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  1. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    gettleman is not a good gm . what has he done better then majority on the gms in the nfl? he might be better than hurney but hes not a good gm at all
  3. CJ Anderson

    this draft is loaded with late rd rbs i dont want to invest any $$$ on one
  4. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

  5. FA: Doug Martin?

  6. Hurney needs to stay for the draft

    or if its a girl hell suck their tits
  7. ideal but after combine she should be top 15
  8. Ludwig knocked a dude out

    not surprised
  9. Jealousy turned to Envy

    good coaching , good gm he turned that bad secoundary into something good by getting mccloud , trading for darby signing patrick robinson.he fixed the offense , moved nelson agolor to the slot , signed alshon jeffery had a good draft . that team from head to toe deserves that superbowl. sad to see another team get their first before us but once again that proves you need to do something in freeagency as well and not be dirt cheap and let players walk without replacing them
  10. fat people!!!!!!!!

    Its almost 2018 . I know yall want to lose weight but never do so i put together a nice sample meal plan yall can stick too . Sorry igo and others its not vegan friendly. But here you go. BREAKFAST .2 eggs over easy ,2 egg whites and one piece of whole wheat toast , black pepper and t spoon of ketchup if you want , no salt. LUNCH. Whole wheat pasta 9OZTuna , 1 CAN , can use chicken as well 2 table spoons of mayo , black pepper DINNER . 80ZChicken80Z Sweet potatoVegetables UNLIMITED ONLY GREENS . put 2 tablespoons of ketchup or a1 sauce to taste MEAL 4 OPTION , PROTEIN SHAKE / MUSCLE MILK FROM STORE OR 4 SCRAMBLED EGGS im going to do this diet , fix the diet to what ever way fits best . this is not the cleanest diet but you will lose weight trust me its an easy diet to stick too and also if you dont want sweet potatoes you can switch the brown rice and the same thing with the tuna you can eat chicken , salmon , tilapia , ground beef , ground turkey. GOOD LUCK!
  11. at least hurney is addressing the needs
  12. i remember when the huddle went crazy when we drafted him
  13. its all a plan to make hurney long term gm again until he screws us again and we fire him and have no cap space
  14. It was a good year for us 11-5 record making the playoffs despite losing to the aints . There are tons of things to be excited for next season and that is funchess after his breakout season , more of byrd im ecited to see byrd to compete for a spot , he might be injury prone but he has some speed and some talent and he is hungry for success and plays with a chip on his shoulder . Possibly the biggest thing to be excited for is NO MORE SHULA!!!! Alot of yall wanted to tank to get rid of shula but we got rid of him after making the playoffs so its a win win and you know what happens to the team that fires shula?? they win championships . Also very excited for cmc in norv turners offense he should have a breakout season he had a good rookie receiving and he is a dangerous threat. We also have some unknowns that will be basically rookies in a sense with the lack of experience. Corn elder , who knows what he can do he was a talanted corner in college but the injury bug snagged him before we could even see him , alex hall we can see what he got, taylor moton he could possibly be this years d williams for us and last but not least curtis samuel he has shown some flashes but we cant just hand him the spot he has to earn it. This is a big offseason for us and could be possibly a chance we can make the run with peppers , t.d and kalil all gone after next season we have to win this superbowl and it starts with a great freeagency and draft .STAR VS NORWELL , doubt we can sign both , wish we could but that will kill the cap . Will our run game suffer without star? How important is norwell to this line? i think im going to go with star keep the defense together and plug in moton or get help for a guard via draft. we cant have two high paid guards . im going to roll with another year of bradberry and worley just to see this is the make or break it year for them ill give them one last chance to prove it . we need safeties bad , we need receivers we need to get a freeagent that is known and we need to draft a deep threat early in the draft. Hurney got work to do but there is a lot to look forward to this offseason.
  15. Hats off to Mr. Scott

    what about saca?
  16. last season was a good building block

    troy fumagali and nick chubb?
  17. last season was a good building block

    deshawn * you know who i ment
  18. Updates on the team sale

    screw the dome keep the stadium its so much better being in the city with stuff to do i go to a couple games from out of town and i like to spend the whole weekend before i go to the game on sunday with the state line theres nothing over there