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  1. Good god, this is amazing...

    People's champ.
  2. 2011 R1.

    Selling my R1. 2011, full graves shorty exhaust, ecu has been flashed and tuned, adjustable levers, gp pegs, full adjustable steering damper, tires are 80% new breaks all around. Dyno read 183 at the rear tire. (All dynos read different but you get the idea) this bike is an animal. 7500 bike is at corral motorsports in monroe.
  3. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Only way trolling the media works is if you back it up by winning games on sunday. Hope we can get healthy and on a roll.
  4. When ron says "protocol" i want to puke.
  5. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    When is that damn bye week?
  6. How in the hell does a coach not know what knee his #1 wideout has injured? The fug?
  7. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    We will run On every single first down. I have never seen anything like it. Literally every first down we run straight up larsens ass.
  8. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    This is a major loss IMO. Cam still on the rebound, need all the weapons we can get on the field
  9. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ?!?!?!?!?!??!!

    He spoofing little giants?
  10. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Mario addison.
  11. Athlete to race nascar? No Crazy to race nascar? Yes. Go do the richard petty experience the add 60mph to what ever pussy lap times your running and add 40 more cars.
  12. Honestly he should feel pretty bad for letting the team down like that. I know im disappointed.
  13. Going to be a lot of this on Thursday...

    Ill hold it down in my section. Will be no fugery.