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  1. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    Team should stay in Charlotte. It's really the perfect location. I'd hate to see the team play anywhere else.
  2. Sounds like something somebody from the cult would say
  3. I'm not going to sit here and lowball like most people here are. I'll give you 500 carolinahuddle coins. These coins are sure to increase in value!
  4. This would be an immediate replacement to Stewart. I'm on board, he's a hard nosed runner that is going to be needed to soften up the defenses for CMC.
  5. Right because white people don't use drugs.. why are you trying to make this a racist thing? It's called being young, having lots of money, and feeling like you are invincible. A lot of young brazen guys test their bodies and experiment at that age. Could it be mental illness? Sure, but the likely culprit is a bad reaction to a drug.
  6. You sure about that?
  7. I just shed a tear for Clemson. Not sure how someone who barely has control of the English language is able to properly understand and follow a religion that's pretty unknown.
  8. To be young, dumb, and have lots of money. Easy to fall victim to temptation, that is sure.
  9. Kalil brothers have good year and we don't have any major injuries
  10. Cut whoever we need to in order to sign him. Cam is going to need wrs so defenses can't just load the box against us. The chance of Matt Kalil actually improving are slim to none.
  11. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Whoever is the funniest, I'd like to keep Cam happy. Also, if Cam goes down, the season is over anyway.
  12. Bill Voth on Breeland coming back

    Well, is anyone else offering him a contract close to what we offered?