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  1. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I agree with panthers55, ever since you said larry fitzgerald is a better player than steve smith that was it for me. There's a reason Fitzgerald was never double covered and wasnt game planned for as much by defensive coaches as steve smith. Because he wasn't as big of a threat aka not as good.
  2. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    she'd be my girl too if i was a millionaire
  3. Potential Steal Alert

    Not a fan of drafting a WR in the draft unless someone falls to us in the 4th round or later kinda like Dede westbrook to the jags last draft in the 5th. We are way better off picking up a free agent. I also think a vet WR gives our offense as a whole more confidence and leadership and makes them feel more confident, otherwise you have Funchess out there being the most experienced player at 24 years old..ehhh. (aside from Olsen)
  4. Jaguars set to unveil new uniforms for 2018

    Why does everyone want to screw up every cool uniform? The jaguars old uniforms and the panthers uniforms were/are the best uniforms in the NFL.
  5. So you're not a fan of the Giants hiring Gettleman? who won them superbowls?
  6. Any interest in Revis?

    Who can tell, time gets hard to distinguish when you get older lol. Thanks
  7. Any interest in Revis?

    yea but sherman is still a solid corner, Josh Norman is still a solid corner. I've seen like Nnamdi Asomugha and guys like that who get put on a pedestal based off one or two good years and then turns out they just had a good year and aren't actually good, but even Nnamdi was still a starter, like...Revis went from being the best cornerback Deion Sanders said he'd ever seen...to not even being good enough to be a starter.
  8. Any interest in Revis?

    He had a very short servicable career, he was good for those couple years...and then he was horrible. I dont know how someone goes completely downhill that fast.
  9. A chance that Norwell stays?

    We've definitely gotten very poor value out of our first round picks, Gettleman's strategy really didn't work out well here. Shaq was a horrible pick, i was optimistic about it when it happened, but in retrospect, just a horrible waste of a pick.
  10. I'm pretty sure Kraft is sliding Brady the rest of the money under the table so it doesnt go towards their cap
  11. Ted Ginn 2.0

    What rookie wouldn't say he could improve? And based on what we've seen how can you say his route running will be a presumable weakness in the future? It doesn't look like he'll have any problems, yet, that remains to be seen, but i certainly wouldn't list his route running as a weakness, more of a question mark. Based on what we've seen, he looks like its not going to be a problem..in my opinion of course.
  12. Ted Ginn 2.0

    Weakness: route running for curtis samuel? What the hell are you smoking, did you see the routes samuel was running? they were NICE and NATURAL. If anything, leave it as a question mark since we haven't seen a lot of him in a game, but to list route running as a weakness for samuel is ridiculous. I haven't seen enough of Samuel, but from what i've seen he looks good. I REALLY like Byrd, he's shown he has intangibles, great hands from what we've seen, good route running, good speed. I really want to see more of Byrd. I'm not sure either of them are quite as fast as Ginn, but they're certainly close enough to be a threat to burn you which is all they need. Another thing I like: Byrd had a 42 inch vertical and 10 foot 11 inch broad jump. At 5'9, and with the intangibles byrd has shown, he seems real steve smith-ish to me. REALLY like byrd. He definitely needs a lot more playing time.
  13. That's your opinion, my opinion is people like you are part of the problem. So like i said from the beginning...
  14. Why don't you just smoke a joint and accept life for what it is: not fair. That is my advice. A lot of people get blown up in war and come home with no help. No one's out there doing anything for any of us. There's better conversations I'd rather have in my life than what's wrong with it.
  15. Malcolm Butler's response to his benching

    Agreed Nanuq, you make a compelling argument. If you don't enforce the rules, then there's no point in having rules. He forced the coach's hand doing that. No, Brady wouldn'tve gotten benched, neither would Gronk have, but if he wants their treatment then he needs to play better. If you want to break the rules, you bring it at one of the highest levels sunday, otherwise, you get benched.