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  1. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    I dont know how shula has a job, sometimes he coaches alright, but in general he's not good enough and fugs it up too much. I can only dream of what another OC would do with this talent.
  2. I agree with Castavar. And we had, what, a minute 30 left? I don't care if it did take 25 seconds off the clock, u get the first down and then do the best u can after that, but at least you still have a chance.
  3. 52 Pass Attempts

    The O-line sucks and had 0 run blocking ability, its not getting fixed this year.
  4. That's what I've been saying. I was screaming to do that the whole game. Like you said, when we used to run it all the time no one could stop it. Doesn't make sense. The play calling this game just really made 0 sense at times, especially at the end.
  5. This is something similar to what my ex gf would say if u replaced the word "crow" with "cock". Theyre both still birds however so i suppose its all the same.
  6. RG "Triggered" 3

    this was a compliment
  7. Ed Dickson sucks

    lol thanx
  8. The only reason I was buying Oikos was because of cam newton, now for all i care they can burn in hell. Saves me more money on that overly priced bs.
  9. Ed Dickson sucks

    I don't care what PFF grades anyone. I prefer to use my eyes and common sense.
  10. Jacksonville's defense is going to be a problem

    Because the jags are our sister AFC team that we came into the league as expansion big cat teams with? I care about what the jags are doing. And above poster is right, once they figure out their QB issues they should be perennial winners of their division.
  11. Ed Dickson sucks

    Based on what? He's a backup tight end and I've never seen him play like ass as a back up tight end?? I always thought he was a decent player. Not sure what everyone saw to say he sucks. I've always seen him be reasonably productive as a back up and do his job.
  12. Butker misses first NFL FG to tie game.

    Well, no...im salty about it because im an intellectual and have tended to choose learning and knowledge over money in my life and I don't think it was a very good investment for that choice, not because of the career aspect. I really didn't go to college for the career aspect which was naive on my part I suppose. I don't believe college furthered me or my education. Like i said, I think it inhibited my learning and made me regress as a person. We're all individuals, though, so it may be more up your alley than it was mine.
  13. Butker misses first NFL FG to tie game.

    you mean the one you just posted in responding with a pointless comment?
  14. Butker misses first NFL FG to tie game.

    I have college degrees...if anything I just think its kindve a waste of time and there's better goals to set. Most people just get them to validate themselves. Either way, what does that have to do with anything? I'm extremely intelligent because I'm self educated, not because of college--all college did was hinder my learning and education.
  15. no one is saying be uber positive or positive at all, just don't be super, irrationally negative and doom and gloom.