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  1. Funchess to me is more like a Moose,.. we need a Steve Smith. Samuel could be that guy but when does he come back and how long before he gets hurt again? Byrd has impressed me, just want to see them send him downfield 4-5 times a game ala Ginn. or we need to draft another guy named Steve Smith haha.
  2. John Wick? No one killed his dog or stole his car or even called in his token,... even so, que the Man of Steel music for Cam. Even John Wick is only human.
  3. Haters have to eat fried roasted crow with some sautéed turds sprinkled on top.
  4. How would you feel if...

    Could he have a worse game than Peyton Manning at the end?
  5. Check this, Panthers offensive line in yards before contact through the Minnesota game. That’s including games like Miami where they graded well.
  6. We could do some John brown too.
  7. I don’t see how he would have hurt us with Sheppard being completely worthless. Byrd could do his end around sand screens which seem like his only money plays. He was a lazy piece of poo no doubt but that lazy piece of poo is better than Sheppard. Anyone argue that?
  8. Our offensive line gets the worst push in football, their worst ever so that’s a big reason for what you are talking about. everytime I actually start to believe what you guys are selling he proves me wrong. this game when Ryan was back the line was working better and we called a lot more unbalanced runs which opened things up for him to go. We wouldn’t have this conversation at all had he been on a team with good zone blocking that averaged 2+ yards before initial contact like the top 10 do.
  9. Steven Jackson was a good running back but Stewart is light years better and more physically gifted. we haven’t had a decent offensive line since Jordan Gross retired, yet Stewart maintained the most elusive title and had the most yards after contact. sports center had the piece where it showed best and worst offensive lines for getting initial yards before contact and ours was the worst at .3 yards. if we had one of the top 10 and he was posting 4.7 a carry all the time all you guys would still find excuses for the hate. i have no love of colleges and don’t care about the SEC or ACC for that matter so dont care if he came from PAC 12, too many here do.
  10. You don’t know football or running backs if you say like that. stewart watches for the hole like Bell, then pushes through, just his style. if he sees a linebacker trolling up to the hole he looks for another. other backs that don’t have the vision to do that just hit the designed hole, works great if it’s there, not so much when it’s not,.. it’s why they get cut soon after ala Alfred Morris and company. CAP can’t hold Stewart’s socks, everyone knows it, that’s why he doesn’t play,..period. people kept saying the same kind of App homer crap for Armanti Edwards and Others,.. they sucked period,.. CAP obviously does too.
  11. I believe too many here are homers to their college love rather than the NFL and let that sway who they want or hate. i could care less about college football so I’m not. stewart is the most and has been the most underrated of running backs seen in the NFL in a long time. hes also a high character guy that is always ok not being the guy and sharing carries. that has hurt much of his career stats wise but he’s shown me time and time again just how awesome he is. this fan base is the worst In the NFL. Truly by far the most Judas of any out there. when he blows by people,.. oh he’s slow and done,.. when he has 100 yard game on a team that hasn’t had a 100 yard rusher all year,.. fluke,.. jumps over for a touchdown for the 3rd time in the same year,.. still the peanut gallery. our stadium should play Charlie Brown music for the fans,.. actually should ban so called Panthers fans from the stadium, other teams fans give them more respect anyway. anyway, stewart is the best running back the team has ever had, and I’ve watched from the Barry Foster days,..
  12. We will see. Depends on where he wants to play too.
  13. Sammy Watkins,.. go get him
  14. Anyone have that gif of that 60 yard touchdown? didnt look like he lost much of that speed