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  1. Lots of money being spent to watch their team lose.
  2. No no no. I pay for the Athletic and have really enjoyed everything I've read on there so far. This is awful news.
  3. Like Steve Smith's first touch as a Panther, I dream that DJ Moore catches a crossing pattern on his first reception and takes it all the way to pay dirt.
  4. zacka77ack

    One Day Contract

    those sweet, sweet dulcet tones of a man rambling about football and lifestyles.
  5. Intelligent dude. Too bad Greg had to throw all that away with his actions that fateful night.
  6. zacka77ack

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    Luke Jockel is a FA? Wow.
  7. zacka77ack


    You guys are missing good times on Fortnite. Lots of singing, were learning Spanish as we go, camaraderie and of course, dubs (ok this one is stretch).
  8. zacka77ack

    Julius Peppers Is activated

    This is never going away, is it....
  9. zacka77ack

    Where's Corn?

    I had some on the cob last night, ill let you know if any corn surfaces in a couple hours.
  10. Off topic and 8 pages too late, but, the Athletic is a good purchase when you can catch one of their sales; 40-50% off and you pay for the year. Articles are well researched. Its like ESPN before they became TMZ. The only downside is right now they don't have any Carolina specific writers, but they are working on it.
  11. someone go kidnap Silatolu...so we can get Moton or Larsen at LG.
  12. I don't think anyone would challenge Peppers and the coaches from just straight out sitting him for TC. I don't think there is a need to try and hide the fact that the dude is like 40 and needs to be saved for eating quarterbacks for breakfast on game day.
  13. zacka77ack

    Good Morning! YOU MADE IT!

    I've got my ketchup chips, and my bag of milk, to keep me nourished. Settling in for an entertaining few weeks.
  14. zacka77ack


    V2 Rocket, yo. Man, I miss that game.