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  1. I sure did. 40/1 odds. only put 20 on it in passing in vegas should have put 100
  2. Yeah I saw Casserly saying that they have Wagner back and if you can take away Olsen.....blah blah blah. don't have weapons.......blah blah blah. Cary Williams is gone.... blah blah blah.  We will come out and bust them in the mouth and see how they respond. how they respond will determine if it will be a close game or we blow them out. Don't think the team doesn't see all of these analyst picking against them just like another high profile game we were supposed to lose in Dallas on Thanksgiving.  How did that go again?   Keep Pounding Panthers. Sunday cant get here soon enough
  3. There Is No Book

    Great Article thank you for sharing. I love Coach Rivera. I remember after that Buffalo Game how mad I was a Josh Norman for that touchdown and Rivera for not going for it the drive before. Im so happy with both now. We really have a good group of guys and a Great coach.
  4. Gettleman key to Caughlins leaving?

    Yeah I know he wasn't over all of it but he was obviously well respected and his opinion I'm sure carried a lot of weight especially as to how good of a talent evaluator he was. Just seems odd their talent level dropped off when there has been enough time now to notice him missing
  5. Watching inside the nfl they are talking about Tom Coughlins leaving and apparently the owner said that it wasn't Caughlins fault that they had a bad year and blames it on the GM Reece for not having enough talent on the defensive side of the ball. I attribute this to having their best talent evaluator orchestrating a 15 and one season for the Carolina Panthers and future Super Bowl Champs. We single  handedly destroyed the New York Giants organization by taking their best personel guy.   Thoughts?   also big shout out to the big Cat for getting help from Ernie Accorsi to bring in that sweet nipple shorts wearing gettlemagic
  6. Let's talk Cardinals...

    I believe that we matchup very good with each other. I believe we will stop their running game. If we can do that we will be able to get pressure on the QB. I believe RR will go younger on D-line peppering in CJ and Allen (unless they start playing better). I know 20 million /year is a lot but not when it comes to the Superbowl. If Ginn can get over the top it will open up Olsen and i'm not sure they have anyone to match up great with him. Fitz is slower now but still good. I believe TD, Luke, or Shaq will be able to slow him down and Floyd is the type of receiver Norman has been shutting down all year. John Brown scares me a little but we will have a plan i'm sure to stop him. I know they are good but so are we and I honestly think we are the better team. Minn had them beat if it wasn't for a fumble and that will give a good blueprint. Never the less it will be a good game.
  7. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I would give it to my Son. He was born in October and let him know this is from the year he was born and that he was the good luck charm. They haven't lost since he was born so if that's not good luck I don't know what is.
  8. Jerry Jones sounds depressed.

    Don't worry Jerry. Next year will not be any better. Tony is getting too old and brittle. Have fun trying to rebuild....If that's what you want to call it.
  9. Bulletin Board!!!

    fug the cowboys. Im working with a guy that says they will win out and win the superbowl. that cam isn't good and cant hold up in the NFL. uhhhhh? Tony Romo cant!!!! he doesnt understand reason. Go Panthers Beat that cowboy ass thursday
  10. Cam being Cam

    People love to hate Cam but hes a good guy. Does alot out of the public eye. will be praying for the kid. hope he beats it.
  11. Caption Contest - Cam Newton

    I'm the juggernaut bitchhhhh  @sammylail