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  1. We finally beat that SOB

    Great game, really enjoyed watching, MKG looked really good and Lamb was hustlin his ass off, with this team at full strength (minus Al cause im just not to sure about slowing things down with the way we are playing) we will be a legitimate playoff contender.
  2. Nothing could make me happier if MKG develoved an amazing shot, looks like he is on his way.
  3. Canes vs. Blackhawks

    Leading 5-0 against the Hawks in the 3rd? Who is this hockey team and what have they done with the Hurricanes?
  4. Troy Daniels

    Dude is fuging killing it in this game against Sacramento, just hit a catch a shoot 3 for the lead in double OT, has 28 points and has looked marvelous tonight.  Really like this kid.
  5. Official one and only Superb Owl 50 Pie

  6. So...

    If you have any knowledge of rooting phones you can just buy the stick and jailbreak it yourself, takes about 30 minutes.
  7. So...

    Oh is the weather bad? Didnt really think about that, its sunny here.
  8. So...

    Get a digital antenna?
  9. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Beer is like a liquid blanket if you drink enough of it.
  10. I read Cam doesn't Cuss ?

    I wanna know the rest of what he said, what I heard was "I cant keep my fuging cool when my helmet......"
  11. Jared Allen Out???

    Next man up!
  12. Who saw that...

    What happened?

    WOOO!!!! Bring on the Cardinals!