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  1. Well,... when we stick with it, no adaptation that’s what happens. Hopefully the Norv shows everyone what Cam can really do this year,..
  2. Kris Jenkins,.. Kevin Green,.... Wesley Walls,...Jonathan Stewart should be on that list,
  3. Luke is better than Ricky Bobby

    Julio Jones holding out

    Trade him Hershel Walker style,...
  5. Basketball doesn’t register as a pimple on a teenager,... and Lebron for greatest athlete? Where’s his 5 Gold medals at the olympics? Where’s his 5 Super Bowl Rings? Fyi people outside the US barely know what basketball is,.. Michael Phelps has actually been named worlds greatest athlete today multiple times in multiple places in the world. say that about Lebron. Also, people anywhere in recognize Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps, No one outside of basketball knows anything about Lebron.
  6. Greatest athlete? As in Michael Phelps? As is Usain Bolt? Lebron is not the greatest athlete of his generation, not by a long shot.
  7. Well before it was throw to number 1, covered, 2 covered, 3 covered scramble or force a throw. all running to the same spot definitely made it worse. scheming guys open with infinity better talent now should make it night and day,.. the narrative will be Cam silences critics with quicker decisions,.. but really a real OC and real talent makes all the difference.
  8. NBA smaller teams that play the whole game, NFL bigger team that plays 3 phases, so no one person can do the same. with that being said, a great quarterback can really pull an offense to put out, but can’t make the defense make stops, and a defense has to be as good as it’s weakest link,.. Comparing the NFL to NBA is silly
  9. Oh lord,... Thunder Dome,.. 2 enter,... one leaves
  10. Torrey catching bombs already has got me excited. Im looking for Torrey Curtis and Moore on the field, good lord that’s a lot of firepower.
  11. I’m stoked to watch C.J. get his Beast Mode Mini John Cooper Works version,... Adrian Peterson,... well,...
  12. Well when the league comes out with unpaid suspensions that will last nada,... play duck duck,...cut,... duck duck cut,..
  13. Do we really have to turn a debate on whether the players should act like sore losers, talk smack behind their coach and blame him for not winning 3 Superbowls in row into another tinderbox dead horse on the freakin kneeling crap again? the fact is they had a good playoff team for a bunch of years in a row, went to several NFC Championships, won 2 and won a Super Bowl. They act like the other players and other teams were there at all and it was theirs to lose. That’s a loser mentality, lost all respect for them if that’s what they say. the fact is they got bested by better teams when it mattered. Pete was right to pass the ball on that play, should have been a touchdown. The patriots had been winning much of the day so it’s not like they were dominating like the Denver game. Anyone can call any play in the past a boneheaded play that didn’t work out, and had it been what it was 9 out of 10, a touchdown, then Pete was a hero and the Hawks infallible. Malcolm made the play of his life— the Toomer helmet catch, that’s not boneheaded,... that’s your luck running out ha. Marshawn could have gotten called for the run for the 10 th time on that series, could have tripped, could have gotten holding, could have gotten stuffed, no guarantees. had he called Marshawn and he got stuffed or something then they would be crying Pete ran him so many times in a row, should have passed. Sore losers, it’s football—
  14. That’s what I mean— if those guys lost a Super Bowl blaming their coach in hindsight on a play that was perfect, should have been a touchdown 9 out of 10 times, fluke interception by butler really,.. then quit because of it(I don’t believe it, they went to the NFC championship game against the Panthers the next year, didn’t go through a Superbow jinx— Panthers were a much better team that time around), then they didn’t deserve the Super Bowl they got ,... pussy losers. dipshits really, win a Super Bowl and went to a series of NFC Championships— that’s incredible actually. losers— Pete Carroll is a great coach,... wish we had him in Carolina.