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  1. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    People don't generally get raises because their departments decline (especially when it is at least partly a reflection of their job performance) just because cleaning up the resulting mess is now going to be more stressful.
  2. Ed Dickson is my homeboy!

    Wish you guys would quit quoting him.
  3. I have considered something like this. Maybe it isn't just Shula, but RR too. Hurney, as a supposed interim GM (I know, I know, but they need to make it to look like he is), can hardly fire both the HC and the OC in the middle of the season.
  4. The Fire Sale Theory

    Oh yeah. There's a penalty all right.
  5. The Forgotten Portion of The KB Trade

    But Hurney's only the interim GM. Yeah, right. Ok, now I'm thoroughly depressed.
  6. Cam discussing KB on Sunday

    I was responding to FreeFua who made it sound like the coach having control of his team would not turn out well. Just pointing out that it has turned out well for other teams. There are rumors that Cam is not being held accountable by the staff or front office. Are they true? I have no idea.
  7. The Forgotten Portion of The KB Trade

    Obligatory reminder that Steve Smith was a 3rd round pick.
  8. Cam discussing KB on Sunday

    Our coach doesn't know what he is doing. I'll grant you that.
  9. Cam discussing KB on Sunday

    Don't know of any out of control madness. Do you? You've already responded to the problem that thomas96 outlined. Let me ask you, what is wrong with the coach actually having total control of his team?
  10. Cam discussing KB on Sunday

    No one said anything about going to war. As far as controlling your franchise QB, the Patriots don't seem to have a problem with it.
  11. Did I hear this right? 70%?

    I believe they said that he said he was 70% healthier now than he was at the beginning of the season. Yeah, it's a confusing statement. Not really sure what was meant by it.
  12. Is it me?

    Absolutely! The addition of Coleman didn't hurt either.
  13. Rotoworld with some hard truths about cmc

    Man, just accept that there are some people who aren't going to agree with you on this no matter how many times in how many threads you repeat it ad nauseum. I had the volume turned down and have no idea what the announcer said and I think the play should have been a shorter pass to CMC.