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  1. You guys forgetting about me?
  2. Why do I find myself liking Hurndog.... Why can't he be signing Everett Brown to a lifetime deal
  3. Texans Owner Defends Jerry Richardson

    They both grew up in rural North Carolina during a period that this was totally acceptable
  4. Dez Bryant

    He'd have the same season that Steve Smith had with the Ravens
  5. Cards/Wilks sign CB Bene' Benwikere

    Hope he gets his career back on track.... Reminds me a bunch of Richard Marshall from back in the day, career started with a flash then derailed
  6. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    You don't spend $2.5 billion dollars and move them from a city steeped with fans to move them to Raleigh. He didn't become a billionaire by acting moronic
  7. I agree with the people he released. I personally would have released Davis and R. Kalil but I get it I like that he let Star and Norwell walk, I wish we could have kept Norwell but there's no way he was going to get paid when Trai got paid. I like the Smith trade and sighing of Wright I love he brought Peppers back I like the DL signing in Poe I think he'll find a safety and or CB free agent to try and set up the draft I like he didn't pay Ebron that much, I think he'll bring in Wilson All in all this has not been a typical Hurney off-season, solid moves, no acts of desperation and we should be in contention next year. I was a Gettiesburg believer but Hurney is winning my trust again
  8. Benson died

    RIP... I always enjoyed his boogey shuffle with the umbrella
  9. Brees staying in NO

    I respect Drew Brees, division foe sure but great man on and off the field
  10. This guy torched us on third downs, yes please
  11. How does this guy keep robbing teams