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  1. Cool but would this thread be here if we were 1-4 right now.
  2. Ron approves Ron3.mp4
  3. Damn can we get some new plays called
  4. Zeke's 6 game suspension upheld

    This makes me happy...the cowgirl can suck a billy goats d**k
  5. What in blue he'll is this sh*t...i guess the.media needs a hot take take
  6. I'll reserve my judgement for finches after the first two regular season games...most players need a three year window to show who they are in love fire. Season 1 rookie season 2 the team was bad season 3 show me your true colors young man (in my Eugene voice)
  7. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Member since 2014 lurker a little longer Just ready for the season to start