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  1. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    I'm going to be at the draft and honestly don't care either way.
  2. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      Yes, all the players(except for the bench) stats are combined into one grand total for each category.
  3. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    Monday night is solid.  Those that are new to fantasy basketball; from my understanding, this is going to be based off of statistical categories like fg%, rebounds, steals, blocks, ft%, points, least tos, etc.  Each match-up is weekly and the goal is to win the majority of those categories vs. your opponent.  When choosing players in the draft, you have the option of picking players that dominate in a few categories or building a balanced team.  Players like Lance Stephenson are capable of contributing in multiple categories and would create a better overall team.  Other players may just contribute mainly to a single category like points or rebounds.
  4. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    I'm in.  Team name - Life on the Line