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  1. Curtis Samuel earned his Panther card

    I would say I am a “downer” 1% of the time. Huge fan of 10 and love the article. Just feeling a little bit worried about his durability. I think many of us have shared those concerns since the preseason. Lets hope it’s not a trend. Hoping for the best with him because he has so much talent and potential. Keep pounding youngster.
  2. For the People With Deep Pockets

    Good topic. Just my 2c . It’s pricey but not out of the question for someone that really wants to go and is willing to take the time to save and plan for it. Going the “package” route is always more expensive imo. If a person wants to put in the leg work, you can find many things much more affordable.. but you have to be on the grind and really want it. Totally doable for most people with average incomes and above. Didn’t say easy, but doable with the proper planning and passion. Its kind of a big deal, yet worthy of the hard work, just like any other big vacation someone dreams of.
  3. ST is regularly getting penalties. Almost expected at this point .. cmon ST coach !
  4. STB, you are regularly the voice of logic on here, for me at least. After watching that game, I can see where it would be difficult to look past their performance. But... 6 games is a lifetime in the NFL, much less next season. I don't doubt the Saints performance so far, but imho, I think they peeked too early. Incredibly difficult to maintain that pace. Whether it be real soon or early in the playoffs, I think they will hit a road block. We don't say (NFL)Not For Long for a reason. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Just checking in assholes...

  6. To be successful you have to be humble. You are going to get beat, don’t blame anyone. Keep quiet and get better if you can. I’m a big time Worley fan and think he can make it. Just shut up and put up. Nothing else.
  7. Rivera

    Brother Snow, you seem negative bro. I’m not one to normally call a man out but jeez, I can rely on you to bring a negative vibe. Seriously, no offense....you alright? If you are just a pessimistic fan ....that’s cool. I just felt the need to check on you because of your Av. I’m a Jon Snow fan so I can’t help it. Cmon man.
  8. I’m hoping we can put up some decent numbers on the Dolphins with some turnovers and the O looking sharp. Nice thread title by the way.
  9. Updated Madden Roster

    Good call . I thought you were watching, not playing. Dilly Dilly tomorrow then.