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  1. zacka77ack

    Kemba to Cleveland isn’t over just yet

    You boys are thinking to small. If its true that trading for Kemba means Lebrons stays....then Charlotte holds all the power and you use it to fleece Cleveland. Think about: Charlotte has the piece that means Lebron signs a Supermax in Cleveland. Charlotte has the piece that controls whether Lebron signs a 5 year deal, locking him into Cleveland for, essentially, the rest of his career. Charlotte can ask for a king's ransom and get it. Collin Sexton and Love or Thompson are just the tips of the iceberg.
  2. zacka77ack

    Kemba to Cleveland isn’t over just yet

    A source that doesn't know that Nic Batum has 3 years left, not 4. http://www.spotrac.com/nba/charlotte-hornets/nicolas-batum-6149/
  3. zacka77ack

    Kemba to San Antonio?

    this fanbase has waaaaay too high an opinion of Kemba Walker. Dude is good but hes gone after this year and anything we can get would be fantastic. 8th pick in the draft for Kemba would be as good as its gonna get.
  4. zacka77ack

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    So the Pro Football Hall of Fame is gonna give him a bust, but the Panthers will be too good to honor him in any way? Nah, dude. Nah.
  5. Just to make everyone feel insignificant...the picture below is of roughly ~$1,700,000,000; 1.7 Billion dollars. The Panthers sold for this plus another $500,000,000. 1 bar is worth ~$512,000.
  6. zacka77ack

    Ban Chuck and RetiredFootballCoach?

    Chuck should have been perma-banned forever ago. There was a time when Chuck lived in the Hornets forum, making posts one of his accounts them PIEing himself from others.
  7. What are the odds that we're waiting on a new owner before bringing in Eric Reid or Tre Boston (again) ? If you'll remember there was some hullabaloo with Richardson, about people kneeling, and both Reid and Boston mince no words when it comes to expressing themselves, verbally and physically, regarding topics related to the National Anthem kneeling...
  8. zacka77ack

    Wait and see approach

    Not sure I've ever felt more disappointed after a draft night than I am right now.
  9. Someone tell me how to feel about this one....
  10. Coincidentally...Jason Boris, HuddleReports' Most Accurate Mock Drafter the past 5 years, has an eerily similar mock for the Panthers. https://www.tnonline.com/boris-selects-darnold-barkley-go-1-2-his-mock-draft https://www.forbes.com/sites/davecaldwell/2018/04/23/meet-the-real-life-king-of-the-nfl-mock-draft/#2538ee8d11b6 http://www.thehuddlereport.com/mock.scores.shtml
  11. Just ask any 30 year old.