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  1. I would take Steve over almost every receiver ever. Theirs a stat on yards and catches per pass attempts and Steve laps the field. Only Art Monk is ahead of him Fitz is good, but it’s mainly longevity. He’s made one all-pro team in his entire career, even though he’s played in a pass first offense with decent QB’s the majority of it. I would take Smith and Andre Johnson over him
  2. A great defense doesn’t last long, just ask the Broncos and Seahawks With a great QB you will be competitive for a decade plus.
  3. Pff is a terrible website, with a terrible grading system
  4. Coleman never sniffed a pro bowl And rightfully so
  5. What idiot that thought Bradberry was as good as Ramsey??? LOL Bradberry was never on Ramsey level
  6. It’s not just about free agents that fit your system it’s about getting known commodity free agents, guys who are highly coveted by other teams. The panthers are happy dumpster diving for guys like Russell Shepard
  7. The Broncos pretty much won the SB due to free agency Free agency has always been a big competent of winning, the panthers still haven’t got with the new millennia
  8. Lol the nfl is making sure there isn’t a Keenum vs Foles championship. This game has been bullsh*t Whitlock actually brought it up last week when we lost to the saints, they want a Brady/Brees SB
  9. Cam is actually good on third downs especially third and long Third down stats can be manipulated, guys like Kirk Cousins, Bradford and Alex Smith all have high 3rd down comp% cause when it’s 3rd and long they check it down and live with the 3 and out. Cam always tries to go for the first down
  10. Most of Stewart’s runs this season weren’t from the read option though
  11. I totally agree Ridley is supposedly the best receiver in this class, yet compared to someone like Amari Cooper their not in the same stratosphere.
  12. Vikings offense barely did squat that game. I remember it was below zero at the Gophers stadium and our offense also struggled
  13. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    No one is arguing that I would take Watkins, Wallace and Crabtree over Pryor And Desean can still be cut
  14. We are strong at RB? Lol Its a deep RB class so let’s avoid it and draft other positions, that sounds logical Theirs a reason free agent RB get little traction
  15. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    I would take him over our current crop of guys But there are better more polished guys out there.