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  1. Penicilin shot will have you feeling 100% within 2-3 days. Signed, someone that used to get strep at least once a year
  2. WesleyM

    Flying Drone at Tailgate?!

    Not only is it not allowed over big event, you’re too close to airport there as well I believe
  3. WesleyM

    Steve Smith is at practice

    Allright, who’s cutting onions in my office?
  4. WesleyM

    Efe Obada inherits #94

    You thinking giant poster with a magazine clipping of the briefing room around him?
  5. Moose in studio Monday’s as well. I havent liked what they did with the mid-day show since Kroeger left but this should actually be good
  6. WesleyM

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    Look out guys, Z is about to have a corner office at the new office facility next to Carolwinds. Just ensure in your contract that Jort wearing is acceptable, do it for the people
  7. WesleyM

    Testaverde Jersey

    I have one as well that I recently acquired along with a signed Mills jersey....
  8. Pick up the flag that would mean 1st down. Figures
  9. So high today. Bring it down just a little cam