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  1. Gameday Menu

    Pulled pork sandwiches from my slow cooker and slaw
  2. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Mike Adams
  3. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    I love EDPs videos. He may cuss and bitch a lot but his analysis on the Eagles are always pretty educated and he’s always pretty realistic on expectations for the Eagles. He also has a huge hard on for Cam so it’s no surprise that he’s leaning towards Carolina for the win
  4. Interesting stat....

    Cam is hands the best player we’ve ever had in franchise history. Anyone who says otherswise is plain stupid.
  5. Pre-Work Out Supplements: What are you taking?

    I don’t take preworkout but I really like this BCAA powder from EVLUTION. They have a great kick to em
  6. Great Job Pep...5th in sacks so far.

    Rookie of the year imo
  7. WR Depth Chart

    I want Philly back just to so I go back to screaming "DOWNTOWN PHILLY BROWN" whenever he gets us a first down
  8. Panthers sign S Jairus Byrd

    Might mean we start using CMC in the slot
  9. I got the biggest case of goosebumps watching him sack Brady yesterday. Really wish Pep was here for the 2015 season
  10. Time to draft a QB?

    A season and a few games is not a long time......
  11. Time to draft a QB?

    He’s been bad for a long time but he won MVP in 2015. Okay...
  12. Time to draft a QB?

    Wonder how many of these stupid threads we’ll have once we beat NE.