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  1. RealisticPanther

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Who cares who won the superbowl? The Saints couldve easily won the superbowl if not for the miracle, the panthers couldve won the superbowl if not for so many errors against the saints, the jags couldve won the superbowl if their coach didn't play conservative at the half, a lot of teams were one play away from winning the superbowl, Getting to the superbowl takes a mixture of skill and luck, the eagles had the skill but more importantly they had fortune (and coaching) on their side, too. I wouldn't be calling them geniuses and weighing what they did so heavily and importantly like everyone on this board is doing and trying to copy their "super secret special formula" for winning and putting a team together, their formula was luck and coaching. While they were clearly the best team last year in an anomaly of a year where no team really stood out or was tremendously consistent, they weren't really that much better than any of the other teams in the mix (Steelers, Patriots, Jaguars, Panthers, Saints [Vikings; who couldve just been a bad matchup or had a bad any given sunday game so i'll "not include" them])
  2. RealisticPanther

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Ginn was trash his whole career except for carolina too, Smith could easily come in and have a revitalized career, that doesn't mean he gets 1400 yards, but that means he could get a good 750 yards or so and be productive. We've seen what he's capable of.
  3. RealisticPanther

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Maybe, or he would've signed elsewhere. he was going to get at least $4 million on the open market i think.
  4. RealisticPanther

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    What is the problem people have with this trade? I wouldve preferred the contract to be for $4 million and not $5 million but other than that? Im one of the people too who think Worley still has potential to be solid and wouldve liked to see what he does with more experience, but i don't necessarily have a problem with this trade. We need a veteran who we know what we can expect from. Hope Byrd still gets playing time.
  5. RealisticPanther

    The Rams have acquired Aqib Talib....

    What's up with everyone and their "oh, well just look at the eagles and rams, we are a terrible team at making moves!" like...for one, you can't be sure these moves even help them win next year, its a good attempt, but still....way more imoprtantly, we don't have near the capspace or ability to make moves that these teams have or we would, what the hell do you want us to do with our lowely cap space and position? Bunch of idiots on this board.
  6. RealisticPanther

    What concerns me about David Tepper

    Meh, I think people with logic and sense should be fairly ambivalent about firing Mike Tomlin. He's made some major mistakes, but he also made some bold calls that turned out good to counter that. If you make bold decisions sometimes its gonna turn out bad and sometimes it isn't. With that being said, the toss play he called on 4th down against jacksonville was boneheaded, and he made one other really bad decision that wasn't "bold" but was just plain stupid in that game I thought was ridiculous.
  7. I'm not even tryin to pay Cam all that
  8. For the same damn reason we shouldnt've stuck with Jake Dehlomme even though he took us to a superbowl, because he was garbage and probably even worse than Bortles. What kind of a question is that?
  9. Whats more amazing is if you're not going to use the cap space to sign allen, why in the HELL wouldn't u have signed Kirk Cousins? You do one of the other, you don't do neither.
  10. Amazing that jaguars aren't signing robinson. But, i get it since they have Cole, Westbrook, can resign hurns, and still have an amazing WR group.
  11. Its very hard to say, who should've been better? Jonathan Stewart, he was an athletic freak and he was fast for his size before all the injuries, that stiff arm was nasty. Who was actually better? Deangelo Williams easily. Everytime I watched Jonathan Stewart and thought 'wow, he's better than deangelo, he's going to take over as our #1 back' Deangelo would come in and show that he's just as good and probably better. Deangelo Williams will probably end up being more underrated in history than Jonathan Stewart I think, and he was better. D. Will shouldve been a HOF'er (they both shouldve if not for J.stew's injuries). Deangelo played big for his size, was strong and pushed forward on contact often and was hard to tackle, had a really good stiff arm although not as good as stew's obviously, and he played fast for his 40 speed. His 40 time isn't very impressive at all, but when you watch his game speed..Deangelo outran people or ran about as fast with the ball in his hands as the 4.3 guys out there. He didn't lose speed with his cuts or change of direction, he had amazing vision, the guy was really incredible. I always wanted J. Stew to be better than williams and thought he should be, but Williams was always better, he just was regardless of how big of a freak Stew was or how good Stew couldve been. History will forget about them both.
  12. Yea. I think Byrd and Samuel are going to be as good as Moore or anyone we draft. Would love to see more of Byrd, every time he gets a chance he shines.
  13. RealisticPanther

    Coleman to saints 3yrs

    Panthers' fans don't seem too concerned I've came across a lot of Panthers' fans giving mad props to Coleman. Now that he has agreed to become a Saint, of course the majority of Carolina fans will start to make it sound like Coleman is a chump. Via saints board. Even when Coleman had those 7 interceptions in 2015 I don't exactly recall anyone saying he was good, just decent and the ball happened to fall right into his hands a lot, he made a couple good plays that were forced because of the pressure our front was getting on the QB and Norman being out there. How is anyone being salty when everyone here has been calling for him to be cut since the end of last year? These guys really think Coleman is that guy. No one here has ever claimed to have thought Coleman was good even when he was having a good season. I saw more people claiming he was a product of the system and the rest of the defense that fit in nicely.
  14. lol this dude said we're gonna bring back Norman and move Bradberry to FS ahahahhaahahhhaahahhhahahahhahahhahaahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha