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  1. Justice League

    I'm expecting hot garbage, so I may be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Isn't it also .5 of a loss too? We would be exactly .500 at 189-189-1. Or is my math off?
  3. The Walking Dead season 8

    This issue has gotten to the point that it's worse than the A-Team. This show has become epically bad. I've been hate-watching for a while but I soon may stop doing even that. It's just so silly now...like no one is trying.
  4. Do you own a tv? That Bud Light commercial seems like it's on a loop.
  5. 19th & 20th against the run or Cam

    I thought they said last night that Miami was 7th against the run, thus making our performance that much more impressive.
  6. Takeaways from MNF

    You might think you're being objective or realistic. But in reality you're just being a dick. You are literally finding the negative or undercutting the positive in any way you can. Your negativity (not your specifically but in general on this board) is why I come to this board basically once a week when I used to be on here everyday. Literally Twitter is more positive than you. Granted this place is still better than Facebook insanity, it's not much better. And even All Pro isn't safe from your incessantly negative viewpoint. You're literally sapping the joy from watching football and sharing that excitement with other fans. Why do you bother? Why do I bother? Fug off.
  7. Thor: Ragnarok

    The comics were mostly garbage and boring because in order to even threaten Thor, the bad guy has to be so overpowered that it becomes meaningless. Same problem with Superman. But Thor's family has enough villains that at least are somewhat interesting...and they've basically stuck with that. Kenneth Branagh did the first Thor movie much more Shakespearean (expectedly) and the only real comedy in Thor 1 was the fish out of water stuff. I'd rather not discuss Thor 2.
  8. Stranger Things

    I thought the 2nd season was good and not a let down...except for the one episode of Teen Titans get revenge or whatever that nonsense was.
  9. AHS- Cult

    This show is dumb and I'm just riding it out to the end.
  10. Inhumans is unwatchable but the Gifted is much much better...also ^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. Movie Recommendation: Wind River

    What format? Netflix? In theaters? Never heard of it.
  12. Thor: Ragnarok

    Saw it last night. Fantastic! Loved it. I'd put it top 5 of all Marvel movies. Thor is probably the hardest comic character to bring to life other than maybe Superman. The super powerful are tough to make interesting. Easily the best Thor movie. I think once the Infinity War starts characters will start dying and the stakes will get high quick. Those will likely be pretty dark.
  13. Cams Reach for the Goal Line

    I’ve seen a lot of shops in my days and I can usually tell by the pixels. Looks shopped to me.
  14. Yall wanna see a dead body?

    That picture is hilarious. also fug the Saints
  15. CMC to become a full time WR ?

    No. He's a RB. Curtis is a WR.