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  1. Just ended like a sacrificial lamb... thoughts?
  2. It just... I hate to go here but I have to

    I'm white btw, I just choose to not live with my eyes closed and my head in the sand.
  3. It just... I hate to go here but I have to

    Did he tell the reporter she can't be something because she's a women?
  4. It just... I hate to go here but I have to

    Hey delete as you please but we all know what would have happened if Cam laughed at a female reporter and referenced 69 with her.
  5. Scenario 1-Gronk calls out female reporter and tells her he wants to 69 her and everyone breaks out into laughter. Response 1- Hahahahahahaha that's Gronk he's such a cool white man. Reminds me of myself in my frat boy days. Scenario 2- Donald Trump talks about grabbing women by the pussy and objectifies his reporter. Response 2- Females line up to vote for him by the masses because he's rich and white. Scenario 3- Cam makes a football related joke about females and still answers her question... Response 3- OH MY GOD this isn't 1940 Cam!!! In other words stay in your lane boy. That's the world we live in.
  6. Detroit

    I've had the experience of BOA multiple times and its awesome, no joke unlike any other gameday I've ever experienced. poo I flew down there to see Brian St. Pierre throw a TD to Gettis lol. That said Detroit is a good time just don't wonder off into "no mans" land.
  7. Detroit

    I will be there in my #80 Dwayne Jarrett bandwagon proof jersey... If anyone has any questions about some hot spots let me know. As you all know Detroit is not a beautiful city by any means but it can be a riot given the right location. So I will say this much stay within Greektown Casino for the weekend and find a way to the game, do not stay at motor city unless you're just gambling and going to the game. Wondering outside of motor city is recipe for disaster.
  8. I said it once I will say it again.

    yes as a number 2 as it should be.
  9. I said it once I will say it again.

    See what happens when our boy Devin with the mack 11 gets a shot?! KB was clearly 2nd fiddle, and Devin ran with it.
  10. Yea, fire the coaches that led you to a 15-1 season is that what we should have done? Our oline was depleted with injuries and Luke had a concussion thats why we missed the playoffs. Plus the odds of winning the division 4 straight years isn't high, eventually Atlanta was going to win the South. Even my little brother beats me in Madden every now and then.
  11. Did I just read this is "Saints round 2"? smh, it's New England in Foxboro.
  12. Is this really a Panthers fan forum?

    We didn't just lose, we lost got blown out by the Taints.
  13. That after celebrating he ran over to our sideline and starred them down? In other words stop holding me back from running. I think its time to just let Cam be Cam. Running the read option, the draws in the red zone, bootlegs, the whole 9 yards, and if he gets hurt its on him.