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  1. We got a couple of them...... ......riding the bench LOL.
  2. motocross_cat

    our season is over IMO

    I ain't heard no fat lady. We shot ourselves in the foot too many times today and still had a chance. I will agree with most that we must try to be more aggressive from the START.
  3. motocross_cat

    For you guys not in the dumps.

    Damnit already posted. My bust! Keep pounding.
  4. motocross_cat

    Terrible Thomas Davis news

    Lost my dad when I was 22. Still think about him all the time. Thoughts and condolences for the davis family.
  5. motocross_cat

    "If he dont slide, try to take him out"

    This is pretty much what i was getting at.
  6. motocross_cat

    "If he dont slide, try to take him out"

    "We thought we knocked him out of the game" sounds alot like they were trying to, well knock him out of the game to me.
  7. motocross_cat

    "If he dont slide, try to take him out"

    Not just saying Collins is the only guilty party. I think the clip just shows the general idea around the league is trying to hurt cam in some way. Him being a big som bitch may have something to so with it I'm sure. But no excuse to come out and say like Jordan " man hes tough, we tried to take him out".....or Collins "if he dont slide gotta take him out". I'm not cool with that with any player. Get real butt hurt when it's my QB lol.
  8. motocross_cat

    "If he dont slide, try to take him out"

    No rage. When I listened it made me think that most defenders want to be extra with cam. Trying to take a player out is not football. Idc if he corrected himself it shows what he really thinks imo.
  9. motocross_cat

    "If he dont slide, try to take him out"

    "Take him out" Not just make the play....
  10. 30 second mark, take a listen. Not the first time we have heard this Cough cough - cam Jordan- cough cough
  11. motocross_cat

    Oh ESPN

    Go to the 30 second mark and listen. Cam needs to show more willingness to do what again???
  12. motocross_cat

    Is this the Best Team In The NFL - Love from Nairobi

    Would be awsome to win a SB doing the opposite of every team and just running it straight up their ass.
  13. motocross_cat

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    I'm a believer in dont question what any man does unless you walk in their shoes. Cam does not have to be the fuging hero all the time dude.
  14. motocross_cat

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    Be serious for a minute. Was Reid the best available pre season? Yes. Was he brought in last second due to us needing a safety after we passed on him in the first place due to what everyone thought was a distraction? Yes. Will he help the team? Yes. Should he have been brought in, in the first place? Yes. Will anyone care past next week? No. Imma be happy we got a quality saftey for nothing that just so happens to be a very well spoken young man. I watched all of his interviews and after every tough question he stops, pauses, thinks, then responds. Idc what the issue is, anyone who puts thoughts Into their answers is ok with me. We get past the NYG this week and we have a real shot at this division........barring those fuging saints.