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  1. Why? He's about to win a ring 
  2. We will win this game
  3. How was that not a defensive hold 
  4. If we win this game Ealy is MVP
  5. I tip my hat to wade.... He's calling the game of his life
  6. Bruce DeHaven fug you and this shitbag ST unit you brought to San Francisco
  7. If we win this game Ealy will be MVP
  8. The Broncos are playing fundamental and focused.... It's 2.5 quarters in and we haven't settled down yet
  9. This idiot saying he was hoping for a close game to kick us a winner
  10. This can't be scripted
  11. I will credit Wade Phillips.... He has pitched a nice first half and literally taken Olsen out of the game... We'll see about the second half
  12. Every St. Jude's miracle has gone their way and they are up by 6.... They won't hold onto this lead forever