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  1. I wonder how well Tepper and GMan would’ve gotten along
  2. I guess this means were not signing Cam, right?
  3. As long as he doesn’t go Jimmy Haslam on us I’ll be okay. Hopefully Navarro can still get some sort of minority ownership
  4. joeyxfresco

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    I think we only keep 3 RBs this year. Norv loves FBs and we got Armah
  5. joeyxfresco

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    Competition is only going to make everyone better. I like it CAP vs Hood vs Barner will be interesting
  6. joeyxfresco

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    Hate this for Fozzy. He’s the only Panther I’ve ever met in real life. I have a Panther helmet in my office (I’m a personal banker at bank here in Austin) and one day while I’m away from my desk some coworker tells me some guy was poking around and looking at my Panthers helmet and Cam POP Vinyl. She goes up and asks him if he was looking for me and he said no but to tell me that Fozzy Whitaker was here. When she told me about it I lost my poo. A week or two later he comes back to my desk while Im with a client and he apologizes to the customer for interrupting but he shakes my hand and tells me how refreshing it is to see Panther fans in Texas and told me to Keep Pounding. It was one of the coolest sports related experiences I ever had and he will always be one of my favorite Panthers for it as cheesy as it sounds. I’ve helped him once since then but I didn’t want to bother him too much with general fan questions. Get well soon Fozzy! We’re all rooting for you here in Austin!
  7. joeyxfresco

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    We can always run the 3 man backfield we had when DWill, Stew, and Tolbert were here
  8. I feel like we're waiting on the comp pick deadline to sign Mitchell or Vacarro
  9. joeyxfresco

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Can’t wait to see double RB sets we run with CJ and CMC This year is going to be fun
  10. joeyxfresco

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    YES!!! Hurndog 2.0
  11. joeyxfresco

    Should we go after Dez?

    If we didn’t get a WR in the draft I would say yes but I say we’re good at that position. We need to go after safeties and a rb
  12. joeyxfresco

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    Demarco Murray anyone?
  13. Kyle Allen will win our #2 spot