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  1. Time to Tank

    and sadly....trade Kemba.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are gone...

    Dirty chai is where it's at, especially if you can find places with spicy chai. I avoid Starbucks like the plague but I found myself in an espresso jam earlier this week and they were my only option, so I had to go. Gingerbread latte did not disappoint.
  3. Couldn't listen so I don't know his voice tone but all his statements hold water and sound well thought out. Will await final judgement until we see how the offense responds.
  4. Is this last years version of cutting Bene?
  5. This is gonna be a fun thread. One for the ages, truly.
  6. The phone rings...

    apology for poor english when were you when Texans legend Deshaun Watson dies i was sat at home drinking Bojangles sweet tea when Bob McNair ring "Deshaun Watson is trade" "no"
  7. We can feel good about a win when the offense flows and Mike Shula's Cheetos colored finger prints and crayon illustrated play designs can no longer been seen on the play calls. Until then, we, as fans, know that this ship has the chance to run aground on any given 1 and 10 up the middle play call.
  8. U-G-L-Y

    That blocking assignment works if the DE isn't so far outside. I can't tell if the DE is set up as a wide 9 or not, but being so far outside, Kalil's assignment is almost impossible. You wonder if CMC was "too fast" on that play...
  9. I like CMC but man...6 weeks into the season it sure would be nice to have Lattimore, Garrett Bolles, Hooker, or OJ Howard. I hope this is just a growing pain. No one on offense aside from Cam is really balling out. That thought is keeping my hopes up for CMC. EDIT: Cam isn't really balling out, either, aside from like 2 games.
  10. "No one could run behind our line"

    Is it just me or does CAP look better than Stewart?
  11. I am ready for draft season.
  12. Thank you Mushin Muhammad -- 3 plays

    thank goodness someone with a voice is speaking up. I am sick of our media not crucifying Rivera and Shula
  13. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

  14. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    Addition by subtraction; fire Mike Shula.