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  1. thebigcat


    He reminds me a lot of Chris Gamble with his demeanor.... Jackson is totally like Norman
  2. The porn star jinxed him
  3. thebigcat

    McCaffery's pace

    When Samuel , Byrd and Olsen come back good luck scheming with that speed
  4. Just finished getting swamp washed off me. September home games are dreadful, sun is relentless, you get zapped from the heat. Can't blame guys like Luke getting cramps, can only imagine what that feels like playing in this humidity with all the equipment
  5. thebigcat

    Bengals beat themselves

    Nobody ever gets defeated in the NFL, everyone always beats themselves
  6. thebigcat

    Game Ball to Obada

    He's living the American Dream
  7. thebigcat

    Game Ball...

    John Matsko... for making guys like Van Roten, Clark, Larsen, Moton appear to be the second coming of the Cowboys OL. Two weeks in a row Cam is not sacked
  8. Bradberry has been quietly putting together an all pro start with Julio and AJ both being blanketed. Action Jackson is putting up a Marshon Lattimore start with 3 INTs. If the front office brings in competent safeties we could have the second coming of the LOB.
  9. Action Jackson Rookie DPOY?
  10. Cam just couldn't give the ball to the ref for us to lineup for a fg.... nah let's keep acting like we are supernova and just cost my team points
  11. It's insanely hot and humid today that's how you get dehydrated
  12. Luke going to locker room
  13. DJ Moore have a seat and learn from the amazing vet Torrey Smith