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  1. FA Signings

  2. This is no surprise. He’s been auditioning on different shows to build his resume for the past 2/3 years. I’m sure he’s had a game plan and road map with time lines planned out for a while. I still think we get this year and maybe next out of him. (Not sure what his contract numbers are or for how long)
  3. A little out of touch

    Thanks for replying in the thread. Just curious as to what you don’t buy or agree with, in the anybodyhome post? I agree with a lot of your post, I just didn’t understand what you meant by that.
  4. A little out of touch

    You are pretty hip and underrated on your music appreciation. Some people could learn a few things.
  5. A little out of touch

    Would love to hear this story sometime. Got a room for rent ? Great post man, thanks for the insight and perspective.
  6. Although I agree, I must admit I do enjoy watching people lose it on here and start drifting off into the deep end. Sometimes it’s a slow progression that one must pay close attention to and monitor to get the full entertainment value.
  7. A little out of touch

    Hi fellow huddlers, I trust and value you for your solid, logical (sometimes) and downright honest opinions. So I pose a serious, yet honest question to you and would like to here your answers. The smart ass answers are welcomed and expected as well, but want your honest vibe. To start.... I don’t have any social media other than Snapchat .. those friends are 90% my family. I recognized a couple years back that the younger part of my extended family operates on there. So hey, it’s a good way for me to stay in touch with nieces and nephews, cousins, hell even son and daughter. (My kids act like they don’t see the notification on a text but will respond immediately to a snap ...ok yea right ) Well I got with the program. Pretty cool I’ve never had Facebook, Twitter, insta .. etc Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not familiar or know how they work. I just choose not to have them. In addition, I cut the cord about a year ago so I don’t watch any standard TV programming. I got the ole Flix and Prime so I do watch movies and shows just not regular TV, news or commercials. I visit the Huddle and Sherdog with possibly abnormal regularity, so I do get a lot of news from you guys. My point here is that I’m a little cut off from the hive mind and current events. Not saying there is something wrong with being a part of it, but I find myself in a lot of situations where I don’t know wtf is going on . What I would like to know is, do you think your social media/tv is a good or bad thing overall and why? Feel free to discuss the ones you enjoy most and why. Btw this isn’t a judgy post whatsoever. I chose not to have social media out of personal preference but I respect different tastes and perspectives. Just curious
  8. Point Man movie trailer

    Awesome. Shitty on the red carpet deal for sure but great story to have and to tell later. Proud to know somebody that accomplished something so big, and the huddles was sorta there along the way. Ive got got a story or two from Thailand we can share over a beer. Nothing pervy like a lot of expats but it involves mopeds and a crematorium. Anyway, Big props man. PS - Mooresvile gettin it done !
  9. That black V neck makes him look like he’s been spending time in the gym but it’s hard to tell from a pic.
  10. Pie for rare occasion of you posting a meme.
  11. Hahah exactly! Not to derail the thread but ....off season so... Just a couple tidbits (I could be coaxed to make/participate in an regular mma forum topic. Would be worth it @jeremyigo Odd but Struve has some big wins .. most notable against the reigning HW champ Stipe... Also big Nog. If he gets a win that could be a possible revenge matchup if Miocic gets past DC. I watched Arlovski get put to sleep by Ngannou in Denver. He needs to retire . Great memories man he falls asleep at the lightest touch which I predict Looking froward to seeing Cat again , she’s has one foot in and one foot out . Hard not to think about the potential if she didn’t have that difficult past. I believe this will be a crucial point in deciding which direction she goes. Depending on the outcome of course . O’Malley vs Andre could be the fight if the night. Anyway ...I could go on , let me know if anyone is interested in going forward with some MMA discussion and we may be able to find room. I have the energy and time to add value to it. Off football season is easier ofcourse ha