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  1. You realize it was in response to a question about WRs developing on a Ron Rivera team? I guess it’s Ron’s fault if they suck or don’t develop but he has nothing to do with it if they do well. And yes I understand that as a defensive coach he is not nearly as hands on with the development and play of the WR as he would be with the defense but he is still the head coach of the team.
  2. Damiere Byrd probably qualifies and Ted Ginn had a career revival under Ron, but you’re right. Hoping that changes with the focus on speed guys now instead big and slow guys.
  3. Bartin

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Pep, TD, Kalil and potentially Olsen are pretty much in their last year. You need 1st round picks to replace them. We really aren’t that old and we have replacements lined up for TD, Kalil and Olsen already with Shaq, Larsen and hopefully Thomas. The safeties are old but are also easily replaceable. We don’t really have a hard shutting window.
  4. Bartin

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    He’s 30. I don’t think that’s worth it. He will certainly start to decline in the next couple years. He’s a quickness and finesse guy, they usually decline earlier.
  5. Bartin

    Curtis Samuel

    Give him until after the bye just be safe? Seems like a good decision.
  6. Bartin

    Panthers work out a few players today

    Every team does this all the time. Not even when they are looking to replace someone but rather just to do homework and have current info on a wide variety of players just in case they are ever needed for an injury replacement and sometimes you get lucky and find someone worthwhile. I think that’s how Remmers was found. He wasn’t some stud but he was quite serviceable at RT for a couple years.
  7. Ron says that so and so needs more snaps all the time then never actually follows through.
  8. Bartin

    Panthers sign WR

    This guy played at Bama? Never heard of him and I’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of Bama games over the years. Was he 5th string?
  9. Bartin

    Darryl Williams to undergo surgery

    Same knee, new injury. I guess maybe it's not the ACL if surgery was a decision and not a given but he already tore his MCL and dislocated his knee cap. There's not much left there to injure.
  10. I feel the same way about the Saints offense as they do about our defense.
  11. Bartin

    Who should start at TE

    Eh whatever, it's worth a shot. The offense needs something to kickstart the passing game and Funchess hasn't progressed much on the outside. Give him a shot against LBs and Safeties. Olsen really isn't a good blocker either and if our outside running game, which is virtually non-existent anyway, suffers then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. And when I said the "Jimmy Graham version of the position" I meant don't have him be an inline traditional TE, but slightly split off the line in a 2 point stance. At least we will have actually tried something different.
  12. Bartin

    Who should start at TE

    Funchess to "TE", the Jimmy Graham version of the position All speed on the outside
  13. I think ideally you just flip Shaq and TDs snaps. Shaq and Luke play 100% of the snaps and TD plays in base 4-3 but comes off the field in nickel. Then you maybe consider having TD play all snaps in 4th beside Luke. As far as does TD move to SLB full time or does he move to his normal WLB when he is on the field and Shaq plays SLB in base then WLB in nickel, I don't know.
  14. Bartin

    Shaq Thompson

    That should be his role. I think we all know that it won't be.
  15. Looks like the owners box got moved to the sideline from the end zone, is that correct?