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  1. Where is McShay talking about this?
  2. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    Please go.
  3. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    When the Big Cat is no longer team owner and not involved with the team, does that mean you won't be involved with Carolina Huddle?
  4. I don't think we should draft a WR this year. In this instance I am ok drafting a Price IF we spend Norwell's money on a guy like Landry, or Robinson or make a move for Josh Gordon.
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed a urgent and horrifying news story, and I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Saints.
  6. Is Josh Gordon the answer at WR?

    Josh Gordon is the answer to everyone's problem at WR.
  7. Give me Mr. Miagi over Danielson every day.
  8. Anyone who doesn't think that Shula's SCHEME had its advantages is blind with hatred. Shula's problem was SITUATIONAL. I am choosing to believe we can be successful with a similar scheme but better awareness.
  9. A Moment to Remember

    I had just put my food down on my table at Salsarita's when my phone vibrated with a notification. I was then unable to eat that delicious cheese filled meat pocket for at least 5 minutes while I scowered the web.
  10. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Guess Ron watched the game film and saw Greg and CMC in BLOCKING during the last drive and finally decided ole Shula didn't know what he was doing.
  11. Butler to replace Star?

    We actually don't have a ton of depth at the NT/DT/UT position. Short, Butler and Love are the only ones under contract. Vita Vea probably doesn't make it to 24 but heres a look at Star's replacement if he falls in the draft. The writing is from a Cowboy's needs prospective but it fits for Carolina as well. https://www.fanragsports.com/why-vita-vea-makes-sense-for-cowboys-in-1st-round-of-nfl-draft/
  12. Wide Receiver Free Agency Class

    I hope we make runs at Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Marquise Lee, Sammy Watkins.
  13. Brenton Bersin

    Pretty sure Greg Olsen tripped yesterday too. CUT HIM. /s