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  1. Seahawks defense and in particular the secondary are more a product of Carroll than anything. That’s his area of expertise.
  2. Karma is real

    He definitely used to. He’s had to get help for it.
  3. Karma is real

    The reason I'm not sure I believe that is because on the last few plays of the game they will have a camera dedicated to both head coaches the entire time. If it's true we would have already seen video of it.
  4. In fairness to Ireland, he originally asked what his dad did and Dez replied that he was a pimp then Ireland asked what his mom did and Dez said that she worked for his dad. He asked the most logical next question.
  5. yeah basically the only reason you would trade a top 5 talent at WR you have to pay less than $1M is if you think he is 100% going to relapse and be out of the NFL again or someone offered you a stupid amount of draft picks. meaning you dont want to be the team getting him because you've screwed up one way or the other.
  6. it means they only have to offer him the minimum and he has to take it
  8. Umm there was that playoff game one time. I’m pretty sure he’s not upset over delhomme beating him
  9. The guy being paid $4.7M/year to be the head coach? Probably because no one wants a $3-4M paycut.
  10. The Air Coryell is an awesome system but it requires the offense to have superior personnel at basically every position to succeed. The most important thing is to have elite tackles. We have one who appears to be and then we have Matt Kalil. When it's working it's unstoppable but when it is not it is worthless. This is why Cam is so up and down. Norv is going to change much of anything. It will be like Shula never left. The system is dependent on long developing routes with 7 step drops. WCO and it's variants are designed to still work with lesser personnel and are not nearly as susceptible to hot and cold spells. It is far more consistent and consistency is what I'm pretty sure everyone has been begging for.
  11. I'm willing to lose Wilks if it means we don't get Norv(or any Turners for that matter).
  12. Norv sucked with Bradford too who is perfectly fit for his offense before quitting in shame 7 games into the season.
  13. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    i think his most recent years are the most relevant given how much the game and offenses have changed recently. also its not super easy to pull all those stats from the NFL website so feel free to pull up his stats from the early 90s Cowboys with a HoF QB, HoF WR, HoF RB and the greatest offensive line of all time to prove me wrong
  14. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    a revamped offensive line because they got rid of kalil who is here now which makes it even worse what athletic power back? latavius murray? yeah hes amazing...they lost dalvin cook in the first month. they have had an awesome defense for 5 years. that hasn't changed. rudolph's numbers are actually worse this year than they were last year diggs played 14 games this year. a whopping one more than in 2015 and 2016 when he played 13 games thielen was used heavily last year as well norv is the major difference between the vikings this year and the vikings the last few years, he was the problem, they got rid of him and are doing better than ever under zimmer on offense
  15. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    Norv stats 2014: 27th in ypg, 20th in ppg, 14th in rush ypg, 28th in pass ypg, 28th in sacks given up 2015: 29th in ypg, 16th in ppg, 4th in rush ypg, 31st in pass ypg, 25th in sacks given up 2016: Resigned halfway through the season because his offense still sucked. At the time of his resignation they were 31st in ypg and 23rd in ppg This is gonna go great.... 2017 Vikings without Norv: 11th in ypg, 10th in ppg, 11th in pass ypg, 7th in rush ypg, 7th in sacks given up That's with freaking Case Keenum.