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  1. Oh hey #PanthersKing. You're the only poster I've ever seen spell "bitch" as "bit(h". If you're going to make a new account, you should probably learn to change the idiosyncrasies of your previous alter egos. @Jeremy Igo whats the policy of catching a banned user in the act of using a pseudonym?
  2. Dream Scenario #1: Malik Monk falls to 11, and Harry Giles falls to 31. Dream Scenario #2: Jayson Tatum falls to 7ish and we package 11, 31 and a player to go get him.
  3. Jeremy has mastered the art of creating content. What you fools don't understand is that you are the hilarity.
  4. Here's a little diddy known as a Bubbly Basil: Get a glass. Load it down with ice. Grab a couple basil leaves, place them flat in your hand, smack them shits (just 1 good smack, these things aren't misbehaving children. They're godlike herbs, treat them thusly). You gotta release the florals first, then tear them into a few pieces and put them into the glass. Next grab your simple syrup, and add a shot of that sugary poo to your cup. Grab half a lime, squeeze that green citrus bastard until that little sour bitch has no life left in him. Now muddle. Take a knife. Take a pestle. If you're really fancy and prepared grab your bar spoon (I'm looking at you @PhillyB ). I'm a heathen and use the handle on my jigger. Mash all that stuff together. We need our flavors to marry in this cup because Its about to receive the pièces de résistance: Tito's Handmade Vodka. Add a shot (or 2 depending on your objective). Now at this point (if you muddled and used enough vodka) you'll probably need some more ice, so add some. I've discovered this drink needs to be super cold to be tasty. Finally, top off with some club soda. Give it one last mix (probably using your knife, pestle, spoon, jigger handle, etc) and enjoy.
  5. Called it back on page 9! Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  6. Deangelo Williams Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. makes you wonder what happens in those Mariner's boxes where he has people signing NDAs before entering...
  8. Article author is ON FIRE.
  9. Is this reversed?
  10. I don't think its a stretch to say Seahawks probably have the edge in coaching as well.
  11. I edited it in. Got too busy copying and pasting to link the most important part.
  12. ESPN writer Seth Wickersham offers a pretty candid look into the Seahawk's locker room. The article is mainly about Richard Sherman's inability to get over the Seahawk's loss in SB 49. During the process of describing what Sherman is going through and all the details necessary to understand his frame of mind though, we get a pretty good look at some of the locker room relationships. On Sherman's attitude toward others: On how teammates see Wilson: This one is particularly thought provoking and MIGHT offer some insight into the decision made by Rivera to sit Cam for not wearing a tie: The article goes on to speak of Wilson and Sherman's relationship, specifically: It's a good read, albeit long. If nothing more it helps you appreciate the individuals on this team and our locker room as a whole.
  13. Lambeau Field is literally in the middle of a neighborhood. The vast majority of parking is done on people's front lawns, and the tailgating there is the exact same as the tailgating that is done around BoA. AND IT IS LIT.