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  1. Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    You think this is bad, just wait until the new owner gets in and raises them 20% because he over paid for the team. That will be when I sell
  2. Peppers just had surgery?

    Wheres that guy that knows the fam? WE NEED ANSWERS! (Is it still OK to make fun of that?)
  3. It’s sad that in today’s society an allegation means you are guilty
  4. Lets be realistic. 99% chance the team stays 99% chance the new owner trys to screw taxpayers into subsidizing them a shiny, new, (unnecessary) stadium. 50% chance the state bends over. 100% chance that ticket prices will go up significantly whether the city pays for a stadium or the owner does it privately. Hate to say it but most likely the next couple years will be my last with season tickets. It will be bad enough when the city subsidzes a new stadium, but the fact they will hike prices to pay for the rest so they can keep getting richer is worse
  5. TD Last Season 2018 Per Rappaport

    This was my immediate thought when I read the news, that hopefully Pep would give it 1 more to retired with TD
  6. I wouldn’t call 2 years ancient history either, society hasnt progressed too much in 2 years
  7. Agreed. They would probably charge 3-5times what I paid for mine, and I’m in the uppers. Forget about it if you have a prime lower level seat, easily a 30-40k cost of entry
  8. If a lot of the pre-work was done and they back loaded the home game schedule you could probably get away with only playing pre-season games at Clemson, just guessing.
  9. I got to go in the pyramid a few times when I was younger, it was cool as hell
  10. In current society the court of public opinion has no statute of limitations. 2 years might as well have been last week
  11. Sebates is a power and money hungry idiot trying to play in the big leagues with ehl hockey team money
  12. http://ftpcontent4.worldnow.com/wbtv/merged2.pdf This seems like something the NFL really needs to think about in the current climate, and is just 1 example of what kind of person Sebates really is
  13. They will probably stick it in our ass by taking a home game and still charging us the same amount for season tickets
  14. *That the panthers owner can charge for. part of the last tether negotion was panthers wanting more money to build a parking structure. It should be public record so if anyone can find the renderings/plans for that it might provide a glimpse. I have heard a few different times that the site of Charlotte Pipe across the road could be in consideration
  15. Skip, is that you? Ya damn cowboy loving moron