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  1. Did anyone in this thread actually see Mathieu play last season? He fell off hard, Tre Boston outplayed him.
  2. We need a safety WAY more than a number 2 CB
  3. All GM say we are gonna draft BPA, most of them don’t stick to that plan. Or try to validate it by drafting a need and saying it was the bpa at the time.
  4. Like I said you want to bet we draft a position of need? Than you try to to validate the pick by saying it was the “bpa” after we make the pick.
  5. Wanna bet we draft for need again? You don’t reach for need, but drafting for need Is a must, guys like Butler is the reason you don’t draft for luxury
  6. Vernon was never a quality lineman And yes you do when you have much bigger needs
  7. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    Cause he’s not good SF who has a more cap space than almost any team and are in dire need of secondary help, doesn’t want him, why should we?
  8. I suggest you look at this thread, theirs about 80% of the huddle still trying to validate the pick ride out what? A bench player getting first round money? If we can get something in return for a trade I say do it. This myth that you need to have DT depth to be a good team is laughable.
  9. Hurney didn’t pick Butler, Gettleman did Gettleman instead of trying to build a winning team now was looking ahead 2 years down the road, and that’s one of the reason he got fired. It’s called counting your chickens before the hatch
  10. Lmao trying to validate the Butler pick calling it “depth” Only on the huddle Kyle Love is depth, undrafted free agent journeyman. That’s where you find depth. If you’re a first round pick and your still “depth” two years in, much less 3 years in you’re a bust
  11. Maybe Gettleman still wants him?
  12. We wasted a god damn first round pick on a rotational DT. Jesus Christ what a retarded pick. Kyle Love has probably had more impact than Butler What can we even get for Butler? A third round pick at best
  13. Some games he looks like a all pro other games he’s invisible