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  1. motocross_cat

    What are your Top 5 Movies All Time?

    In no order Platoon Rudy Unforgiven Outlaw Josey Wales Any starwars movie. Those are what comes to mind first. I love movies so I could list a hundred favs.
  2. motocross_cat

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    None of our receivers have reached their potential and this point. Why trade the one proven real game receiver we have outside of olsen?????
  3. motocross_cat

    One Day Contract

  4. Best one I have seen.
  5. motocross_cat

    Book Recommendations

    Lord of the flies is the only book I have read front to back and did not take a break from. Also if you are a starwars guy the cannon and legends series are good.
  6. motocross_cat

    Cam and Kelvin talk... Caption this photo

    Man my buddy sent this to me and i was like poo gotta post on huddle...damnit what a loser. Anywho, cam looks like he has been betrayed by some one who took the easy way out. Take what cam's faults are and build on them to make yourself look good. In monroe those are fighting words.
  7. Local fox I believe.
  8. motocross_cat

    Game Day Menu

    Steak, chicken, roasted veggies on the traeger.
  9. I also think gaulden will have a nice play or two. Really looking forward to ian Thomas as well.
  10. Cam gets off to a rocky start to further prove he should be ranked the 17th best qb by pff. Behind the likes of Dak, Jimmy G, Andrew luck and so on.
  11. motocross_cat

    lol Chicago...Rahm Emanuel an Obama appointee..

    Take my word for it. Not every NASCAR dad with new balances and bad hair cuts are the same. My father was a wonderful caring man.
  12. motocross_cat

    How low is the bar for Mahon?

    4 to 5 seconds. That's all we need big guy.
  13. motocross_cat

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    South end and Uptown are walking distance to the stadium. Noda def not. Either way your going to want to move to charlotte when you leave. Small town feel (for a metro area) in a big city is pretty cool.
  14. motocross_cat

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    Could be. The morning route would be fine to let's say south end. Walk over to the stadium leave walk to another place, eat supper let it die down and uber back. All depends on prices. The evening uber would be the one that got you. It's just another option.