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  1. Unfortunately, I think so. I coach a youth team in a small county league, consisting of 6 teams. Nearly every team over the past few years has struggled to get a 20 player roster, and 1 team only had 12 this past season. When I played in the league 25-30 years ago most teams had 30+ kids. It’s going to be a slow, agonizing death, but unless some real changes are made it’s on the way out.
  2. ...even if it was one of Hurney's second rounders. I coach a 5/6th grade youth football team in my town. A few weeks ago one of our JV (3/4th grade) coaches tells me he coached Everette Brown when he was growing up and asked if I would be interested in having him out one evening to talk to the kids. As a Panthers fan, my first instinct was 'nah', but I decided that maybe it would be a good idea. He finally made it out tonight, and I have to say he was a really cool dude. He spoke with our teams for 10-15 minutes, and they seemed to really take it all in. He helped drive home a lot of points that we continually harp on (school is the #1 priority, surrounding yourself with the right people, and always giving 100%), and then he gave the kids a chance to ask questions. I didn't count, but I'd estimate he fielded at least a half dozen questions about Cam but he didn't seem to mind it at all. Afterward he hung out with the kids, signed a pile of his rookie cards that he brought, and then sat down and ate with the team. All the while, any kid that spoke to him got 100% of his attention. I know his run here was far from what anyone here had hoped, but I guess he can't help that he was over drafted. Even if his days in the black and blue were short he still achieved something that pretty much no one is able to do. I'm glad to have been able to meet him.
  3. I'd give a standing ovation at this news, but I'd have to do the ol' waistband tuck thing first. @‌jcreason79 on the twitterer
  4. It still irks me to no end that Stahan is in the Hall, but Greene is still waiting. Freakin popularity vote.
  5. Going surf fishing at Topsail island

    There's easy access on the north end, at the New River. Right at the mouth of the river there is a large flat with a couple of good troughs running through it that I've caught some decent drum out of. This time of year you can probably use a regular fish finder rig for sharks and be ok, but in the summertime you'll want something to keep it off the bottom or the crabs will destroy your bait before a shark ever finds it. The "pulley rig" works great for this if you're casting baits, and not 'yakking them out. I'll be down there late next week, hoping to catch something on the fly.
  6. I've been a huge fan of TD since his days at UGA. Glad to see him getting some well deserved accolades. We just cleaned the house yesterday, but it got dusty as hell in here during that speech.