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  1. We're out 3 of our top players and several others besides.
  2. PantherCam213

    The refs?!

    Just poking at the Panthers for his dad.
  3. PantherCam213

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    Our weakest link. Unfortunately, every team we play knows it too.
  4. Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting that we have someone who knows how to run an offense on the staff now. Hopefully, RR won't forget.
  5. PantherCam213

    Kelvin Benjamin Rips Cam

    This is the guy who left the field early before the draft because a scout from another team was coming in because he "wanted to be a Panther". I think he didn't give enough effort and Cam let him know about it. Too bad KB. You could have been a power in Carolina if you had wanted it but you didn't. Blame Cam, blame Carolina. Everyone sees where the problem lies.
  6. PantherCam213

    Kelvin Benjamin Rips Cam

    Thread police! Hands up!!
  7. PantherCam213

    Official Fan Fest Thread

  8. PantherCam213

    Starting to have a Tepper Man Crush...

    Yes you did. I may be late, but I'm there now.
  9. PantherCam213

    Cam presser

    Cam hates David Newton (don't blame him)! He was having fun until DN tries to bait him and then he almost cringed. It's preseason, guys. Give our QB a break at least until the season starts.
  10. Was excited about this guy day one. He's being given some pretty good coaches and mentors. Lets hope he capitalizes on the opportunity. No missed opportunities!!
  11. Beat it's ass, Getts!!
  12. PantherCam213

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Isn't quality control just a gopher position? Let him get his feet wet. I'm much more concerned with putting our weakest position room under the direct supervision of our weakest coach. Ugh.
  13. PantherCam213


    it was the kid's father.