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  1. Barnidge Time

    He could do very well here. The question is, what happens when Olsen comes back? That is probably the biggest obstacle from him coming here.
  2. Gary Barnidge

    Hurney about to offer Barnidge a 4 year 40 mil deal.
  3. Gano

    Gano is bad because he hasn't kicked any long field goals yet. Makes sense. LUL.
  4. These two players couldn't be anymore different. DeAngelo was about breaking tackles. CMC is about juking defenders. CMC has the intangibles that DeAngelo didn't. The only resemblance in the two is the fact that they both had to share carries with J Stew.
  5. 90 degrees is a scorcher? I've been driving a car with no AC all summer in 100+ temps and 90 is a joke. Get a shirt with 100% polyester and some light shorts.
  6. When is enough enough

    Cam is experiencing growing pains. He's trying to evolve his game into a more pocket passer, but his instinct tells him to run. Once he turns the corner and finds that natural feeling of a true pocket passer, the results should be extraordinary.
  7. McGregor's head is like twice the size of Floyds. Anybody who thinks Floyd was going to miss that is delusional.
  8. KB, Funchess, Shepard, Samuel, Bersin, Byrd
  9. If you're a PSL owner, check your email for details about free NFL Game Pass and Redzone. "PSL Owners will have access to NFL RedZone content on their smartphone devices starting Sunday, September 10th, at no charge." "PSL Owners receive FREE access to NFL Game Pass in order to watch game replays on demand, plus much more on your tablet or desktop! To access this benefit, you will use your unique promo code and follow the steps below:"
  10. A lot of butthurt in this thread. It's a preseason game ffs. Let's not forget, Carolina Panthers played their first season at Clemson and that is honored on the field with a Clemson logo. And, as somebody said earlier, Watson is equivalent to Curry in terms of local fans. Would you blast Hornets fans who show up in Curry gear? While a lot of the fans last night may have been huge Panther fans, it doesn't hurt to cheer on a local hero in his only appearance in Carolina this season.
  11. Sunday camp tweets

    When I've gone in the past, on days with lots of rain/storm, they've postponed practice to later in the day, moved to Gibbs stadium, or cancelled if bad enough.
  12. Upcoming season

    Firing Gettleman should boost club morale. The veteran guys are going to dig in harder knowing that they aren't going to be just cut because they performed well. It's going to bring the TEAM closer together instead of driving individuals to worry about their own stats and how they may appear to the next team they have to sign with after DG lets them go. Therefore, my choice is Superbowl Winner.
  13. There's some science behind it. Just look at the Middle East and their choice to wear long robes to protect the body from direct sunlight.