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  1. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    They did a great job of portraying the contrarian views towards one another. At least in this conversation, they know what's hot. I like all of them...but honestly I don't recognize homeboy on the left. My fault, I should pay more attention. He repped Cam pretty good. Right now, we are at a point in history that one could argue Cam was more of an athlete or that he was a winner. ( he's always been a winner ... but on the biggest stage). Ultimately, time always tells the truth.
  2. Good stuff @Saca312 I can never get enough Panthers breakdowns.
  3. Karl was fun to watch at WVU. Glad to see Kurt getting some props early on.
  4. Yea agree, still early . The first two games can be difficult to get into the swing of things. We're 2-0 Fug it
  5. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    You're right maybe poo is a bit harsh. He didn't play that great though. Still early I'm not really worried.
  6. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    Agree Cam played like shiite but Shula did a good job... as expected to be honest .
  7. Defense | Too Legit to Quit

    Get some of that defense !!
  8. Victory Penis

  9. Victory Penis

    Not pretty but I'll take some victory D in this case. Win is a win .
  10. Win is a win . I'll take it , fug it
  11. McDermots clapping makes me want to punch him inthe dick.
  12. Damn Trai!

    Trai has been known to jar something loose.