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  1. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saints - Patriots scripted Superbowl. Called it.
  2. I see no reason to move BOA. It really is in a great location and is an iconic part of Charlotte. Uptown is pretty bare from an entertainment perspective as it is now. Moving the stadium would really suck.
  3. Would rather move the stadium to Raleigh than put it in the backwoods.
  4. Decide for yourself. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/01/nfl-playoffs-saints-panthers-referees-intentional-grounding
  5. Pretty sure half the people saying it wasn't grounding because he was out of the pocket don't understand that the pocket isn't those lines on the field. It depends on where the ball is spotted before the play and we ran it off the right side. Cam was only a couple steps was from where we started and was in the pocket.
  6. Troy Aikman was drooling over Brees stats the whole game. I'm pretty sure everybody in America knows he had a record 72% completion rate by now.
  7. The NFL wants Brees vs brady

    Blatant hold on Thomas Davis Took them like 10 seconds to throw a flag on the PI on Clay No review on critical interception by Adams that set us back 16 yards Needed an alternate ref to run on the field to tell them about the 10 second run off And those were just the obvious ones. The officials in this game were TRASH.
  8. Go Jags!!!

    Since the NFL has already scripted a Saints/Patriots Superbowl, I'm just going to root for the Patriots to do the same thing they did to the Falcons last year.
  9. ESPN crew saying we got hosed

    Same reason the dumb ass refs needed some random ref to run on the field to tell them the rule about running clock on penalties under 1 min. Those dudes were acting drunk all game.
  10. ESPN crew saying we got hosed

    He wasn't out of the tackle box. The ball was lined up on the right side and he was barely out of the line on the field. The only question was whether Bersin was in the area.
  11. ESPN crew saying we got hosed

    And lost 30 seconds to do it.
  12. Yep. How many times did we hear Aikman talk about Brees 72% NFL record completion percent today? It was like he was stroking him off all game.
  13. Officials were so garbage this game. Why doesn't the Adams Int get reviewed? And, they seriously needed an alternate to run on the field to tell them to run the clock 10 seconds on a offensive penalty under 1:00? IDIOTS!