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  1. E CaT PanTHer 2

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    if you want good hip hop, check out the cat!
  2. haha the funniest was the rat/mouse argument. i still can't stop laughing
  3. it's not that i don't have apprehension when using the word. I know the potential ramifications and backlash I could receive, especially around the wrong person, but that's something that has taken time to develop and comprehend just given my upbringing. I never grew up around racist people and my parents were never racist like yours, but the N word was thrown around very causally at my school, amongst blacks, asians, latinos, whites, etc, but always in the context of homie or friend like "whats up my n***a" or "what's good my n***a, or "n***a you got that good or what?" In no other circumstance would any of us use the n word in any other context, and that included my black homies as well. It was just a word thrown around as a form of communicating. Add to that 20 years of exposure to hip hop music, you can imagine how hard it's been to break away from something that was never used in the derogatory sense to begin with. Part of the reason the word subconsciously slips through in some of my music as well. Not maliciously or with any ill will or negative connotation attached to it, just a word that sounds cool, but in no way encompasses the struggles african americans endure today or in the past.
  4. loll since gender identity is huge amongst you liberals, what if i identified myself as an african american? then would it be acceptable?
  5. and like i said, i will never say it in front of someone who finds it offensive or who requests me not to say it. also, we're talking about lyrics here, nothing else. in no other situation would i even have to contemplate using the word, b/c i wouldn't, period.
  6. because people on this board have portrayed me as one, and only on this board, no where else. i will defend myself against your perception of me
  7. but how come i never hear asians, jews, or arabs use those words amongst each other?
  8. and you're 100% right. that's why I'll only recite it amongst my black homies who know I don't have a racist bone in my body and i'm simply just singing along to enjoy a song (especially when the n word is used 50+ times in a single track). if it accidentally slips out in front of the wrong person, i'm sure I can defuse the situation by apologizing for saying something they found offensive, especially if i'm simply just singing along to the lyrics of a black artist. again, i'm not a monster.
  9. when it comes to music, if i'm using it around people who don't find it offensive, which is the majority of people I grew up with, then sure why not, and that has nothing to do with my respect towards him.
  10. i was sorry for the way I was responding to you guys, using a lot of profanity and attacking people in ways I normally wouldn't if I was having a civilized and constructive debate about politics. I acknowledged the fact that most of you guys are very intelligent and have a lot to offer to this board. i never said i was sorry for my political views. i can still have a differing opinion and be respectful at the same time.
  11. and i wouldn't spell it out, neither would i say it. i'll only recite it in music (if it's not used in the derogatory sense) if i was in the same car with you and a drake song came on and you told me not to recite the n word when drake says it, I would honor your request, b/c I'm a level headed person and do take other peoples feelings to heart.
  12. what do asians, jews, and arabs say to each other that they deem acceptable that they wouldn't find acceptable if another demographic used it?
  13. It artists stop using the word, I will most definitely stop reciting it because, well I think that's pretty obvious. As far as me personally, I choose to not include it in any of my songs going forward bc I respect people like aggie and other African Americans who find it offensive if the word is used in lyrics that originated from someone other than a black man.