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  1. I am pretty sure we don't have a 4th this year due to the Andy Lee trade. In hindsight...what a blunder that was.
  2. Game Day Smoothie

    I've been on a Spinach, Kale, Banana, Strawberry, Apple juice smoothie kick. Very tasty if you enjoy greens and appled.
  3. Because there is ineptitude top to bottom.
  4. This is gorgeous...

    that almost looks like it should have been PA keeper to the right.
  5. and Fire Mike Shula. If Ron objects then fire Ron.
  6. Hang Shula at dawn

    My favorite Shula play calls: second and goal, Dickson and Shepherd are running routes into the endzone with KB and Funchess on the sideline. We went on to kick a field goal. "This will really fool them. I bet they won't even cover Dickson and Shepherd. No one is dumb enough to pull out the team's best redzone threats and use 2 journeymen as the only options. Watch and learn, boys!" Absolutely adored the throw back to 2016 with the 3 straight play calls featuring long developing routes during our 2nd to last possession. "What Eagles pass rush? The Eagles have a pass rush? O-Line will give Cam time." Stewart dropped a screen early in the game and has played like complete ass every minute since? Better try another screen to hi.....and he pops the ball into the air, facilitating an interception. "Christian McCaffrey ain't got nothing on Jonathan Stonehandswart."
  7. Chuck is now pretending to be fans of other teams to get attention.
  8. The Last Jedi

    I'm so thankful you have access to HD footage now.
  9. I'm not sure what I just watched..
  10. Great play from MNF

    so 6 years ago. I am ok with not remembering that.
  11. Pretty sure I have seen multiple NFL linemen poo all over PFF Line grades. Its hard for PFF to know O-Line responsibilities off of video review and then grade appropirately.
  12. Great play from MNF

    I don't recall that, and I certainly don't recall them being successful.
  13. Great play from MNF

    Have you seen how many times the Chief's run plays where Smith fakes a handoff and shovel passes back inside to Kelce? It's often.
  14. Parking - South Gate

    I typically park off of South Mint St, in the lots between W Summit and Bland Ave. Its about a 20 minute walk to the stadium, and typically not a very long wait to get back onto 77. The further from the stadium you are, the less congestion there is.
  15. Parking - South Gate

    This may help. https://www.parkwhiz.com/bank-of-america-stadium-parking/philadelphia-eagles-at-carolina-panthers-583534/