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  1. Those places don't exist near me but yes, I agree, the size of the order matters. I've delivered 20 pizzas before. I expected a bigger tip. It's a bit of work managing large orders. One thing I used to kid about being a driver, unlike a waiter who simply walks from the kitchen to your table, I, the driver and hero, have to risk my life on the roads and highways of America to bring you your food through weather, environmental disaster and human madness. Not all heroes wear capes.
  2. I don't pay enough attention to keep track of who is who around here. If I've drank with you, then I remember who you are...kinda. :)
  3. You give a $15 tip to the Domino's guy? I've worked as a pizza delivery driver several different times. Back in the day $1 or $2 was great. Now I think $5 is standard. But $15? Really? Hat's off to you man.
  4. I think they should make the field out of ice and have a projector shine down on it like they do in hockey and the winter olympics. That way they can have the field crumble away like a volcanic eruption or some Indiana Jones type stuff as they move down the field. Wait. What are we talking about again?
  5. I expect nothing major on the football side of things to happen this year. That's also what I WANT to happen. I then want the results of this year to play in to what happens next. As for the business side of the Panthers, I don't know much about it so I want and expect Tepper to do what he thinks is best? I mean, I guess? Anyways, Super Bowl is what I want. What I DON'T want? Not winning a Super Bowl is what I don't want.
  6. Moorgan

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Wow. Seriously fug that guy.
  7. Moorgan

    Peace Corps.........or similar

    @PhillyB makes the most sense on this from my experience in the Army. One of my duties was as a contracting officer in Africa while deployed there for a year. One of the things we noticed is that China had a very heavy presence in building roads and facilities in the area. They were obviously trying to buy good will and eventually likely mineral access rights, but I digress. The locals in various countries had problems with how the Chinese went about it. The Chinese brought their own labor force. Whereas, the US military would bid to local contractors who hired local workers. The US tax payers were robbed at the ridiculously high prices they would charge but that's to be expected sadly. The important point was that our projects often garnered much greater local favor because we put money in the pockets of locals and not just the wealthy locals/politicians. Also they would build things that was "native" to how they built things and not the Chinese or American way...if that makes sense. All in all, empowering the local economy has a much greater impact than just giving them a building. Philly is right in that it makes us feel better about ourselves but could be done in a much better way locally. I'd except those people with skills the locals don't have like Doctor, Engineering, etc perhaps. But after the local supply was used. Also, natural disasters are a different story and have different requirements. We're just talking about improvements not disaster recovery.
  8. I agree with what you're saying. The main difference is if I'm paying by the beer/drink or if it's a tab. I don't tip 20% on the price of a drink. But I will if it's a tab. I'm not saying my tipping logic is sound. :) It's what I've done having been a server/driver/bartender. Basically, I'm generous when it comes to the service industry. You have to be a special kind of sucky to get me mad. Most of the issues people have, late or wrong food isn't necessarily the fault of the server. The kitchen is often poorly managed and the server bears the brunt of that.
  9. Usually because the prices are inflated. If I were to order a beer at the bar, I would give $1 plus whatever cents change there was. If it was a tab with a credit acrd, it would depend on how many drinks I paid for and other variables. If it's a whole night's tab, the tip will be between $20-$50. But it all depends. Bartenders are a different thing than just a simple 20% for a server. They can end up being more or less if I'm ordering beer by beer. Also getting a beer doesn't require much of a tip. Making a mint julip or some such nonsense requires a bigger tip...and a slap in the face if ordering such a drink.
  10. That's a fair point. Bartenders and take out don't usually get my full 20% rule. Also delivery drivers get a flat $5 from me, regardless of what I order...unless it's huge or something.
  11. How exactly do you ignore something and learn from it? My basic rule is 20% and go from there. You'd have to be pretty deliberately awful for me to leave 5%. Like Karen wanting to talk to the manager bad if 5% is where I've landed. Also, the comment that you had $5 more than before shows it was intentional and not just I don't know how to tip.
  12. Moorgan

    WTF have we become

    Ah...that makes sense. So probably the ACLU. Weren't they the ones that brought the original lawsuit resulting in the 20 day limit?
  13. Moorgan

    WTF have we become

    I understand that...but someone will have to file the lawsuit. That someone will be saying I want the children separated. Please continue separating. I'm asking who would file that lawsuit. In order for it to be struck down someone has to file the lawsuit. Who would?
  14. Moorgan

    WTF have we become

    From whom would it draw a law suit? That lawsuit would basically be saying, "No. Mr President. You don't have the power to override this lawsuit. You MUST continue to separate the kids from the families!" Who would bring that lawsuit?