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  1. Panthers Get SI Cover

    I need this, Iowa cover is in my area. Anyone know if I can call and order one issue?
  2. Hornets vs. Kings

    Kemba going off in the 4th!
  3. Hornets vs. Kings

    Hornets take on the Kings tonight at home, good start so far 17-11 Hornets lead halfway through the first.
  4. Hornets taking on the T-Wolves, game started out slow and bad for the Hornets but it seems we have picked it up, Hornets lead 48-38 bout halfway through the 2nd.
  5. Hornets @ Spurs 11/7

    Need to put a stop to these turnovers.
  6. Hornets @ Spurs 11/7

    Hornets taking on the Spurs tonight in SA, Kemba off to a good start, 12-8 Hornets bout halfway through the first.
  7. Roll Call for Sunday.... where ya sitting?

    I'll be at work, sitting in front of the warehouse computer, shouting and thinking all customers between 12-3 are fug faces for making me miss a second of the game.
  8. Eric Collins

    He's back to doing the radio broadcasts.  I've debated turning the radio brodcast on and muting the streams and just listening to the game that way.  Stephanie's not so bad, Dell is Dell, but Collins is pretty bad, but honestly after having to watch last nights game with Dallas announcers, I shouldn't really complain, they were god awful.
  9. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    Final: Hornets 108 - Mavs 94: Al with 31pts/9reb, Marvin with 17 and 12, Kemba with 14pts and 7 ast, and J Lamb with 16pts.  GOOD GAME!
  10. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    Al with 31, dude is killin it!
  11. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    Jeremy Lamb with a beautiful shot, up by 19 with 7.5 mins left.
  12. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    Hornets up by 11 after 3.
  13. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    Really liking what im seeing tonight, yes the shooting from some of our guys hasn't been great, but I think if this team continues gelling like it seems to be doing, we could start making some waves in the eastern conference.