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  1. Looks like their practicing how to defend against a mace attack.
  2. It's a risky strategy. Having a QB like Cam allows you to take shortcut on the OL. Risk is you place on your QB getting hurt. A lot good all these weapons we got will do if Cam gets hurt.
  3. CatTower

    Luke comes in at #..

    If he didn't play in the NFCS, he'd be higher. Tough to get recognition going against what the Falcons and Saints have constructed on offense over the years.
  4. CatTower

    $20 wins you $600

    I'm running to Vegas now before all the Panthers homers drive the line to 1-1
  5. Okay, so LeBron isn't the GOAT. What does Cam have to do to be ranked up there with the GOAT. It's not always about excellence, but pure ability. Cam will show the world who he is this year. Funchess, Samuel, and Moore are going to be the 3 assassins.
  6. You do know Bron is being compared to MJ? He is the leader of one of the most popular sports on the planet.
  7. This season should be Cam's peak according to the QB efficiency curve http://www.footballperspective.com/quarterback-age-curves/
  8. Lebron is a unique guy dominating the league the same way Cam is doing. Cam has had the equivalent in teammates as Lebron did this year. Obviously, he can't be expected to do everything, so what does it take for him to surpass Lebron as greatest athlete of this generation?
  9. CatTower

    Julio Jones holding out

    This is why Superbowl teams often become bad afterwards. All the players that made up the team are looking to get paid.
  10. CatTower

    Day 4 notes

    If Samuel is healthy, this has the potential to be the best offense we've ever had. There are just so many weapons that other teams won't be so quick to pack the box or have the extra man able to spy Cam.
  11. He looks leaner, could easily add 10 pounds of muscle by preseason.
  12. 2 billion dollar business. Jerry gonna get the Hardy treatment.
  13. It's in his best interest to keep the team in Charlotte for a few years at least. He can leverage the city pretty easily and I doubt he wants to dig in his own, suddenly smaller wallet.
  14. PED's have no place in professional entertainment sports. It sets a bad image to kids. 4 games is a joke and is probably why so many players try to cheat the system. Make it 1 season and 2nd offense you're done. Pretty bad with Flash Gordon gets worse treatment for smoking MJ than these guys injecting themselves with all types of chemicals.
  15. whats the score chart say