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  1. Dannon Oikos has dropped Cam as a sponsor

    I wonder if Under Armour or Gatorade will cut ties. Cam needs to actually apologize. What is he waiting for?
  2. New starting safety this weekend?

    Is it that easy to learn our defense? Dude can just show up and play after a few days of practice? Should we not be expecting blown coverages? Lol.
  3. Too early to say. Our front 7 is absolutely insane but I can't call it our best overall defense until we see our Secondary against a real QB next week in Brees. Hoyer and Tyrod Talor aren't exactly elite passers.
  4. Why the Panthers will not screw this up

    Stopped reading here.
  5. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    Or a computer. I use my desktop hooked up to my TV but you can just as easily use a laptop with HDMI as well.
  6. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    I signed up for YoutubeTV last week and it's amazing. The quality is great and I watched 3-4 college games without any buffering/hiccuping. I highly recommend it so far. The only thing it's missing right now is better support on streaming devices like Roku and such but given how popular it's going to be I imagine that will come in time.
  7. Well?

    Reported. This isn't Panthers related.
  8. Preseason Game 2 Winners and Losers

    "QB under center....back arched"
  9. Jourdan Rodrigue's....

    Quick, someone show this to @Jeremy Igo
  10. Zero1 Helmet

    Put one of these on our boy Kuechly pronto. Really cool. Check out this video...
  11. Thoughts on Cam not throwing today?

    I think there's no reason to be concerned unless he isn't practicing the week leading into the 49ers. It's called a rehabilitation process. Winning meaningful games > risking his shoulder for TC and preseason
  12. Ron Rivera's Ample chest

    Yeah what the fug was that?
  13. Not really worried at this point. As unfortunate as the whole "rust" factor will be, it's not worth risking anything. I just think they're taking a really cautious approach as they should be. Why risk it? He'll get acclimated again when he plays the shitty 49ers as our defense and run game dominates.
  14. Fan Fest Discussion Thread

    Pls no pics of David Newton's face.