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  1. Updates on the team sale

    Neither is Sabates, he's a millionaire puffing his chest trying to play in a billionaires club
  2. good for him, glad he is getting a chance post Browns.... that organization literally kills any player or coach's career
  3. Sherman is done Thomas wants to be a cowboy Norman isn't getting released
  4. He drafted Ginn too high, I understand. These last two seasons have been a renaissance for him. The saints were on the verge of firing Loomis and Sean, now they're firmly entrenched in their positions. What changed.... Jeff Ireland loading up the cupboard
  5. You can't mistake that eye for talent. He's rejuvenated the Saints
  6. Mickey Loomis is and will always be hot garbage, he's not a talent evaluator (Signed All-Day for instance). The reason for the Saints turn around, college scouting / drafting. Ramsck Lattimore Kamara Williams Rankins Michael Thomas Jeff Ireland knows talent and that team is now set for the foreseeable due to a huge infusion of talent on rookie salaries. https://www.google.com/amp/www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/saints/article_75a849f2-cd53-11e7-bdf4-573d4ba0c358.amp.html I truly hope ownership recognizes someone like Ireland over the comforts of Hurndog
  7. Team that was a joke for a decade can't acknowledge having a good coach that players rallied to play for... Back to the pit of misery
  8. Tried to keep it classy the way the Saints and their fans did us last week
  9. When has Sam Bradford shown anything resembling talent without getting his labia lacerated. Keenum is the starter
  10. To lose like that... Devastating... Poor Sean, he's going to hit them percocet's hard
  11. Omg... Couldn't have happened to a finer franchise and fanbase
  12. Lmao at Joe Buck’s haircut

    But has he mentioned Aaron Rodgers yet in this broadcast?
  13. Maybe new ownership will adopt an attitude that if you spend, you can add talent and boost your team. The jags behind the brain trust of Tom Coughlin (he's not the nicest of guys but he gets results) have brought in Malik Jackson, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye, Barry Church Instead our resources were spent on extending a 78 year old LB, 66 year old rb, 82 year old TE because ya know, feelings. This was a 3 win team that's now in the AFC Championship game with an owner who spent like it's going out of style. He's now rejuvenated the fanbase and that team is positioned for success over the next 3-4 seasons