

    Grim weather outlook for game

    Bring on the rain. Cam is 3-0 in rain games, right?