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  1. expect it to be rigged for greenbay , rodgerscomes back beats the panthers gets into the playoffs and lead them to a superbowl vs the steelers get their revenge and big ben sails off into the sun set n retires then we expect a big offseason and were cheap and instead of getting good players like landry we get chase anderson that been on the browns practice squad and well hype him up to be the next best thing for him to only suck
  2. Worley looks better hes basically a defensive funchess hell be great next year
  4. we choked like the cucks we are
  5. conservative offense and soft defense imagine how good we would be without rivera
  6. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    its overrated ill rather not go to a chain restaurant when there is plenty of great bbq joints in nc
  7. i agree . i think we can win out if we beat the vikings . if rivera would ever use the hudden weapon c.a.p
  8. even if he wanted to play for free jerry wouldnt take him
  9. matt kalil going to get cam killed by his old team
  10. gettleman is the best gm ever guys he hit on every pick he ever made and made perfect moves , were so lost without him with our 8 and 4 record , huddle needs to stop sucking dg off
  11. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    kk is elite , luke and cam
  12. Hello From a Vikings Fan

    hows remmers ? , kalil suckssssss
  13. same here i got excited thinking they are finally going to adress shula
  14. Byrd

    he did nothing
  15. 2 games in a row bradberry looked miserable
  16. giants wont make any moves in freeagency dont get the gettleman love really . he was decent but wasnt no great gm like the huddle makes him out to be
  17. this season is a roller coaster some weeks we look like 2016 and some flashes of 2015
  18. no way , get a lt or get a cb , safety , deep threat . im all for drafting a rb but later on like 3rd round lots of talented rbs are in the later rounds
  19. its shula killing this offense with the stewart drives stew has nothing left in the tank and cap is a star in the making but that will be another player we groom and leaves us and becomes a star
  20. too bad we dont have weapons other then mccaffrey and funchess . cam played good but so many dropped passes shepard should have had that td . cam could have had 3 passing tds if it wasnt pass interferance on berson