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  1. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Alcohol is both the cause and solution to every problem.
  2. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Nah. I still have us at 22-0 brother.
  3. Offenses Last Night

    I said the same thing last night when Collinsworth said that. Cam moves backwards in the pocket unnecessarily...it seems. Not sure how often because I don't watch tape but it seems that way to me.
  4. Offenses Last Night

    The way I understand it is that release time specifically is the beginning of the throwing motion to the release of the ball. The Golden Calf of Bristol had a long one and I guess Goff has a short one. It has nothing to do with anything else like WR routes, when the ball was snapped, holding on to the ball or quick decisions or anything else. It's literally a measure of the throwing motion of a quarterback.
  5. White people get in here

    Should definitely be reported. Otherwise, it's as if those actions are ok. People mostly suck. What am I doing to answer the OP? Actually, I've taken what I have learned (on here of all places) and convincing (trying) them of the obviousness of some of the issues that blacks face. Showing how systemic racism has affected POC. Describing many different aspects where the system has helped whites and hurt POC. Showing instance after instance where racism or at least bigotry and fear has resulted in so many black men getting shot by police. Showing how blacks are targeted by police and how it's part of the law enforcement system (institutional). Acknowledging that policing is hard and dangerous but that also they are the ones with the guns and therefore have a responsibility for that power. Basically trying to put a white face on the core message of BLM and doing so without anger or emotion to try to engender sympathy and understanding. Also never trying to virtue signal because I think it's condescending. But, to be fair, it's not like I'm actively doing all this. I do it when the opportunities present themselves. I've made progress but not as much as I would like.
  6. What Saints Fans Are Saying ...

    Chris Weinke...:) too funny
  7. Some people's kids man...I tell ya. Some of you guys want so badly for him to suck so you can scream and say look at me, I said he'd be bad. I just don't get it.
  8. The CBs should've recognized that it was the same play and adjusted. Thinking that the chances of them running the same play, 2x in a row, with the same focus, Gurley, seems unlikely. Therefore I'd want my CB to react differently and jump the route. You open up a problem by losing contain on that side but the betting guess is pass at that moment. Nice play.
  9. iPhone X/iPhone 8

    I don't know much about such things but from what little I've read it seems that whatever Android had as face recognition is nothing like what Apple did. They are saying that the idea isn't new but the execution of it is innovative. Me personally, I don't care. Just thought I'd share that. I have an iPhone 6+. I like it. And see no reason to upgrade to any of them. My son swears by his Samsung whatever and says it's great. I don't get too deep into it but I do use my phone for everything. Don't even own a laptop anymore.
  10. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Thankskilling movies are...ummmm...different. If you go in with no expectations you'll be laughing as you shout at the tv what in the actual fug is going on? Just plain strange movies. Also it goes from 1 to 3. There is no 2 but the movie Thankskilling 2 is mentioned in 3. It's just insanity.
  11. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought The Babadook was ugh. Boring and silly and way overhyped. I mean not unwatchable bad but just not satisfying in any way and I was waiting for it to be finished.
  12. Netflix Recommendation - It Follows

    Is that movie "Would You Rather" the same movie as "the guest" but with a different title?