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  1. It could be that Ron thought Cam wasn't getting firm coaching, and decided to give him the firm coach with the tie issue. He picked a stupid fuging hill to die on, but it could explain the reason Ron took such a hardline stance on a small offense.
  2. One positive

    He is a pretty good returner. Even tonight he had a shifty return. Took one to the house. I am in no way saying he should be a starting receiver but as a returner, he has been pretty good.
  3. One positive

    Agree. I would keep Clay for returns and work on his hands.
  4. One positive

    Agreed. Injuries and a vet away.
  5. One positive

    Do you think if Samuel and Byrd were back we need more help? I would drop Shepherd and add a quality vet, call it a day. With Cam, Olsen, Funch, CMC, Samuel, Byrd and a reliable vet I think we got it. Injuries screwed us around. Imo.
  6. Even as a mortal still better than 90% of mlbs. Your right though, smartest guy on the field.
  7. Olsen caught it, but Cam got it there.
  8. Funchess was wide open, it was a bad throw.
  9. He wouldn't be the same if he hadn't.
  10. That was all Cam. Fucckking kalil trying to kill our boy.
  11. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    I wouldn't say he is having an off game, but for him, he has been out of position more than normal. For anyone else, it is a freak level that he is playing at, kinda tough to explain or put a finger on.