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  1. Sucks but it was never realistic to keep both
  2. You should watch the Giants. It’s somehow at least twice as bad as any line as Cam has ever had and I’m not exaggerating. It’s seriously that bad.
  3. Seem to remember Clark getting beat or just messing up the assignment that lead to a sack which I give him a pass for all things consider. He played really well otherwise and had been on the team like 3 days.
  4. We are number 1 in average yards before first contact while running the ball so that’s something.
  5. Bartin

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    I tend to agree that we would be a high choice of his but also AB is never going to get to choose where he goes until he’s like 35 at the youngest at which point we probably wouldn’t want him.
  6. Bartin

    DB depth is looking scary

    Nope. He said that in public. What he has said privately may be completely different. He is a very smart businessman and knows how to be politically savvy if he needs to be. Not saying he definitely was being savvy at that moment but I would not expect him to say anything else regardless of how he truly felt.
  7. Bartin

    DB depth is looking scary

    Strained his hamstring against Atlanta. Limited in practice but said he would be fine for Sunday yesterday.
  8. Bartin

    DB depth is looking scary

    We still have Lorenzo Doss at CB right? Jackson should be fine for the game as well per his comments. Probably need to look for another S since Searcy can't stay on the field. Is the rotting corpse of Jairus Byrd still available?
  9. It was a swing pass that went backwards so it was officially credited as a rush.
  10. Bartin

    Curtis Samuel

    Team and player are being very tight lipped about it.
  11. Bartin

    Curtis Samuel

    Barner was already cut again by the Pats. He's available if we want him.
  12. Bartin

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    It is because the Steelers would go over the cap by $14M by trading him. That means they also need to trade or renounce the tag on LeVeon Bell just to get under the cap. They aren’t going into a full rebuild in the middle of a season.
  13. You realize it was in response to a question about WRs developing on a Ron Rivera team? I guess it’s Ron’s fault if they suck or don’t develop but he has nothing to do with it if they do well. And yes I understand that as a defensive coach he is not nearly as hands on with the development and play of the WR as he would be with the defense but he is still the head coach of the team.
  14. Damiere Byrd probably qualifies and Ted Ginn had a career revival under Ron, but you’re right. Hoping that changes with the focus on speed guys now instead big and slow guys.
  15. Bartin

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Pep, TD, Kalil and potentially Olsen are pretty much in their last year. You need 1st round picks to replace them. We really aren’t that old and we have replacements lined up for TD, Kalil and Olsen already with Shaq, Larsen and hopefully Thomas. The safeties are old but are also easily replaceable. We don’t really have a hard shutting window.