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  1. Kurt Coleman

    I'm down 
  2. Week 11 WIN against Washington - Stats & Analysis

    Criticisms of PFF aside, it's great to have some stats back my appreciation for unsung players. Roman Harper has done very well to help the defense in the back, and I feel like the old man isn't getting his shoutout. Silatolu was oft criticized, but he really stepped up. Shame about his knee. Though, mistaking it as a contusion? Might not understand pain like a normal human being.  Bené still worries me. I just feel he still going through the learning curve and it shows. 
  3. Week 11 WIN against Washington - Stats & Analysis

    Blitzes don't mean pressure all the time. This attests to the ability of the offense reading and covering the defense. That is my guess. 
  4. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Dude seriously has a point. This is the best defense of Cam yet. Thanks, Earl. 
  5. Well, let's get down to it

    I admit this is based more on my intuition than analyzing measurable data, but his punts are fairly short. He seems to get the ball in the middle of the field more than to the side. I would prefer, because he kicks short, to kick it to the sideline so the returner has no way of getting more yards. Joe Webb,Teddy Williams, and Jacobs have come up big at times to let us overlook Nortman's punting.  Some stats that favor my point: Out of the punters who kicked thirty or more punts, he is tied for 25th out of 32 for punts in the twenty. He also ranks 5th for most touchbacks. He ranks 18 in net yards punted, which is more indicative of the whole ST unit, but may speak to the placement of his punts being in open space. This is not terrible, but for an elite team whose focus was special teams during training camp, it's a little concerning.  Let's just say that if I have feel Nortman is more of a concern than the receivers, then I am really confident in them. 
  6. Well, let's get down to it

    With Funchie growing up, we got solid receivers. Concerning: special teams. NORTMAN messes up too much.  
  7. Speak for yourself. I know I'm in the minority but I believe in Greg Hardy. Lots of respect has been lost but he can earn some back. 
  8. Whoa. So you're not Brenton Bersin?! 
  9. week 1 - week 10: All Panthers Drives at a Glance

    Nice. Is it possible to border them by quarter? Would be nice to see how we perform in the first and fourth quarters. TOP may be excessive but it would also give insight to Rivera's strategy to control the clock. Perhaps a row that shows cumulative TOP. 
  10. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    It always smells like buckets of hollister cologne was spilled all over the floor. Plus, there is more make-up per square inch than there is actual human girl.