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  1. Remember that awesome time two years ago when we played the Skins and Cam was drawing them offsides like crazy? What happened to that?
  2. 2-0, better shape it up for next week for Breesus and company.
  3. From NFL.com You think this is the week McCaffrey breaks out? I think he will have a good game, but I'm not sure if he hits 100 for both.
  4. Victory Pie!!

    Sweet Sweet Pie! So glad the football season is back!
  5. I've enjoyed Spielman at least more so than the usual announcers we seem to get.
  6. They're trying to make it somewhat interesting.
  7. I think if this game was at home I might be a little more upset, but going West on the road for Game 1 with Cam barely taking a snap before this game, I think it's gonna be ok.