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  1. He'll be the next coach of the Saints when they clean house and want to improve their defense
  2. Hurney's worst year is Loomis finest year
  3. You give a busted, broken down rb who doesn't fit your offensive mentality $3.5 million, the coaching staff uses him 9 carries a game and he averages 2.7 yards. You traded away talent like Graham and Cook, over spent on broken down free agents like Byrd and handed out extensions to whip busting players Gallette only for that to explode like a grenade in your face.... You sir are one of the worst present day General managers in the game and the fine folks of New Orleans deserve the mess you created for them. The sad part is the owner has dementia and can't realize how much you destroyed his beloved team
  4. Keyarris Garrett is back.....

    What does a man like Garrett do for work when they are released and not on the practice squad, only to then be called back to the practice squad
  5. Armah promoted to the team

    From released to practice squad to 53.... Congrats to him
  6. The team should sleep walk into 30 points.... 1000 yards and 70 points is what the Saints have given up thus far
  7. I like Cam, KG in their price points against one of the worst defenses of all time. I keep tempting myself not to get Dickson at $4500 or Stewart as well at $6200. Any panther you pick up this week is a value against this atrocious defense
  8. Sorry that for one day I witnessed greatness as an honorary pats fan
  9. Dang... Trading for even more than the Superbowl rematch. Wonder what the strong draw is for
  10. letter to mike shula

    He posts here frequently under the handle Panthersunitedthesequal
  11. Don't say I didn't warn you before you destroy your cubicle https://twitter.com/i/videos/tweet/909814064813166592
  12. Thanks for the public service announcement
  13. The stadium was pretty quiet yesterday

    When your balls are baked into your legs and it smells like Hurricane Harvey sewage when you stand and get a breeze through them, I highly doubt many could stomach going wild cheering
  14. I've been up with Minibigcat all night. Temps of 102 and as high as 103.7. We've been cycling Tylenol, Motrin and Gatorade. I had sunscreen on them, had a hat on him (he kept taking it off). Poor fella got cooked, holding him out of pre-k today to hydrate him and take him to Spider-Man movie together. Next Sunday is his fifth birthday and I had a tailgate birthday party planned for him but I am not sure he's ready yet for full games in September. I saw a couple people bringing in kids who are 1 or under and I kept thinking to myself are these people serious?