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  1. I honestly forgot Gachkar was even on the team any more. He would probably be my vote. No way Shepard goes anywhere IMO, same reason as Bersin, 4WR is no go
  2. With Byrd most likely being activated tomorrow, who gets their walking papers? Before Sunday my money was honestly on Clay, but a TD on PR pretty much locks him in the rest of the year. Bersin is the next obvious choice but with Greg still coming back from that foot I dont see them rolling with just 4 WR’s. So who goes? I honestly wonder if its Armah, but IDK if they would try that trick a 2nd time
  3. Panthers Snapchat last night

    I actually met the head at a FedEx corporate ass kiss function they did for clients at the stadium a few weeks ago. She was WAY too happy for 9PM on a Wednesday, but honestly seems to enjoy her job
  4. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Didnt riveras daughter used to handle all the snap stuff?
  5. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    I’ve never got the bersin hate, and I even own a jersey. Ive heard mixed things about how he is personally but he just does what is asked of him in games. He was also about 6 inches from recovering a fumble for a TD 4 days after he got up off his couch and went in to talk to Marty. I honestly see more from him than Clay, but thats just me. Clay should have PS eligibility, Bersin does not. Keep Bersin and let clay go to PS and keep working
  6. No good man, life is more important. Hope they get it all figured out for him
  7. Person and David newton probably fap together as they write awful ass stories.
  8. Signed and shared, quite funny its over 700 already
  9. While her acknowledging the situation was fine, she somewhat fanned the flames and fed the media for that news cycle. I wouldnt be shocked if she isnt reassigned before cam speaks again
  10. TBH I called it being related to Rodrigue before I saw she was back. I am shocked the observer didnt reassign her, as I dont expect her to get a lot of info from many players going forward whether on purpose or not
  11. Discuss.....

    I heard on radio this morning Julio has had a grand total of 1 RZ target all year. If I’m the HC I’m kicking someone ass
  12. Selling PSLs

    Ive been thinking about selling as well. The daughter of the people that sit next to me has been coming a lot more, and them coming a lot less. Shes a giant B honestly and makes it not at all enjoyable. Between her and the constant opposing fans I question if it’s worth it any more, especially as tanked as this team seems to be
  13. Sam Mills II

    I bet it was that same bastard that was in my house doing the same thing last night when it came on...
  14. who backs up Mayo?

    You guys talking about luke should hang it up need to take a rest. Unless you are someone he looks to for guidance your opinion doesnt matter. I know I personally would give everything I had to achieve the generational wealth NFL stars amass. He plays it right and his grand children will never have to work. In the end only person making decisions is him
  15. Just as title says, Deion will be interviewing Ed for his segment tonight on Game Day Prime around 11:30