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  1. If we can keep all these guys together next year we will have the the best OL in football. Any OL works better with chemistry Larson will be a force next year with an year of experience under his belt and an off-season as a starter. Let R.Kalil retire and pump that money into Norwell.
  2. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    What a joke of an organization. This is disgusting
  3. Welp, Cams gone after this year.
  4. Cam's Beef with the Local Media

    This article proves what I’ve been saying forever. This team and this city does not deserve Cam. If the local media won’t respect you or applaud you why should anyone else. Also, if the local media is constantly kicking you while you’re down and making fumble jokes about SB50 why wouldn’t anyone else? The fact that Cam constantly gets treated like this and extended and chose to stay and tough it out speaks volumes about his character and loyalty. Honestly, if Cam were to ever leave Carolina I may hitch my bandwagon to wherever he goes. Being a Panthers fan after Peppers left was straight up embarrassing due to how our media and fans handled it
  5. Simmons Idea for Cam

    This article really made realize that Cam is the Iverson of the league. I love it
  6. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Can’t wait until Michael Jordan buys the team
  7. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    Give me one Younghoe Koo please
  8. Gameday Menu

    Pulled pork sandwiches from my slow cooker and slaw
  9. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Mike Adams
  10. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    I love EDPs videos. He may cuss and bitch a lot but his analysis on the Eagles are always pretty educated and he’s always pretty realistic on expectations for the Eagles. He also has a huge hard on for Cam so it’s no surprise that he’s leaning towards Carolina for the win
  11. Interesting stat....

    Cam is hands the best player we’ve ever had in franchise history. Anyone who says otherswise is plain stupid.
  12. Pre-Work Out Supplements: What are you taking?

    I don’t take preworkout but I really like this BCAA powder from EVLUTION. They have a great kick to em
  13. Great Job Pep...5th in sacks so far.

    Rookie of the year imo