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  1. UGGGGGHHHH Joe Buck can suck it.
  2. Must Win Game

    I believe I read the Dallas game would have to end in a tie.
  3. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Man, I really hate the fuging Saints.
  4. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Yeah UUDD is great, the best stuff usually involves Rusev or Cesaro
  5. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Double Relevance
  6. Can you catch a Seahawk with chopsticks?
  7. You gonna buy me a flight too? ;) I love the Panthers, and i love Bojangles, i dont really get to have either out here in the midwest, i will call off work and drive the 700 miles for this game!!
  8. GOD Cam's throws are beautiful.