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  1. So you trying to change the narrative to fit your agenda? add up Funchess career numbers along with every other receiver on our roster and compare those numbers to Mike Evans or Jackson. So 6 wide receivers vs 1 let see that great production you keep talking about. BTW you do know Ginn has more yards than Funchess right? So does Desean. And you do know Funchess has been leading us in targets since week 3, so that whole number 1 thing goes out the window.
  2. How so? You add up the stats of every single receiver on our roster including practice squad and they won’t add up to the average number 1 WR numbers If that’s production for you, your standard are terribly low.
  3. Ah yes the Cam has a load of weapons argument I remember hearing this in 2015, all those wide receivers ended up getting cut and Ginn was the only one who made it on another roster. It seems castoff receiver no other teams want is considered talent
  4. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    He had Watkins, Woods, Hogan and Goodwin, still wasn’t productive Mathews, Zay Jones, Clay and McCoy aren’t as bad as people make it out to be. That’s better weapons than Cam
  5. I got 100 gifs of Tavon Austin at WVU running those same routes You are literally recycling the same none sense over and over again, half the gifs was him being faster than the guy covering him and has nothing to do with route running.
  6. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Stats don’t tell the whole story. He leads the nfl in 3 and outs, he has the smallest route concepts of all starting QB’s and he’s flat out not good. They should of not of benched him though, Peterman vs that pass rush had disaster written all over it.
  7. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Since KB left the game Peterman threw two interception
  8. Yep, his route tree at OSU 90% of the time was screen, swing pass or drag. That’s like saying Tavon Austin is an elite route runner
  9. Where did I say he was better rb than receiver? I’m just stating the facts. And I can find draft expert after expert saying he’s not even a top 5 route runner in this class, guys like Juju, Kupp and Zay Jones were leagues ahead of him.
  10. Screw the draft we need a bonafied free agent wide receiver. Someone like Desean Jackson or Sammy Watkins
  11. Samuel had 1286 rushing yards on a 172 attempts, he had 1249 receiving yards on 107 catches How am I wrong again? And if you think he was this class best route runner, you know nothing about to football.
  12. If Cam continues to produce with ragtag group it’s truly a miracle. Imagine the day this team actually dedicates resources to get some legit receivers Funchess - was a TE until his last year at Michigan, his career high was under 750 yards in a season Shepard - Had more rushing yards than receiving yards at LSU, was a dual threat QB in HS and was recruited as a QB Samuel - Also had more rushing yards than receiving, his career high was around 800 yards, mostly swing and screen passes Clay - Mainly used as a returner at Utah. Byrd - situational deep threat who never had more than 600 yards receiving Bersin was actually the most productive college receiver
  13. I hope they are out of the playoff race by then. Rodgers isn’t Romo, last time Rodgers returned from a broken collarbone he eliminated the bears.
  14. Alex Armah

    Dolphins run D was so bad it’s hard to judge if Armah is really that effective. We killed them with the read option more than the normal set back