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  1. Yep I saw that also with Torrey, but Funchess did had his guy beat The redskins didn’t get a lot of sacks but Cam was under constant pressure, even on that last drive he was throwing in a muddy pocket
  2. If theirs any week were we should lean on our passing game, it’s this one. Trying to run against this team is like hitting your head against a steel wall repeatedly, theirs no point. Norv and Ron can’t be this stubborn with the running game, the eagles secondary is horrible. Jalen Mills might be the worst starting corner in the league
  3. GoobyPls

    Monday Night Packers vs 49ers

    McCarthy was gonna run out the clock, but Montgemory ran for 15 yards. Believe me McCarthy is just as clueless
  4. GoobyPls

    Monday Night Packers vs 49ers

    Another week Rodgers bails out McCarthy. He’s almost has Rivera levels of ineptitude
  5. Cam and our offense in general has always struggled against the eagles for some reason
  6. Norv’s offense is a relic just like he is. Look at Rivers numbers when Norv left, he had a career year. Look at the Vikings offense with Norv left, again instantly got better. Even the Browns offense got better I believe. Its obvious our offense and Cam are at their best when they play at a fast pace and let him throw it and control the tempo of the game.
  7. Hill is the fastest player in league history, he’s absurd
  8. Those last 3 plays is making people forget that horrendues first half of football Rivera and Norv coached. Norv keeps running Mccaffrey like he’s Emmit Smith, he averaging like 3 ypc these last two games, complete waste of down. Also that Riverboat nickname was always used in a ironic way, he’s the most conservative coaches in the league
  9. Yeah but usually the line moves as the money flows, this time it didn’t
  10. Every single analyst on TV and the internet picked us to win this game. But Vegas had the redskins as one point favorites, even though through out the week 80% of the money betted was on the panthers as underdogs, yet the line didn’t bulge. Incredible
  11. Every year? We still have never had back to back winning seasons. I would understand losing to the defending SB champs next week, but the redskins who just got embarrassed and will likely miss the playoffs. This is lost is unacceptable
  12. Simply causd that offense is outdated
  13. GoobyPls

    Eric Reid

    Mediocre safety playing mediocrely suprise surprise
  14. He’s definitely not been the same since 2016. His coverage last season was awful and this year he’s seems slower than rverb