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  1. WesleyM

    Testaverde Jersey

    I have one as well that I recently acquired along with a signed Mills jersey....
  2. WesleyM

    JStew is good people

    I’ve met stew a few times and he comes off as a geniunely nice dude. Much bigger in person than I expected as well
  3. I didnt know marty signed most of those garbage contracts? Like the Matt Kalil deal? I wish people would get off Gettlemans’s junk and to have been a “talent evaluator” and a “cap guy” realize his drafts sucked and his cap management only got by because he signed guys that were bagging groceries the day before
  4. WesleyM

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Agreed, have met them all and Kroeger is a solid guy. Sits up in the 540’s with us common folk at every home game. Garcia is ok in person, but he cant take being wrong. I find it hard to believe he willingly took 2-6 since it will interfere with his HS football gig. I thought maybe Kroeger was going to do more hornets stuff, but unless he is going to quit he can’t take steve’s job, due to traveling for road games.
  5. Would be nice to be like the pats for once and draft a backup that plays so well we can trade em every couple years and get another
  6. WesleyM

    Field Turf at BoA?

    One of the things they did last offseason was completely re-do the drainage and such on the field to prevent issues. Would be quite a bit of wasted time and $$$
  7. Simonson was my neighbor for a couple years. Legitimately nice guy, hope he lands on his feet. Think he has a lot of talent as a passing TE if he recovered from the back issue
  8. Having a suitor and having a mutual interest are 2 different things. Lets hope they keep it that way. I think I have heard that pep doesn’t have much love for the cheaters, because he thinks they cheated their way to that trophy in 03. Hopefully that is enough to keep him home. He posted on instagram that he was at the stadium the other day, was hoping to hear something good by now
  9. As a person, great guy. 2016 was rough for him though
  10. WesleyM

    Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    If they have a garbage season this year, or raise prices again after this year, I’ll probably sell as well. My tickets have gone up over $150/ea in the last 3 years. $1900 for 2 upper level seats is insane. Whats sad is, you can nearly guarantee they are going to raise them significantly either next year or year after so the billionaire owner can get a “return on his investment” even faster. As far as someone saying they should lower ticket prices when we dont do well? They MIGHT do a solid and decide to keep the same price from year to year, but I dont see a single scenario where they ever lower ticket prices. Not with their PSL structure that means they only have to sell 10k si gle game tickets, and if you don’t buy them they just sieze your seats and sell them again as well
  11. WesleyM

    Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    You think this is bad, just wait until the new owner gets in and raises them 20% because he over paid for the team. That will be when I sell