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  1. He can catch

    I dont think bringing in any wr to camp is a waste of time considering the circumstances
  2. He can catch

    We need all the competition at that position as possible going into camp this summer.
  3. Me too, we all here in the south share a bond of racism and sexual harassment on these bitches that goes back generations! Well the good looking bitches anyways.
  4. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    Lots of new things going on so i look at it as exciting.
  5. If star goes i think kyle love is a good stop gap for maybe a season. Rotation and anything past 2018 will be an issue.
  6. My bid to purchase the Panthers

    Went there for a wedding last summer. poo diddnt make sense.
  7. That effort by Funchess...

    The fact he was out there is amazing. Team played as hard as they could for being so over matched im proud of them.
  8. The Cam Conundrum

    Means my fingers are too big for this phone.
  9. The Cam Conundrum

    Carson wentz is not have the man cam is. fug outta here.
  10. Will be at riot tailgate tomorrow WHOOOOO
  11. Just left jonnys hideaway Place is weird. On to buckhead saloon
  12. Atl feild trip

    Got me a couple tickets to this falcon ass whipping sunday afternoon. Booked a hotel in the buckhead area and have saturday and sunday to raise some hell, any ideas as to where the spot to be is after the game for new years? Excluding the titty bars, the girl will be with me and i have been to enough in my early twentys as it is.
  13. Still have offense concerns

    It pisses me off that we do it to ourselves however im starting to get the feeling cam isnt going to be denied this year.
  14. One pro bowler for the Panthers

    Objectively its about right. Arguments could me made for pep and mario. Also maybe d williams? Not many players playing at "elite level" i guess altho as a group the team is very impressive.