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  1. In honor of the MVP....

  2. In honor of the MVP....

    I'm kinda digging this shirt
  3. Got a relationship question...

    I'll keep this in consideration on my next go around
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    Cool... you have been intermittent fasting as well? A lot of people give this kid flack but intermittent fasting and low carb diet with training has been ridiculous
  5. Got a relationship question...

    I know it sounds facetious but I was waiting my friend.... Paris was supposed to be the new chapter but I just didn't want to be in Europe with her and her friend and feel scorned.
  6. Got a relationship question...

    Thank you very much, really needed the female input.... Today feels better and each day is a bit easier. Last week was tough. She has randomly texted me these past couple days and I just didn't answer them. I took her out of my contacts, etc. I have no vitriol in me towards her. I supported a habit, not a partner, she's going to have a tough time being true to a person in the future.
  7. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    I have been following Greg O'Gallagher on Youtube with his kinobody routine. Intermittent fasting + Low Carb lifestyle + cardio and I shed 24 lbs in 6 weeks
  8. Ron Rivera's office

    the carpet seems too commercial for my liking... would have been nicer a wood floor
  9. yes and I use that old bay seasoning and toss the peanuts in a crock pot
  10. BigCats next purchase

    Thermador columns with pro chef series double range.... My mom cooks for me but she's VERY good at it
  11. BigCats next purchase

    I am in the midst of a home renovation on part of the home and honestly today was a major purchase but I'm not saying :)
  12. Got a relationship question...

    I would prefer not to divulge details but I do a fair amount of work but it's something my mother taught me that it never needs to be discussed, it's one of the most gratifying things I do
  13. Got a relationship question...

    Or a medical device sales rep :)
  14. Got a relationship question...

    I took nearly two months off here after the Superbowl cause business got very busy. I don't practice much anymore, maybe 5 clinical days a month to keep my skills up. I started a physician temp staffing agency a few years ago and basically temp staff healthcare organizations throughout nc/sc. I'm up to 28 physicians thus far and most of my time is spent now in setting up new staffing opportunities and hiring doctors. I've moved now the position of our company where in 2017 it will mostly be telemedicine virtual staffing on a more southeastern scale. Real estate is self sustaining, if you have a good attorney, property management team, realtor, accountant and general contractor then all I end up doing is scouting opportunities. Most recently I've only been scouting is purchasing real estate based off cap rate so it in turn becomes a numbers game and not so much the property. Meaning you buy a building that has a AAA credit corporate tenant with x years left on a triple net lease on a cap rate of 7-9% is what I hunt for