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  1. Remember when Russ, Luck, RG3 and Kap were supposed to be better than Cam too?
  2. He’ll get paid his $6 mill from Cincy this year right? He could go for the min to a contender
  3. The video doesn’t show the CB ready to jump the ball. Also Khalil hit the ground too fast on the cut Nice try on Geoff to try and bash Cam for the upteenth time though
  4. cant wait to see our dline feasting in regular season
  5. I hope Cam doesn’t force it to CMC during the regular season
  6. joeyxfresco

    Game Day Menu--Friday Night Lights Edition!

    Pulled pork, black beans, and couscous
  7. I’ll take silver helmets and only minor changes to the uniform
  8. I’m pretty certain we’ll have new unis the year the new practice field is built
  9. joeyxfresco

    Panthers sign Kiante Anderson, DE from ECU

    Are we gonna sign everyone who played at collegiate level and grew up in the Carolinas?
  10. I think the line is going to be fine. Van Roten and Mahon are playing super hungry and Moton is playing how we all expected him to. Larsen is going to be special once he steps in as the full time starter at C. Good job on Hurney for locking him in for the near future
  11. joeyxfresco

    1st string offense vs Bills.

    Start the 2018 CAMVP campaign!!!!
  12. joeyxfresco

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    Funch will break out this year and the coaches know it. There’s no way we get rid of him. Norv is gonna know exactly what to do with him
  13. I honestly think our defense will be fine come the regular season