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  1. Arm GM and Coach Time

    Isn't Gano a Free Agent? Doubtful we sign him for what someone will pay so free agency or draft for a kicker? Also Palardy is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent so he will cost some money too.
  2. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    This off season should be super interesting with all the moving pieces going around and so many QBs coming out in the draft and the... A whole offseason of 2 TE sets from Sanjay.
  3. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    Yeah her idea of whistleblowing and mine are VERY different. Mine doesn't involve the internet and/or reporters...but anyways. I've lived here (in MD) for about 5 years and I was born and raised in NY but I consider NC my home and would like to eventually move back. To be honest, there is a part of me that would love the theater of her in the Senate...but taking politics so flippantly can have...er...um...disastrous results?
  4. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    I'm a hard no on Manning because of the whole violating the Espionage Act. But I'm considering switching to Democrat for the primary just to vote against her. I would be sickened (as former Senior Intelligence Analyst in the Army) if she were to win. As for the other candidates, I have no idea. I expect the race to get extra coverage because of her infamy so it should be interesting. I suppose I should look at deadlines and such if I'm actually going to do it. Side note, when you register for a party do you get all kinds of nonsense mailed to you? While it wouldn't stop me from doing it, it would be an unfortunate side effect. They can save their trees.
  5. Inquiring Minds; Episode IX

    Flasback to when Leia is 10 years old or so played by Millie Bobby Brown. Entire movie is about her learning about galactic politics and she wakes up and the whole 8 movies preceeding it are a dream of her 10 year old self. Internet breaks. Riots.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/chelsea-manning-confirms-us-senate-run/ar-AAuMllu NORTH BETHESDA, Md. (AP) - Chelsea Manning on Sunday confirmed via Twitter that she is a candidate for U.S. Senate. Three days after making her intention known to federal election officials, Manning tweeted “yup, we’re running for senate” with an attached campaign video indicating her intention to run in the 2018 Maryland Democratic primary. She sent a subsequent tweet seeking donations to her campaign. /.../ Manning is running as a Democrat and will likely challenge two-term Sen. Ben Cardin in the primary. I live in Maryland. So now I'm considering changing my party affiliation. I have never been a registered Republican or a registered Democrat. But Maryland is a closed state that requires party affiliation to vote in the primaries. For the first time, I'm considering voting in a primary. Anyone have any thoughts on her running?
  7. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    The hyperbole and baseless speculation may just set an all time high this offseason.
  8. The Walking Dead season 8

    I don't know why but I read that in Uncle Jesse's narrator voice (from the Dukes of Hazard)
  9. Black Mirror

    Metalhead was the one with the kick ass robot dogs? That was a fun episode. I was kinda rooting for the dogs. Also cool reveal of what they were trying to get from the warehouse (which was also in the black museum as well). But I liked how they didn't slow the story down with WHY it was a dystopia. It's a dystopia...shut it and move on.
  10. I will ride and die with whomever they hire. My criticisms, if any, will come after regular season games are played. Until then, I'll remain hopeful and eager.
  11. I was kinda hoping to go to the Eagles game. So if that's the one in London, I'll be a little disappointed. Can't afford that flight...although I do know a girl over there...hmmmm. Might be worth it.
  12. Not sure about the new scheme, but in the old scheme, out TEs needed to block. Now, I'm a Miami homer and so I've never hated Graham as much as some on this board...but honestly, he isn't known as a strong blocker. So for that reason...I'm out.
  13. Projected 2018 FA WR's..

    Josh Gordon...I like the idea of that.
  14. This reminds me of the whole old school thinking of "This is what we do and you have to stop us". I was a fan of that style in the 80s and 90s but I now prefer coaching to adapting to our own strengths and weaknesses and capitalizing or scheming for each individual opponent. But fingers crossed on getting fresh blood in there.
  15. Hypothetical OC Interview

    Is 7 points better than 3 points? Yes. You're hired.