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  1. I don't know anything about the draft prospects, but after watching some highlights, I'm pretty hyped for this kid. I like the way he looks when he's running his routes, I think he's a great fit for Cam based on how he adjusts his speed to either catch up or drop down for the ball. He seems to just know how to get the ball and go and that's what we desperately need IMO, not much of that last year, just mainly catch and be down.
  2. Can you catch a Seahawk with chopsticks?
  3. You gonna buy me a flight too? ;) I love the Panthers, and i love Bojangles, i dont really get to have either out here in the midwest, i will call off work and drive the 700 miles for this game!!
  4. GOD Cam's throws are beautiful.
  5. Yall think it was gonna be easy?