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  1. Spartanburg is HOT in July, very uncomfortable with no breeze, no shade. Camp Wofford was mostly for Mister's ego. Why not Boone? Much cooler temp, great things to do, ASU athletic facilities can easily accommodate and great food in that area. IMO, Wofford needs to go
  2. It'd be better if he invested in a hyperbaric chamber
  3. You don't get to a $12billion net worth being nice. He has high expectations, we sugar coat and care way too much in this country
  4. thebigcat

    For all those "We suck at drafting" people

    Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman had a TON to do with the Seahawks winning the Superbowl
  5. thebigcat

    For all those "We suck at drafting" people

    You don't make your bread in the first round. It's rounds 3-6 where you show your true skills. Hurney nailed first rounders but anything past round 2 was mostly abysmal along with his UDFA evaluations
  6. They lost one TE to broadcasting and they'll now trade for another TE who's old, injuries are catching up and toying with broadcasting as well.... You'd be lucky to get a seventh for him
  7. Business has just been at 100
  8. Here comes the FAKE OUTRAGE BRIGADE.... grow up snowflake
  9. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23387536/washington-redskins-cheerleaders-required-pose-topless-2013-photo-shoot-according-report Not a good look if this can be linked to Danny Boy.... If Mr. Richardson took the fall for leg shaving, tight jeans and seat belt assistance then what kind of workplace is the Washington Redskins running?
  10. You guys forgetting about me?
  11. Why do I find myself liking Hurndog.... Why can't he be signing Everett Brown to a lifetime deal
  12. thebigcat

    Texans Owner Defends Jerry Richardson

    They both grew up in rural North Carolina during a period that this was totally acceptable
  13. thebigcat

    Dez Bryant

    He'd have the same season that Steve Smith had with the Ravens
  14. thebigcat

    Cards/Wilks sign CB Bene' Benwikere

    Hope he gets his career back on track.... Reminds me a bunch of Richard Marshall from back in the day, career started with a flash then derailed