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  1. Everyone needs to be consistent on this. Everyone guilty should be damned. It's not ok to point fingers elsewhere and ignore others for the same crimes. Its not ok to say I'm ok with Trump for this or Hillary for this or anyone for this just because the other side sticks their head in the sand. trump needs to burn, and so does Polanski and anyone else that commits these types of crimes everyone needs to come together on this and stop defending their side by bashing the other for the same crimes. damn them all.
  2. So we were supposed to give up everything to get a guy that is exactly like we have now just younger? and how is anyone going to get more yards when they are getting first contact 2-3 yards behind scrimmage? the jaguars had top picks for a long time, and they are finally able to capitalize. we haven't been in a position to draft the top tackles at all, and many that were screamed over at our picks the last few years were busts.
  3. Well maybe he takes a que from Norman, bucks up and becomes a pro bowler after this,.. or maybe Seymour does. We need one of them to become a Josh Norman. I still miss having Josh on the team, probably the worst thing ever by one of our GMs in terms of letting great player walk that wanted to be here.
  4. Right because anyone could have run better than Stewart into the penetration that defense coming through our line like water,... did anyone else watch the gifs Jeremy posted? How was anyone supposed to get positive yards while we refuse to use smoke and perimeter plays? i like McCaffrey, but you run him like Stewart and he's going to be on IR fast.
  5. No but colluding from allowing someone to work who is otherwise qualified might. i say might because nfl players are contractors, however businesses sue sometimes when they are blocked from contracts. thats what good attorneys are for.
  6. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    You'd almost have to go more WCO style with our Oline being this bad. Samual is still coming off injury and probably isn't 100% speed yet. And again he's a rookie. Receivers traditionally have taken at least three seasons to show what they're really going to be. Bust after six games? Wow.
  7. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    First,... year,... receiver,... wow
  8. In all actuality, although I haven't agreed with his protest, I believe he has a discrimination case for himself. a lot of other players have kneeled and have been outspoken, including our own panthers laying up on that Saints game,.. no one else has been fired, no one else has been denied playing time. just Kaepernick thats pretty obvious, and yes he is better than Derek Anderson, Matt Moore and a host of other backups in the league, and he's young. so yeh if I was him I'd sue the Bejesus out of the league. He will never play again.
  9. Yep, trump needs to be impeached. He's a sick bastard and should be put in jail. It makes me sick that people actually voted for him
  10. It's more of a problem with our society, everyone likes to deflect their sick criminal behavior with some claim that they have some medical problems. at any rate, this is not a liberal issue but A society issue, This type of thing happens in the workplace quite a lot, big and small, and it's a serious issue. It's another one of those things that will not get fixed until people stop with the politics and say it's liberal or conservative and just call it criminal which is what it is.
  11. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    That's really cool, and he deserves to burn in hell for making comments like that
  12. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    I hate Hillary to, but I had to vote for her when Donald made his comments about the military and John McCain. I also strongly disagree with what's going on with the healthcare. None of that has anything to do with what we're debating about here. I read everything posted, and I appreciate bringing references to the argument, but I've also posted my own references and feel that I've disagreed respectfully. I voted for Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Gore and Ross Perot. All of that and I still feel the electoral collegedid what it was designed to do