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  1. Jeeeebus

    i would love to know if that was a Cam throw or a DA throw
  2. Dumbass

    I'm gonna start a riot but...Bojangles is good. Mrs. Winners is better.
  3. Dumbass

    this is next level incredible. I would like to thank Chick Fil A for refusing to support the Falcons and closing all locations on Sundays.
  4. can I get a clarification as to what "in their 2 deep" means. I am getting old and hip lingo escapes me sometimes...
  5. Damiere Byrd back at it...

    I've liked this dude for 2 years. glad hes getting his moment.
  6. I had a slight panic attack when I first saw him because I thought he had some how snuck his way back onto the team without anyone noticing.
  7. yea but he recognized talent and went and got it.
  8. When you've got TD, Luke and Captain down there you don't need no hype man on the sidelines.
  9. I didn't think I would be a fan of the poo emoji until now. Feels good using it.
  10. Gameday Menu

    is the seasoned pork uncooked? do you smoke this thing or actually grill it?
  11. Behind the Scenes - Brand Reveal

    "oh. they look the exact same."
  12. oh yes. where was this during the actual offseason?
  13. Cam Newton update

    5 months ago when they waited to do surgery.
  14. Camp Confidential?

    Camp Confidential will "likely take a different form this year." Looks like its being packaged into Panther's Huddle.