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  1. Big time stretch coming up. Feel like its the playoffs already.
  2. Is Kamara OROY?

    Stop slurping the fuging saints. Pussy
  3. Horn honkers

    As a ups driver, the horn saves lives.
  4. Attention Huddle Sex Therapists

    I dated a girl for 4 years, basically her whole time in college and as soon as she graduated poof she was gone. Took some time time to get over it. I spent about 2 years feeling the same as you. Im not some player or anything but i did my thing and would basically get in and get out. Then i met the girl im with now oddly enough at a panther tailgate and something just sorta happened. Call it love idk but i was never this happy even in past relationships, every just seems perfect for a lack of a better term. So if your looking for advice, from my experience just do your thing. Sounds dumb as poo but it will smack you in the face. Least it did me. Now i sound like a giant pussy. Thanks bro.
  5. BOA has the be the harderst stadium for the home fans to lose in if that makes since. If you lose you have 50% of the people in there feeding off each other and talking poo. Then you gotta defend your team and then welp....your pulling your girlfriend off the other guys girlfriend cause their trashed then stop becauze you realize it awsome and you and the opposing team guy watch for a bit but then he says something about cams towel and you call him a racist then its on again. I have a horrible feeling about sunday. Probably gunna get my ass kicked again.
  6. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    oodles and noodles
  7. Ok, but what did we get in return to help us win sunday? Tired of the next year crap personally.
  8. I have been following carolina for 15 years or so and never have i seen such a poo show under any regime. I would not be upset if we trotted out there on sunday and flat out sucked. But we were in a position 4 months ago to take back the division and make a serious push and it seems with cams escapades, G man being fired right before the season and bringing back martys high ass over god knows what...crazy trades that make no sense at all when the team is 5-3 and a few dumb ass plays from 6-2 or7-1....blahh Ill be there sunday to pull for these assclowns but damn....they make it hard on a fellow.
  9. Eh well maybe we beat atlanta and keep it moving....idk
  10. Thats all buffalo is thinking.....help us this year. They dont give a poo about his feelings or how long his knee holds up. On a side not i dont want to hear poo from TD or olsen or anyone about this situation. If they infact had a hand in moving gettleman out then you shut up and lay in the poo with the rest of us..
  11. Dude has to pass a physical. Buffalo wouldnt touch him for a 3rd and 7th if they thought he was suspect unless they are going for it all this season.......wait isnt that what nfl teams do? Try to win the whole damn thing?
  12. Dealing with a business dilemma

    Sounds like your talking yourself out of it. Go with your gut and pass IMO.
  13. All inclusive resorts

    Montego bay Jamaica was really nice. Came out to 2300$ for everything including plane tickets and a 5 day stay. Locals were very friendly. Aslong as you book in advance most all inclusive trips are fairly cheap for what you get. ( free beer ) Was for two adults btw..
  14. I dont mind taking a few shots. Samuel had one hit him in the hands. The 3rd one i believe to funch was actually a good read because 17 had a step on his man, cam just over threw him. Would however like to see less of them on third and "manageable"
  15. We did win, right?

    Place is unbelievable. There is actually a thread about people considering missing the playoffs as a good thing? Lol.