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  1. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    If we're going to rely on the interior for pass rush we need to teach the DEs better edge/gap discipline. There were a lot of times when KK stormed up the middle, so the QB rolled out and was like 'ok I'll just take these 15 rushing yards' because Delaire or Ealy had broken contain.
  2. How is complimenting a model's runway walk sexist? Is complimenting a dentist's cavity filling sexist?
  3. You can't be a Panthers fan and a Manchester United fan.
  4. The boycott actually worked pretty well last time. They had the backlash buy-cott where bigots flooded the stores, but after that died down they were forced to make changes, ceased donations to that anti-gay charity and even supported some lgbt causes. Asking New Yorkers to boycott them again isn't gonna do anything. The people who care don't eat there anymore anyways. It's probably a diversion like somebody said
  5. lol this is seriously a textbook case. boisterously object but do so in a graphic way describing specific acts. i haven't been this confident a huddler has tendencies since 9Lives pmed me some peculiar stuff back in the day.
  6. 'who is that' instead of just googling is always the surest sign someone is pretending not to know who it is. need more practice hiding your proclivities.
  7. I think we found the huddler most likely to have a harddrive full of Bailey Jay videos.
  8. Current Panther Roster

    Oh! Carry on then, really sorry
  9. Let's play pick two running backs

    Fozzy is the best back on our team at picking up blitzes. I'd keep him and CAP.
  10. Current Panther Roster

    What difference does it make to you how many threads he makes? You seem overly emotional about this.
  11. Current Panther Roster

    That safety roster besides Coleman is scarily bad.
  12. Probably, I'm sure most of them were Trump supporters like the one who said that about Sarah Palin.
  13. Honestly it's about time republican voters realized they need a yankee to get them on the right path.
  14. I just want to know if anybody has considered that perhaps both sides