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  1. E CaT PanTHer 2

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    wtf, the diggs TD against the Saints wasn't even nominated for best play at the ESPY's? that's BS.
  2. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    at least half of those have applied to the last 2 democratic presidents as well. not sure if it's tied to any specific liberal/conservative regimes, but seems to follow the overall ideology of US presidents over the last 30 years.
  3. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    Trumps approval rating is right at 45%. That's approximately 115 million americans over 18 who support Trump. 1% would be over 1,000,000 who would be neo nazis/white supremacists. Are you suggesting there's more?
  4. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    ahh yes, the fascist nazi argument regarding the Trump administration. Didn't realize free markets, capitalism, nationalism, strong borders, and national security equate to nazism. lol i'm assuming b/c less than 1% of his base consists of neo nazis and white supremacists, his presidency is now fascist in nature? this is one argument I literally laugh my ass off every time i hear it. Fascist ideologies are so much more alined with socialism than capitalism. Both fascism and socialism don't believe in a free society or capitalism, it's basically two dictatorships, fascism of the rich or socialism of the poor, but in both cases, the poor are enslaved, the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling class, and our individual rights are compromised in favor of a totalitarian government. Add to that the extreme censorship, biased media, and other manipulative garbage they spew on a daily basis, it's not hard to see who the real fascists are. liberalism = socialism = communism = fascism none of those spell the current trump administration.
  5. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    i wouldn't really consider it a growing economy when debt is rising faster than GDP. Anyone can take $10 trillion and mask a stagnant struggling economy. All Obama did was ease pressure off one bubble and add pressure to another, and that's the debt bubble. How is $20 trillion in debt anyway sustainable?
  6. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    no one said anything about trickle down moron. I'm talking about more revenue for the federal government b/c the less taxable their income is, the more they'll invest that money in the private sector, like riskier stocks and mutual funds (that generate a higher rate of return) as opposed to the public sector like tax exempt government securities and municipal bonds that generate a lower rate of return when taxes are higher.
  7. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    another idiot liberal who has no idea that historically, giving tax cuts to the rich generates more revenue for the federal government b/c the rich tend to report more of their income as taxable, invest more in the private sector instead of "hiding" their money in tax exempt shelters like municipal bonds.
  8. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    it's not that simple to end government entitlement programs, socialized medicine and public education, and other reckless spending policies and waste. Of course the debt will continue to rise, and Trump has passed certain legislation that isn't helping, but lets be real here. Obama promised to cut the national debt in half when he took office ($10 trillion at the time). Instead, he nearly doubled it, more than any other president combined in our history. don't compare Trump to Obama in that regard. It's lazy and downright asinine.
  9. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    dude Russia didn't meddle in our election. 2 years and they haven't found jack squat except for indicting 12 Russian intelligence personnel under no basis whatsoever. They have nothing zero, zilch. Russia is trying to put an end to the deep state and their corrupt proxy wars and geo poltical agendas which is why Mueller and the rest of these corrupt governmental agencies are going after him hard. It's really not that difficult to connect the dots. the socialist commies still can't come to grips that they lost a rigged election for Hilary, and instead are turning this around on Trump. He ran a brilliant campaign, pure and simple, and Americans chose a guy who was 1000x less corrupt than his counterpart.
  10. E CaT PanTHer 2

    The weird Trump cult

    loll so adding $10 trillion to the national debt, accounting for 47% of all consumer debt under his 8 years alone and leaving Trump an economy where debt was rising faster than GDP is not a crippling economy? An economy where americans below the poverty line was up 3.5 percent, real median household income was down 2.3 percent, Americans on Food Stamps was up 39.5 percent and americans who own homes was down 5.6 percent. in his 8 years alone, the distribution of wealth became so lopsided that the only people who gained during Obama's presidency was the top 1% (weird, I thought the rich only benefit when republicans are in office) you're that weird 20% cult following, except for liberals. wake up bro.