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  1. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    He stole my life.
  2. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    Freudian slip?
  3. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Will be good to see him again, he retired and went completely under the radar.
  4. Luck deciding to stay in school turned out to be a HUGE blessing in disguise for us.
  5. Sideswiped

    I get that he was "sideswiped" from the perspective that teams rarely rescind the franchise tag. The way to protect yourself from this is to sign the tender. When you get cute in negotiations, you run the risk of being "sideswiped".
  6. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    Yeah, no need to be patient with a RB drafted in the 5th round - it's one of the few positions where a player should be able to contribute right away.
  7. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    Interesting... you said they have a 1st round grade on Henry so if he's the best value at #30 it sounds like he'll be a Panther.
  8. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    I don't see Gettleman using a 1st round pick at the RB position. When we needed someone to spell Stew last year we waited till the 5th round to draft CAP. We watched 12 RB's get drafted before finally using a pick on CAP.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't take one at all, Gettleman wouldn't let Norman walk unless he thought "the answer was already on our roster". How long hasOT been a"need" and how many OT's has Gettleman drafted?
  10. Wait until we don't take a CB in the first 3 rounds... this place will lose it's poo.
  11. Skins use cover 1 quite a bit... this will be interesting.
  12. Right after the Norman signing the Redskins tweeted a picture of Norman lined up against OBJ... makes you wonder if they have any idea OBJ "eviscerated" Norman? LOL
  13. today's off -season workout tweets

    Love what I'm hearing so far, this team is mature enough to realize each season is it's own journey and nothing is guaranteed regardless of the prior season's success.
  14. Brady's suspension reinstated...

    Hahahaha, awesome! Now we have to deal with another round of "FREE BRADY" crap from entitled Pats fans.
  15. If we were willing to spend the 14 mil on Josh at that point we could have done a one year 14 mil contract with him, but we wanted the 14 mil more than we wanted Norman... Gettleman said it himself.