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  1. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Are any of you guys seeing what the Jaguars are doing to the Seahawks though?!? Complete domination.
  2. Mario and Pep

    What if we had Peppers in his prime with LT in his prime?
  3. I'm really not sure what the trepidation was about this game. Certainly I was worried about us playing the saints and realistically didn't see us winning, but I saw no reason why we couldn't win against the Vikings. It wouldn't have surprised me if I lost, but it certainly doesn't surprise me the least that we won.
  4. Something Understated

    I really really really like Byrd, I've seen nothing but good things from him. I hope he continues to get more snaps (all of shepard's snaps, hopefully).
  5. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Shepard has terrible hands. I hope Byrd takes over all his snaps.
  6. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    What the hell are you talking about? he's been breaking them all season
  7. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    God Matt Kalil sucks, the guy can't block anyone, he can barely stave off the DE for a second.
  8. Who do we root for thursday night?

    Whoever said Seattle has an easy schedule..kill yourself. I dont think they beat jacksonville or the rams. I'd like to see Atlanta beat the saints and us try to win the division. That's just me. I'm pretty indifferent to who wins, though, given the situation.
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne

    My response to this is....All that glitters isn't gold. If CAP became premier back I think it would become obvious to us all who the better back was/is...and its stewart. With that being said, I wouldn't mind seeing CAP getting more touches or sharing touches with J. Stew.
  10. Byrd

    I like byrd, I think he has potential to be every bit as good as Ginn
  11. Official Panthers at Saints Gameday Thread...

    The saints had no timeouts left u stupid idiot.
  12. Official Panthers at Saints Gameday Thread...

    God Ron Rivera is such a little bitch. 41 seconds and 2 time outs and u run the clock out? That's plenty of dam time to get in field goal range
  13. THAT’S MY QB

    I appreciate the message and the content is great, and I hate to bring up grammar, but cmon, if you're over the age of 20 you should learn how to spell and distinguish there/their/they're etc. That's just part of showing you're not ignorant, so if you're going to post a message trying to show you're not ignorant I just feel like that should go along with it.
  14. what do u mean? He did with Steve Smith and he's had that with Olsen if you wanna use semantics and count TE as WR. If you're referring to Funchess...hahhaahahahahaha
  15. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    amazing catch by Jeffrey