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  1. Super Bowl 50 Loyalty State By State

    looks like electoral college map. 
  2. The Revenant

    Mehh, I watched it last night.  Scenery, costumes etc A+.  Plot D+ revenge, overall too long, it drug on and on, mama bears can be a bitch.
  3. BBQers of the Huddle, teach me your ways!

    I had a vertical gas from lowes similar to this one.  Click here   It worked well and I got alot of compliments from the pork butts that came out of it.  Also after you do it for a while you get a feel for it.  My go to for butts is smother in yellow mustard rub it and let it refrigerate for 10 hours.  In the smoker at 250ish for about 6 hours for the smoke ring.  After that wrap in aluminum foil put on top part of a grill and finish it off for three or four more hours when you can easily pull the bone out your done.  Let it rest for thirty minutes then eat, eat, and eat.
  4. Titans Report message board

    Her team.  Looks very Lilly white, anti man or man haters group.  I didn't seen any men in her team
  5. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    17 pages, dealing with a 9 year old that does not know what a happy dance is?  In my summation Titans lost, moms pissed, daughter could care less.....    Over it.  moved on.
  6. How Bannergate SHOULD have been handled

    Pay the cheesehead for his banner.  Then ban him from ever setting foot in BOA.
  7. Show Notifications

    I keep getting a popup that says would you like to show notifications from this site.  What does that mean?  It has drop down box that says always show, always block or not now.  Any one ideas.  using firefox 41.0.2
  8. eatdatpussy445 gives us props (eagles vs panthers preview)

    So he's their version of Panthers Guru?
  9. Official Netflix Thread

    Spartacus Blood and Sand to..........3 thumbs up