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  1. Look at the Colts! 24th with no certainty Andrew Luck will even play another full season.
  2. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I just remember the Ryne Robinson’s, Armanti Edwards, Dwayne Jarrett, Eric Sheldon, McClain, Fua, and I believe the list keeps going
  3. Well if they want to pay him 14 million a year anyway then maybe we should tag him and trade ha.
  4. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    3 out of how many?
  5. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    That’s why I’d rather him trade picks for decent players. He can’t hit 2nd and 3rd rounders to save his life. Next we will do another small school tackle project or trade both our thirds for another armanti wanting to play receiver. trade the 2nd and 2 third rounders for players. he got Olsen for a 3rd so why not?
  6. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    What if JR decides not to sell the team? Nothing says he has to right?
  7. Yeh someone said something about we should have gone after Alshon when we could’ve instead of phili but we had Kelvin. Anyone still think Kelvin wouldn’t have helped us at the end? Ship has sailed nothing we can do about it but it was truly stupid.
  8. If the ship has sailed then send a ship to ship and blow that bitch up! In other news,.... the ship is still in port,.. and it looks like a tug boat.
  9. The way metrics are designed are usually heavily flawed. Also numbers don’t lie but people lie about numbers. They tend to believe something and only go out and choose numbers or studies that support their emotional point of view. With that said,... I’d love to see our offense be able to pass it all over the place confidently.
  10. There’s SuperCam and then there’s Bizarro Cam didn’t yaw know?
  11. The London Royals? The Delhi Mosquitoes? Ha
  12. Top 25 Free Agents

    And how many picks was it again for Sean Gilbert? yuck
  13. Top 25 Free Agents

  14. I just don’t see stewart getting cut. CAP yes. For non believers you could cut Stewart, get Lewis and ride with him CMac and CAP. Lewis would probably fit in that 3.7 million saved from Stewart. Lewis is just too versatile, like CMac, and can line up at wide receiver so he can serve 2 functions. i liked Hill coming out, but I haven’t watched his pass protection?