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  1. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    You're a dumb thread.
  2. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    Banned is a bit much lol, considering I've read threads about Smitty coming back here in 2017.
  3. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    I am thats why I'm upset about it.
  4. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    You really took this personal huh?
  5. Our medical staff should be ashamed.

    Yea lets just do it again, wrap it up throw more tape on it.
  6. Were 8-4... You don't risk Greg Olsens foot AGAIN! Absolutely pathetic...
  7. If you have Dak in Fantasy...

    My bad remove it... Missed it in the main thread.
  8. You may want to sit him, and for those that don't know who Byron Bell is... I envy you.
  9. I said it once I will say it again.

    hmmmm... Can I get some pie or just poop still?
  10. No I don't think Cam would have won MVP in 2015 with KB healthy.
  11. Been saying this all year... He has talent no doubt, but the offense does not click when he is on the field. Its very hard for an offensive coordinator to have to develop a game plan for a supposedly talented WR that doesn't have speed and can't run crisp routes. I'm probably in the minority on this but I truly feel you will see a more crisp offense come Sunday. Everyone is wondering why the 2016 and 2017 Panthers can't find their 2015 magic, well the reason was the just traded to the Bills. I wish him great success in Buffalo but it was never going to work here.
  12. Player's Reactions to KB Trade

    Rare playmaker? He's not good, and we weren't resigning him... So getting a third and a 7th was more then we could ask for, see ya Benjamin.
  13. I said it once I will say it again.

    So I got 9 poops for this back in September... Make that 10 poops.