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  1. motocross_cat

    Second trip to CLT

    Epicenter. South end. Noda. Plaza midwood. Those are all areas with plenty of bars/clubs.
  2. motocross_cat

    Obstructed View Seating

    They must be talking about the rail. I have sat behind them and it did not bother me at all. I cant think of anywere i have been in the stadium that had concrete blocking any view...you should be set on go.
  3. motocross_cat

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    I have been going through several scans myself trying to determine why my lympnodes are englarged. So far they cant point to lymphnoma but have not ruled it out even with blood work and a biopsy. Good new is, if your going to have cancer this is one of the most treatable. His age and condition isnt going to help tho. Wish him the best forsure. Its scary stuff.
  4. motocross_cat

    Redirected to spam.. Anyone else?

  5. motocross_cat

    Good vibes at practice

    At the kickball event today something that really stood out was the obvious connection between all the players and even the fans. Felt like a family cookout.
  6. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    T.O here. I'm out yall hope some can make it out.
  7. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    Funch. Harper. Byrd Tory Smith.
  8. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    No luke. It will take forever to go through everyone man. Big names. Cam dwight norman td cmc lafell captain tolbert di more Olsen all the rookies montel Jordan lol .
  9. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    Cam drives through the fence to rob a home run
  10. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    Out with shoulder surgery so I'm making the most of my time off.
  11. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    Been drinking, they told us to stay hydrated.
  12. motocross_cat

    Kicking with Cam

    Out here. Lots of fun watching the riot up right now vs cams team. Whoever was in left field made an amazing catch. Cool stuff. Cam is huge, dwight is bigger. Julio has been cool. Armagh is a tank. Um cmc looks big TD is super fast. Lots of fun.
  13. motocross_cat

    Kevin Smith had a massive coronary.

    When people have health issues and try alternative ways to help with it I'd listen. Never know what you can do now to avoid things later. If you dont have health you have nothing.