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  1. Anyone Notice Billicheat

    Like, every single one.
  2. Clinched Fist

    This^^ was my entire point. I think he made his point showed support for a cause in a way that does not distract from the original point of the protest.
  3. Clinched Fist

    I will not split hairs with you, do you know "inference"?
  4. Clinched Fist

    I would vote the same way today. I voted for tax reform, healthcare reform, tough immigration, SC justice, among other things. I don't buy DT is a racist, a loud mouth that thinks his opinion matters more than policy, yes. Anyway, all things aside, I support Cam and his protest selection.
  5. Clinched Fist

    I don't particularly care about taking a knee. I think the point gets lost because it CAN be perceived as disrespectful. Just like I said, without all the hate slant you like to put on anything that is not your way of thinking.
  6. Clinched Fist

    That's not a fair statement. All Trump supporters are not racist. It's dumbing things down to a level that is on par with the generalizations that America needs to fight. I am a Trump supporter and think that Cam is a perfect example of doing things the "right" way. It is great to have pride in your culture, black, brown, red, white or yellow. Cam's protest was appropriate, timed well and powerful. Made me proud to be an Panthers fan and American. A simple act timed well, is far more impactful and less polarizing then an act that CAN be perceived as disrespectful to our soldiers and nation. I believe that we will see many players take a page from Cam's book, and start to shift to protests that will be more well received. Also, dug the hell out of Shaq's shoes. Our men are leading the way when it comes to this type of issue.
  7. I think he gets fined. He knows that they are going to try to goat him into some bullshit. I like it, be proud, his timing was good, powerful. Much more impactful than a kneel.
  8. We needed this, baaaad. The stars are aligning, everything comes together this Sunday.
  9. Not only was in physically detrimental, but what about his confidence? I think that is a major issue. He played hurt and it wasn't up to his standard, now wondering if he can make it back.
  10. Your right, lawsuits could be the killer. It is kind of crazy that we do things to make ourselves less free. Give ourselves less options???? We will lose the option to do something we love because personal accountability no longer exists. Feels like we are working ourselves into a boring life. Wake up, go to school x 10,000. Wake up, go to work x forever. fug THAT.
  11. I played through my early 20's, i think most know they are shortening their lives, we all did. Still chose to play. As long as it is a personal decision, people will play. My body is fuged, but I would still do it again. I have had 4 dignosed concussions, and more that were not, surely. It's a tough bag, I teach my kids that you can't live your life scared, you take risks and live life with as much fun as possible. If you wanna do something perceived as dangerous, do it. You will regret it at the end, if not. Prob. Not the way most people think, but what is life, if not fun. WASTED and BORING.
  12. American Vandal

    "Who did the dicks?" It was funny. I actually was interested to the point of trying to solve the mystery.
  13. American Vandal

    Did you watch? I did, not sure i didn't waste alot of time. I laughed though, maybe not a waste, not sure.
  14. Voted, good luck! Teachers are helping shape our future.