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  1. Except we aren't. We could still be knocked out at 11-5. Here is a realistic possibility where we get knocked out after winning the next 2 games. ESPN Playoff Machine Seattle and Atlanta winning out with the Rams and Saints finishing 2-1 leaves us in a 5-way tie at 11-5 that we lose. There's a realistic scenario where beating Atlanta gets us the 2 seed and losing knocks us out and a much less realistic scenario where it's the 1 seed or out. Eagles would have to lose out for that to happen and they play the Giants.
  2. If this were the offseason then I would say hell no, but at this point we need WRs and despite being a turd this year he still has something to offer. I would sign him immediately.
  3. Is this a serious question? Not only is he one of the all time great QBs but he is also Cam’s mentor.
  4. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    I don’t want him but desperate times... Im on board with signing him for sure
  5. Watt will run away with it this year.
  6. Suspended players don't count against the 53. They go on the Reserve/Suspended List.
  7. problem solved? he can just take CJs spot
  8. Cam on Cam trash talk

    I’ve definitely missed this since Josh left. Always fun to have some pregame smack talk.
  9. a true leader wouldn't let his motivational speech be muffled by a chinstrap covering his mouth smh
  10. That guy has been hating on Fournette since he was a freshman at LSU. I couldn't stand to follow him anymore for a myriad of reasons but that was a big annoyance.