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  1. juliosantos

    We won Super Bowl 53

    lol, just like we did last season with your gemantria bs ludwig
  2. miss when he use to do that to brees and ryan
  3. juliosantos

    Mike Adams for LT to TE?

    there is only room for one mike adams
  4. juliosantos

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    im tearing up , great speech . i couldn't be happier to have him as the owner , seems like a humble guy
  5. after re watching a couple of our games vs the saints last season this is the problems i see. #1. zone defense - brees and paytons offense shreds our zone defense like its nothing with their quick pass scheme and that opens up their run game and also opens their vertical attack which they killed us with in all 3 games #2 missed tackles - missed tackles was also a big issue for us vs the saints . There was plays where we could have gave them a 2-4 yard gain but a missed tackle gave them a huge gain and first downs and even touchdowns .missed tackles is one thing we need to improve if we plan on stopping the saints , i also watched the rams vs the saints and i noticed that they were way better tackling wise and that helped out big time , they also played a lot of man coverage as well. #3 mistakes- mistakes was a big issue here as well , fore example matt kalil blowing his assignment in the first game that resulted in a cam jordan sack on a key 3rd down in the red zone, blown coverages and turnovers . if you look at every game other then the playoff game we lost the turnover battle . i remember in week 13 we botched a punt giving them field position inside the 20 #4 -conservative offense - this is a problem i will blame on shula and hope it gets fixed under norv turner , you cant play conservative and scared vs a power house offense , we need to shoot out with them and not only rely on our defense, we need to score touchdowns. #5 lack of weapons vs their strengths- our biggest weakness was our dbs and receivers and the saints strengths was their corners and their passing attack which resulted in big problems for us. CONCLUSION : I think we are much better prepared now due to our off season , we got better in the secoundary and better on offense with cj anderson , dj moore torrey smith a possibly jarius wright.
  6. juliosantos

    looking to lease an suv

    anyone know any good suvs to lease for cheap? next week my first stop will be for the honda crv and if that doesn't workout im going to go to mazda because i see their suvs are cheap but are they problems?? i usually only stick with honda and toyota because they are reliable , but i dont know many suvs that are not that expensive ,. so car bros if you know any cheap suvs to lease help a brother out.
  7. man if he shows up along with bradberry , jackson and munnerlyn this defense will be crazy good
  8. juliosantos

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    back where he started
  9. stephon diggs went to maryland too and dj moore had much better stats