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  1. Pats release former 1st, DT Dominique Easley

    I remember him coming out of Florida. Would be a nice pickup for the right price.
  2. I finally got up the nerve to watch the DVR of the Super Bowl and I'll be honest. I only made it through the third quarter before I got mad all over again. I came away with three things. I can't stand Aqib Talib although he did get burned a lot. As good as Denver played (on defense) we beat ourselves. Finally our Defense was the best on the field that night. Just my opinions. How long did it take y'all to watch again and now that we've all calmed down some what were some takeaways like Denver's defense being one of the best all time?
  3. Caption Contest - Cam Newton

    I'm the juggernaut bitchhhhh @sammylail
  4. That Other Panther Receiver....Jarrett Boykin

    competition, competition, competition I like what this roster is looking like
  5. Mike Shula for President

    i know right. I can't keep up anymore but hey it's cheaper. Plus they're 7%
  6. Mike Shula for President

    Yeah. NC hasn't legalized it yet. But lord knows I love my alcohol. A true gentleman's drink
  7. Mike Shula for President

    I do still have some Rhy Whisky that will be gone by dawn
  8. Mike Shula for President

    unfortunately have been a lot worse. like law enforcement involved worse lol. College Days
  9. Mike Shula for President

    im being sarcastic btw if you are sober.......
  10. Mike Shula for President

    He is my favorite OC of all time. He is such a student of the game and really puts in the extra time. Also im a 6 pack deep on hoptical illusion which feel amazing and my wife is out of town on a womens retreat. Hallelueah or however you spell it. it has red zig zag lines and im too drunk to fix it. Go Panthers
  11. Noda hasn't come above Statesville yet but they do sell them at panther games. What city do you live in VA. I will be heading to our cabin soon and we love to get pizza at dogtown roadhouse in Floyd, VA. I think it would be cool to meet up with a fellow panther fanatic up your way. let me know and ill get back at ya when we head up there
  12. I like the pick a lot. Hope he shows us why he was worth so much.
  13. i guess time will tell. Who did you want?
  14. i think everyone knew Smitty could still play. I still don't know why we let him go. Shitty move if you ask me. And my all time favorite player. But DG has proven himself the last two drafts so I'm gonna ride that train and trust he knows way more than me. I work 65 hrs a week and have a pregnant wife so that's all I can do. Still like the pick