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  1. Season 2 starts this Sunday. Thought I'd get the topic going. Loved Season 1 but I thought they could've just ended it right there. I'm always nervouse about them going too far. For example, just letting the story end for True Detectives was perfect. However, I saw a quick preview for Westworld Season 2 and I'm open minded and hopeful they won't screw it up.
  2. The Walking Dead season 8

    Season 1 was great. Season 2 starts this Sunday. Definitely worth the watch.
  3. The Walking Dead season 8

    It, thankfully, ended for me last night. That felt like a series finale to me and that is close enough. To me, they all lived happily ever after after. I'm moving on. Next up, Westworld.
  4. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

    It's insanity but still better that TWD at this point.
  5. The Walking Dead season 8

    And the guns still don't actually function.
  6. Possible Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters

    He has a hospital named after him?
  7. I'm gonna disagree with you on that. The levels of garbage are an important distinction here. The death threats and downright cruel mockeries that go on on the Internet by either side against the other is wrong and should be pointed out as wrong. Disagreeing with someone doesn't make them garbage. I don't like her but there's a big difference between not liking her and saying she is garbage. I know you will point to a bunch of things with ever increasing outrage about she is literally Hitler reincarnate but that's exactly what I'm talking about. The instant degeneration into finger pointing the other into evil personhood is what gets us into the emotional spiral that evrything is binary and therefore a simple choice between good and evil. It's triesome and not helpful. It undermines productive discussion. And that kid and you and her and me are all guilty of it at some point or another. But we can make a concious choice to ratchet ourselves down.
  8. Possible Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters

    Was thinking the same thing. Super unusual. Regardless, I always want these people captured alive because I want to know why they do it and how they went about it. Las Vegas is still the worst on so many levels. Not knowing why he did it is one of those levels.
  9. Like I said, they can boycott whatever they want, and the sponsors can stay or leave as they see fit. That's everyone's perrogative. But the invictive directed against her for this is out of place. I get they are criticized and worse. The Internet is a dark place that has vulgar and violent Internet behavior on both sides. They are getting praised and cudgled at the same time. I would point to being in the public square opens you to criticism and snarky comments. He is the leader of a national movement who voluntarily interviewed for a TMZ story about him talking publicly how he didn't get accepted to some colleges. She called him "whiny". Blam straight to boycott? She even apologized (which means nothing these days but whatever) and he mocked her apology. I mean c'mon. It's WWE silly nonsense. Which all points to my larger point about the outrage. There is a constant drum beat by 1) The President, 2) every other politician, 3) the Media, 4) celebrities, 5) activists of any kind and finally 6) outside agitators like Russian troll farms etc, to constantly push the outrage button. It might move a needle here or there (like say effectively boycotting) but all it's really doing is incresing the hyper-partisan invective which leads us to extreme politicians because we want someone who will defend my outrage. The emotional manipulation is obvious and out of place. It's reflected in how people argue differing ideas...and it's often shown on this board which is without Russian bots (except Arsen).
  10. @Captroop they are a real threat because enough people don't understand what the Russians are even doing. Whipping people into a froth is getting easier. As for Ingraham, I never understood the outrage. She called him whiny and then it jumps to boycott? And the boycott works on the companies? I don't get it. I mean he can call for a boycott of whatever the hell he wants, but it's the froth and the fervor on both sides that I see as disturbing. It's exactly what the Russians are trying to do. Amplify every little thing into outrage. Not ironically, it's what the media has been doing for decades. We're fugged.
  11. Trump Orders the Military to Secure the Border

    That's not what your reference was referring to. Your Nazi reference was to the Nazi's convincing people about incursions that weren't happening and then comparing that to illegal border crossings that are happening. That's what I'm pointing out. Regardless, I think you guys are generally right that it could be done under the right circumstances but I certainly don't think the preamble to the Constitution is the thing that justifies it. There's certainly precedent for some things. We will see what the Pentagon comes up with. I'm certainly not going to decry it or cheer it until I know what IT is.
  12. Trump Orders the Military to Secure the Border

    Yeah it would work, for a while, and then it would be bad. But that's my guess. If they actually fully deployed along the many crossings, they could pretty much put a halt to the crossings but there'd likely be a situation or 4 that would be bad. Again, that's if any of this is legal, which I don't know the answer to.
  13. Trump Orders the Military to Secure the Border

    First thing I thought of was posse comitatus but even the excerpt someone (Fryfan?) posted earlier about it seems to indicate there are ways it can be done. What was that movie? Siccario? Or something like that? Where basically, the CIA and the military (that was a military unit) were allowed to do border related things if an FBI agent was there to sign off on it. Not sure if that's the kind of thing Trump is getting at? Something that puts the civilian law enforcement in charge of it all. For now I'll assume that whatever they end up doing (if anything at all) will be challenged legally and then determined whether or not they can do it (like everything else they've done). Or they will do something that is already ok'ed and it won't be a big deal. If it does end up happening, I bet it would work pretty well...until there was a shooting incident. Then it would turn to poo most likely. Also, it's a bit disingenuous to automatically make references to the Nazis, when it's demonstratable that there are foreigners entering our southern border illegally.
  14. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    While I agree that the cheerleaders are not forced to do any of this and they do so of their own free will, I don't believe they are compensated fairly and the rules they must abide by are cringeworthy. Just because someone else wants to come and do the job doesn't mean the workplace is healthy. I'm pretty sure people were clamoring for meat industry jobs at the turn of the century in NYC (as described by Upton Sinclair). Not necessarily comparing the dramatic differences but the concept that a workplace can treat it's employees unjustly and people still want to work there. The whole league treats cheerleaders wrong in my opinion.
  15. I get confused about all these guys...but I know none of them are from the country where one of them bought a random company. It seems like the random speculation about Toronto is simply fueled by the idea that one of them recently bought a Canadian steel company. Which makes me scratch my head.