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  1. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    So how much time are we talking here? I'd hate for the team to cut Philly without seeing whether he can play even better with another year under his belt.
  2. Gettleman eating

    Cool deal... unless "Don't Stop Believing" is playing in the background.
  3. You cannot lose guys like Brad Nessler and still win. Dilfer, that may be a different case.
  4. My biggest fear is losing our season opener in a fashion much like the Super Bowl. Then watch Cam get sacked like it's 2014 all over again every week because our other opponents attack us the same way and we're too stubborn to adjust our offense to compensate. I'm also wary about Stewart holding up for another season and whether those behind him can feasibly replace his production. Defensively, if the offense sputters off the gate, our young secondary is going to get a trial by fire.
  5. Pete Prisco disliked our draft? Well, that makes me feel better about it!
  6. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Bad in coverage, huh? Well, that hasn't stopped us from having Roman Harper cover someone. At the least, it's a good sign for our team that we can attract the best of the unrestricted free agents.
  7. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    He's got some height and reach. Based on the highlights, all I see is slants and go routes, though. If he has any role, I would guess he's our deep guy.
  8. We drafted a plumber in the 2nd round

    Right now, I think the only plumber the Huddle would've loved to draft was Mario and only if he came with the invincibility star.
  9. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    Made the right choice and kept it on NFLN.
  10. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Our pick's coming up. With what happened yesterday, I think I'll stop refreshing for a few minutes. My guess: this will be the WTF pick.
  11. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Such a homer pick for the Bucs.
  12. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    In retrospect, reading all the responses here remind me a bit of when we drafted Luke. My mind was going "But we have Beast. LB is not the biggest need. Why?" Imagine if had we filled another need back then (Quinton Coples was popular here, iirc). Would doing that would have been worth not having Kuechly today, even if Beast never got injured? Grant you, no player is a guarantee to be a success. Needs do need adressing but on draft day, leaning heavily toward needs means you risk settling for something less when you could've had more.
  13. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    That's what came to my mind when I saw the pick. This has that "Defense wins championships" scent to it.

    Not sure if this is a good omen or not but over here, I just lost my satellite feed because of rain. Are you kidding me?

    It is time. If we turn in our pick quickly, then I'll take that as a good sign.