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  1. No, I meant to quote myself. Just trying to figure out why anyone would find it offensive enough to give it a shtpile reaction.
  2. Why would you give a shtpile reaction to this? Is ChibCU Richie Incognito?
  3. This is the way I have always thought of Martin. It's obvious that he has had to endure too much for too long. He needs help. He asked for it when he revealed the bullying on the Dolphins line. Why didn't he get it then? Does he have to shoot up a school to get that help? Is our system so inadequate?
  4. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    Man, your obsession with Mr. Scot's preference for Gettleman over Hurney is getting a little creepy.
  5. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    imo, his letter is a shallow attempt to sway the public. He neither accepts responsibility for the act he committed nor expresses remorse. I think he has a black heart and will only damage his son further if given half a chance. It isn't my place to forgive him. A higher power will take care of that.
  6. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    I bet those are just lost Tennessee Panthers.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to know there is some quality in this draft. From what I've been reading, I thought we just might as well not show up. It's great to get some deeper background on some of these guys too.
  8. To Sanjay--Everyone who has you on ignore (and I'm sure there are a lot of us) know it's you because now, all of a sudden, we are ignoring someone called Ace_Aladdin. Funny how that works.
  9. Tril OG wants a cookie..

    Silly Friday night poo. I like it!
  10. Gettleman takes shot at McAdoo

    Actually, you should have been a politico. I've never known any of them to answer the question asked either.
  11. It wouldn't have been so predictable but for Shula. Give Turner a chance with Stu.
  12. You called it from day 1.