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  1. That's a shame. No doubt he was bad as a player but I had nothing against him personally.
  2. So the Bucs think they can get back to the Super Bowl by drafting kickers and finding out it's warmer in the mid afternoon than in the morning. Next up, they discover that it's better to throw the ball to your offense than the opposing defense.
  3. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I meant more in regards to negative events like this happening to our team overall. That day when we heard that Cam was in an accident is something that came to my head the moment I saw the news.
  4. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I just hope this is not a bad omen of things to come.
  5. Comfortable with running backs?

    The best way to answer is that I'd rather not find out how our running game looks like if we lose Stewart like we did Kelvin last season. Then again, we will need to find a successor in the next year or so.
  6. Aguayo doesn't have elite leg strength, he hardly tried kicks over 50 yards in college and his accuracy took a hit last season. That said, had we taken him further down the round, I wouldn't have been that upset. Of course, our roster is miles ahead of the Bucs; we could have afforded to make that move. They just gave away picks for a kicker in the 2nd. I'm not sure even a modern day Janikowski would be drafted that high today.
  7. My biggest takeaway is that we're determined to find round pegs to fit our round holes. Boykin was that square peg that would've sufficed short-term but became expendable when the draft netted us the pieces that the team really wanted. Obviously, there is a risk with trotting out a trio of rookies into our secondary but we have strong leadership in our linebackers and our defensive front just got an upgrade. Couple that with a top scoring offense that will get a key player back, we can compensate for any initial struggles. I will say it's a good thing that intelligence is a key trait we look for because we will need them to pick up their roles quickly. It may be too much to ask them to play at the level of a defensive rookie of the year but if they can at least maintain their assignments, we may not have that much of a dropoff.
  8. Carson Palmer wants some

    The thing is that he hasn't even been able to reach the playoffs that often. First time, his knee gets destroyed on the first play. Got one iffy performance in 2009 and doesn't get back again until last season. Generally, he hasn't been that great of a QB during his career, period. I always figured that first injury derailed him and has never fully recovered. Unfortunately for Cardinals fans, whatever the root cause, I doubt it's correctable.
  9. Carson Palmer wants some

    I had forgotten about this until I looked it up. Palmer also had some ligament damage to his throwing elbow in 2008. He let it heal rather than have the Tommy John surgery. Pure speculation but I wonder whether that's starting to creep up on him again.
  10. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I honestly can't remember the original rationale (if any) to picking up Norwood. We valued him enough at that time to give up a draft pick but when it's only a 7th, that means little in the present, especially with a GM that will give away those low end picks anyways to move up in the draft. He is a bit of a wildcard because we're not sure what he would look like if he demonstrates the potential our staff sees in him. The way I see it, Norwood is someone we would've drafted if we had the chance. At least now the team will learn how our evaluation was of him and for a lesser draft pick than we would've needed back then.
  11. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Far too early to make a determination. Unfortunately, injuries will likely drop one or two guys off the list. Then it becomes a question of who can best get on the same page as Cam. I do have that feeling that guys like Hill and Byrd may have an advantage because they are more able substitutes for Ginn. Raw speed is one thing you can't really coach; you have it or you don't. If we somehow lose Ginn and we stick to the "the answer is on the roster" philosophy, then I can see either Hill or Byrd be part of the starting 53.
  12. Panthers Motivation Monday

    I still hold X-Clown as one of my favorite all-time Panthers play. Olsen's touchdown is climbing up there, though. At the least, it's just above Delhomme's winning touchdown to Proehl in 2003. Both marked a major turning point but I doubt we hated the Jaguars more than the Seahawks. Just as satisfying to win that game today than it was back then.
  13. Cam Newton's Car

    Usually not a fan of pimped out cars but that Cutlass is not that bad. Definite upgrade over his old truck.
  14. There's a few notable reasons such as his prior injuries, small hands and the limited route tree that would mean needing to be with the right coach and right system. That said, it's the fact that he played at Tulsa more than anything else. It's a stigma that anyone's production in a smaller program is lesser than the equivalent at somewhere like USC or Ohio State. Grant you, there is some truth to that but that should be evaluated on a case to case basis. For Garrett, I could see teams marking him down from mid draft range to late round just because of where he played. With the right set of circumstances, he could be (and was) not drafted. Final note. We could've drafted him with our 7th but didn't. That might've been a calculated risk more than anything else. Whatever the case, the battle for the WR roster spots is going to be much more interesting this year.
  15. Gettleman isn't the only one down

    At least it wasn't his challenge throwing elbow that would require Tommy John surgery.