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  1. Derrick Johnson will be available

    I mean I'm sure he would come cheap, and cheap depth can't hurt. We're a Shaq Thompson injury away from Davis having to take all reps.
  2. How would you guys feel about bringing in Derrick Johnson and letting him and Davis split reps at OLB next season? I actually wanted him in the 2005 draft over Davis at the time, but both have had stellar careers, would be nice to see them playing together. http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/LB-Derrick-Johnson-Set-to-Become-Free-Agent-After-13-Seasons-in-Kansas-City/af357486-4108-419a-91db-487e57ffa691
  3. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    I like Hurney, better than DG. I think this time around he fixes his mistakes from the past, which he still built a super bowl roster. He also drafted the two cornerstones of our franchise in Luke and Cam, and he also got rid of a fat slow turd in KB that everyone loved for some reason, so I'm fond of him.
  4. Thats what I meant by Worley playing nickel, which means barely on the field.
  5. Its another one of those scenarios where you'd have to have something better in your sights, and based on FA I don't see that... Unless you want to shell out 100+ mil for Ansah and his 4 sacks.
  6. James to me is a solid #2, and Worley in the nickel would be fine. Safety we need some actual speed and ball skills. That said I don't hate Coleman as much as everyone else does, I think he is solid in run support and brought a good attitude to our defense.
  7. Did I miss something? We contained their run game the entire game... I didn't know Davis was supposed to hold on in coverage for 9 seconds while Brees sits back and torches us.
  8. The TD hate in this thread makes me sick.
  9. Smitty is Damiere Byrd's Spirit Animal

    Well that was fun...
  10. Smitty is Damiere Byrd's Spirit Animal

    Nick Goings was dope for 5 weeks
  11. We're winning the Superbowl....

    Oh we will get to the Super Bowl and lose again no doubt.
  12. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    You're a dumb thread.
  13. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    Banned is a bit much lol, considering I've read threads about Smitty coming back here in 2017.
  14. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    I am thats why I'm upset about it.