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  1. Who is your first round slider

    La'el Collins will be the biggest slider in this entire draft. He won't talk to the cops until after the draft has concluded. No team is going to chance a pick on a guy that is linked to the death of a pregnant woman.
  2. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    Well a few of us already know the answer to that but nice bait top dawg haha.
  3. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    If you have not noticed by now Phillip Dorsett averaged 24.2 yards per receptions this past season, so yeah, he was a one trick pony. Piggy backing off of the last post where you called me a troll, Tavon Austin on the other hand only averaged 11 yards per reception his Jr and Sr year. So obviously, Dorsett and Austin were used much differently and not really comparable (like I said). I would expect Dorsett to blow by cornerbacks, he's FAST, that's noting new.
  4. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    I don't know what your problem is but it seems like you really like Dorsett and agitated that I don't feel the same way about him as you do. It's not really arguable, Tavon Austin was an elite play maker in college and actually produced as a WR and on special teams. You can't say the same thing for Dorsett. Dorsett was primarily a vertical threat in Miami offense. Austin did his damage on screens, reverses, intermediate passes, and after the catch. He was not the vertical threat Dorsett was but WVU schemed plays for him to utilize him in space. Miami did not do that with Dorsett. There was nothing wrong with what I said, the two were nothing alike in college. This will probably be my last response to you because your bias is clouding your judgement.
  5. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    Tavon Austin? Dorsett and Austin were nothing alike in college. That's not a good comparison. Austin did most of his damage behind the line of scrimmage, after the catch, and on intermediate routes. Dorsett was just a vertical threat. Also Austin actually produced in college where as Dorsett did not.
  6. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    Huh??? I never compared him to TY Hilton and Cooks? I was just adding on to CelibatePimp post about Dorsett when he posted this: "He's rated lower than both TY and Cooks on his draft profile. He's compared to john brown who is not bad at all IMO." Yeah I am just going to stop reading there. The Panthers had better not contemplate drafting Dorsett with the 25th pick. It should NEVER cross their mind. He's not a first round talent.
  7. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    Do you think the coaching staff really likes how Hill has progressed and are counting on him to make a leap?
  8. Picks 1-4

    Agreed, that's why they are going late first. Devin Smith is a 2nd rounder to me. He reminds me of Dorsett. He pretty much specialized in just running go routes and outside of that does not offer much at this point and time.
  9. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    That's what I saw when I did watch Miami games. I think he will have a long career but people need to temper their expectations if they think he is going to be the next TY HIlton. He has amazing speed but that's pretty much it. He's no Santana Moss, that's for sure.
  10. Picks 1-4

    Huh? Benjamin went where he was projected to go. Late first round. Devin Smith is not a first rounder. There are too many WRs that project as 1's in the league that leap frog him daily. Breshad Perriman is one of the more recent ones.
  11. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    How so? TY Hilton actually produced in college as a wr and on special teams and his game was more advanced than Dorsett. Dorsett primarily ran go routes at Miami and his route tree was not extensive. Not the same caliber of players imo. Now Tyler Lockett is different.
  12. Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

    Dorsett is no where as good as Cooks or even TY Hilton coming out of college. I realize some of you don't watch college ball but Dorsett was never a premier wr in his own conference. He has the skill set of a elite vertical threat but does not offer much else as a wr. Now a smaller wr like Crowder from Duke was a much better wr but he does not have Dorsett 4.3 speed. I would take the k state wr Lockett over Dorsett as well. He was a tremendous wr in college and has skills transferable to the league as well.
  13. Rashad Greene

    Good post Greene was a big reason why KB turned it around at FSU. He was on the verge of being a bust because of his lack of work ethic and immaturity his freshman year. Greene would not have it and pushed him as a player and a man. KB owes A LOT to Greene.
  14. Rashad Greene

    He is faster than his 40 time.
  15. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    looking more and more likely that the Panthers are NOT trying to pigeon hole themselves into selecting a OT with the 1st selection.