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    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    This is why drugs are illegal,..
  2. Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive— gentlemen we have the capability to build the worlds first bionic man— Steve Austin will be that man, better than he was before,.. better, stronger, faster
  3. I do remember when Keshawn was vocal about us drafting Dwayne Jarrett and then was cut 2 days later.... Reid is getting fat and happy waiting for America’s new frontier in money— lawsuit money—no concussions, workouts or coach yelling required. He’s not coming back to football,.. Ive been a Torrey supporter but he needs to get off Twitter and get on the jugs machine and get to practice catching bombs from Cam,.... if we sign a safety, I’d rather trade for Earl,..
  4. He’s suing the NFL,.. there will probably be a settlement that’s bigger than any contract he will get playing football,.. why does anyone think he would want to play football when he’s looking at 10 times the money for doing nothing?

    Lack of Deep Threats

    Well Funchess and Wright are not burners, Torrey is by himself, not as fast or elusive as Ginn, and I believe his best route is actually a crossing route or post, but we don’t actually do that— he’s not an over the shoulder catcher, only 50/50 on those. Not sure why he’s not on crossing routes, seems or post type routes more. I would really like to see Moore Byrd and Samuel our there together— I bet that would wake up a defense,...

    Ron says we good at safety

    Ron’s on drugs
  7. Fitz looks great,.. and only a winner or a psycho bounces back after 3 ints to should have winning or having a chance to win if the defense didn’t give up 60 yards rushing on the last drive,.. when they knew it was run only— But in fairness they did shut the Steelers down the second half so the comeback was possible. Fitz is light years better than Jameis and his guys catch unbelievable bombs so he has the X factor right now to have them play better than they are,. we can only hope that people keep repeating history and Fitz falls apart so we face Winston,.. i personally don’t want to see our defense have to put up with what Fitz has been throwing,...
  8. So if the guy gets 430 yards in 3 games but doesn’t bulldoze people he’s still not a running back? Think LBell,., catches and carries,... uses patience to run around. Even Stewart said once to be around you have to run around,... you can be a great crease guy and get though the middle without being a plow,.. more ways to skin a cat?

    This division is too good

    I think the Rams are overlooked but they annihilate people,... until someone breaks them down I’m going to say they look the best in the NFC.... Phili is Phili and Wentz is back,.. Those teams have a defense. Carolina should but have to adjust and show up,.. NO and Atlanta have offenses that win despite their defense— but we all know when it gets into December how that goes. Tampa got ahold of themselves after 4 turnovers and an impossible comeback to shut the Steelers down and almost pull a serious comeback,. for me they look more legit than NO and Atlanta and Fitz has them believing in Santa Claus,..who knows if he falls apart or keeps it together,..history says he falls apart. we have a good chance at our division, but our defense has to show up—we just don’t have a 40 point offense yet— we have the tools to get there but until we do, the defense has to hold to 21 points at least,..
  10. Yeh, unless his young self has completely let himself go, he played reasonably well with Luke, TD whom will be back etc, played in our system. He just wanted too much money to stay and Dave was content replacing him with others— thought he played ok with the Steelers too.
  11. JARROD

    McCaffery's pace

    If CMC is Hondo, then who is Street? ha
  12. Mike Mitchell worked in this defense before and played serviceably,,..
  13. yeh and whats more silly is people keep going off about the 5 million, but Cam is only throwing to each of his receivers like 3-4 5 times per game, hence 3 receptions each. Hes still a bargain at 5 considering what others would make for much more.
  14. Man if he won the MVP, had the number 1 scoring offense, and was within a score of winning the Superbowl all without studying,... ..