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  1. Annnnnnd it's officially the off season on Carolina Huddle.
  2. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    Has this EVER happened?  Every year people are all like "Sign and Trade this star player for a 1st round pick!".  Has it ever happened in the NFL?  Not just the with Panthers, I'm talking any team...
  3. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    I would love to see that last photo in color. I have no idea why but something inside me feels like it would be iconic. File that one away. It should be the first photo you post in your Along the Sideline for Super Bowl 51.
  4. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    I think it's time to let it go, gentlemen.  The Panthers may have been screwed but they will NEVER be Super Bowl 50 champs.  Take solace knowing that players like Josh recognize they were playing the Broncos and Refs.  Start putting your energy and focus on FA and the draft.
  5. Bill Voth is a tool. You know that if you've ever interacted with him on Twitter.  He's a Brown's fan living in Charlotte who thinks he's filling a need by providing "modern media" coverage for Panthers fans. Jokes on him.  Carolina Huddle provides all the Panthers coverage anyone needs.  Hell...Reddit is a better place to go for coverage than BBR.
  6. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    Not entirely true. If Stewie gets designated a Post June 1 cut we split that 7 million into next year. We would then save, roughly 5.5 million this year.  Which is significant. EDIT:. So then the question becomes is there someone on the roster who can replace his production or is there someone we can sign for cheaper than 5.5 Million so as to benefit financially from cutting Setwart?
  7. I think JR should put that money toward buying tickets off the secondary markets and offering them to PSLers/Committed fans at face value to get us in the stands.  If I'm a billionaire who wants to win THE game of the year you can bet your butt in dropping some coin to create the besr atmosphere for my team.
  8. Maybe the Panthers should be trying to get more of their fans in the stands. Buy up more tickets to give out at the lottery.  I would have been there had I had an opportunity to get a ticket priced between $1000 - $1500.
  9. I am not trying to give Cam a pass.  I said in my post that Cam played poorly.  But you can't argue that it starts with coaching.  Coaches are suppose to put the players in the best position to execute.  Players are suppose to execute.  Shula with his run on first down every time, did not set Cam up to execute effectively.
  10. I didn't mind it either.  Running the ball is what we do.  We do it well.  What I do mind is the refusal to adapt.  Broncos players are being quoted as saying they knew exactly what we were gonna do.  It was TOTAL offensive collapse. But Shula's unaltered, stubborn gameplan was the cracked foundation upon which the offense faltered. Maybe I should be directing my ire at Shula's late 2nd quarter and second half game plan.
  11. That image of Josh Norman crying

    The Defense has nothing to be ashamed of. They kept the Riverboat afloat for 57 minutes until the poo that Shula and Rivera were shitting sunk our Super Bowl. Which I will now be deeming the Super Bowel.
  12. Quoting David Newton's full tweet: " Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula: "We weren't good enough. Cam wasn't good enough." Said this when asked how Cam Newton played."
  13.   Mike Shula is gigantic turd and completely and unfathomably inept. EDIT:  Since people are wondering about the context here is David Newton's full tweet: "Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula: "We weren't good enough. Cam wasn't good enough." Said this when asked how Cam Newton played." Cam did not play well.  No one will argue that point.  But it starts with coaching does it not?  Mike Shula sent no help to Remmers.  How is Cam suppose to play well when hes only given 2 downs to work with?  Cam started most, if not EVERY, drive of the game at 2nd and 8/9 because Shula sent Tolbert or Stewart running over the RIGHT G/T for a gain of 1, maybe 2. MORE EDITS:  I'm just as devastated as all of you.  I am completely sober (not sure if this is good or bad).  I HATE hot takes.  But Shula's game plan tonight is really striking a cord with me. It's egregious in my opinion.  Where were the Ted Ginn or Philly Brown end arounds?  Hell, I can understand using those 1st down runs to set up play action.  BUT THERE WAS NO PLAY ACTION.  There was no attempt to adapt or misdirect.