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  1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Not relevant! Or true......
  2. Would call out of work to go! Totally take a write up. I might be able to work my way out of it, boss is a fan, too. Wouldn't miss it ever, if I had the chance to go. Plus I love panthers more than family and friends, food or beer.
  3. I agree, I think his play impacts the rest of the D the most. His rush helps the back seven not the other way around.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Great fuging play. Hopefully huddle will chill a bit. Probably not though.
  5. Bradshaw is a douche! I don't really care just sick of hearing it.
  6. Ra's Al Ghul

    If you can read but cannot post....

    The Golden Calf of Bristol
  7. I'll take some delicious pie! Also pretty damn excited about this season. Looks like we have gotten some good players, Funchess looks like a beast, give him a good qb at Michigan, and he would have been a monster.
  8. Ra's Al Ghul

    The chosen one is returning to the NFL

    Took 13 pages for someone to notice... Too funny.