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  1. Cousins is the only example I can think of ever.
  2. Quick question, does Cam’s contract run through the 2018, 2019, 2020 seasons? Or does it end after the 2019 season, because the post season of that season doesn’t end until 2020. Edit, nevermind, just read that it runs through the 2020 season. A lot can happen in 3 seasons. Don’t think we should be worrying about this yet.
  3. I don’t think moving to a bigger market would make him a bigger star. He is already arguably the most recognizable player in the league. If he does leave, it would be over frustration due to a lack of support. Cam has never disparaged the city or organization in any way, or given any indication he would want to leave.
  4. I think he will stay, and it will be the largest contract in league history. Only possibility of him leaving that I can see is if Ryan is done in ATL when it comes time for Cam to resign. Cam still spends most of his time in ATL. That being said, I think Ryan is far from done.
  5. Reid or Alexander would be fine with me. Both would make an impact immediately.
  6. I prefer Navarro also, but allegiances will change pretty quickly when 2.5 billion dollars get involved.
  7. Is fast food franchising any more of a noble industry than debt collection? What about the alcohol sponsorships that the league profits heavily from? I don’t get why anyone would be hesitant over Navarro’s business background, especially considering he invests a lot of his money and time to improve education.
  8. Navarro seems to be going all out. I’m sure the league loves Tepper, but Navarro is a Carolinian, and Richardson is surely looking for someone committed to the Carolinas. I would be happy with either.
  9. Goodell has been in NC visiting colleges with his daughter. May just be passing through, but the timing is interesting for sure.
  10. Sounds like he reinjured an area that he had previously hurt as a child. @thebigcat would probably know better than I with his medical background, but I imagine if there was previously damaged tissue, it may not heal as quickly or properly. Might be why it requires a skin graft.
  11. Happy to have Smith, and Seymour is just as good as Worley. No loss, even with the failed Breeland physical.
  12. Serious enough to require a skin graft, according to D. Newton.
  13. Welp, sounds like a legitimate reason to fail him. At least we have the money to jump back into the Honey Badger sweepstakes.
  14. Could this be a move like Baltimore pulled with Grant to void an offer? Seems like a crappy thing to do, if so.
  15. Wow, how did the Cowboys end up in such bad shape?