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  1. And he did all that while going to the University of Phoenix .
  2. Perfectly said. Also beef jerky.
  3. Halftime at the Super Bowl

    A bit, not a bad thing though if you can pull it off. All about taste.
  4. Are we in a Window situation?

    Thanks for that info and ouch. Tough calls. Big buck calls.
  5. Halftime at the Super Bowl

    Pink - I don’t follow her but she has some songs that will diddle your ear and make it feel good. JT- Legend Other Guy- probably the opener, haven’t heard of him. Overall pretty decent for the casual fan I think. Even seems relevant enough to get granny’s foot moving. Ive seen worse.
  6. Are we in a Window situation?

    Olsen -100% Totally worth it. TD- will probably be worth it after you see his effort knowing it’s his last year. I think he finds that step he lost this year for his finale. Kalil- Tough one , obviously stay if he’s healthy . Will probably be on his terms. The rest I agree with if we find a replacement that is equal or lower priced. Going to be some tough decisions .
  7. Are we in a Window situation?

    So we have an operating system that constantly wants you to upgrade and acknowledge it’s existence?
  8. @top dawg I heard Sarah Spain and her partner talking about it briefly on Lebetard today as well . I don’t normally bash but I haven’t liked her voice and persona for a while. Seemed liked her and her cuck co host were desperate for something to talk about. Turned it immediately afterward and listened to a Zyppha commercial instead if that tells you anything. If I have to pick going forward, I will choose to listen to a “Kars-for Kids” commercial instead of hearing their voices.
  9. Even the greatest players need coaches to push them. I honestly don’t forsee any blow ups. People can say what they want about Cam being a sore loser but I’ve never seen him have anything but the utmost respect for coaching.
  10. Huddle Prayers Needed

    Dam man, sorry to hear.
  11. That’s what you call a serious Grind. Congrats on everything brosef!
  12. Why is Saca talking cool? Edit- Never mind, wiener dog wieners in tha house.
  13. Bob Galerstine just reported on NFL radio the deal with Turner was done and that Wilks wasn’t going to interview for the Indy job.