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  1. PantherCam213


    it was the kid's father.
  2. I can't get it to play at all. Was there anything of note?
  3. It's probably a matter of how a body feels at the end of a 17 game season as opposed to how it feels after spring mini-camp.
  4. PantherCam213

    NFL Top 100

    He will be higher next year after he and Norv have a year to gel. I can't wait to see our new offense.
  5. I dunno. Garcia & Bailey weren't on either. Maybe something is up at FNZ.
  6. PantherCam213

    Second trip to CLT

    Fabulous!! Welcome once again to Charlotte.
  7. PantherCam213

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Good woman.
  8. PantherCam213

    Tepper flew in to meet with players

    I can’t see JR leaving a league vote of this kind to fly straight to a meeting with the players. Normal? Not so much.
  9. PantherCam213

    Tepper flew in to meet with players

    He probably invited them to meet and they accepted the invitation. I doubt there is any clause that says he cannot meet with the players until July. I think it was a smart move. This is a divisive issue. The sooner the players know he is concerned, the better.
  10. PantherCam213

    Incognito placed on psychiatric hold

    Ah yes. Had forgotten the improper contact. He's been sick for a while.
  11. PantherCam213

    Incognito placed on psychiatric hold

    I seem to remember he attacked his own high priced car with a golf club after being suspended during the bullying investigation. He should have been evaluated then.
  12. Ad nauseum. But in the end, I think you were right.
  13. Matters to some, won't matter to others. Like most everything. I personally like that he is willing to give the media (thus us) some idea of what he is like. First impressions can be important. He comes across as intelligent and rich and someone who hasn't forgotten his roots.
  14. Would still like to know what actually happened to result in his leaving. Morrison was a good ambassador for the Panthers.