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  1. Bartin

    The team under Tepper

    The Rams have the NFL logo at midfield as well(at least they did in the first year. Though the reason there is less clear. Maybe has something to with sharing with USC and I'm sure they will have their own logo once the new place gets built.
  2. Probably. He destroyed people in college as you would expect an NFL caliber player to do in D2.
  3. Bartin

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Yeah it’s like hating Luke cuz Smitty and Cam are on the Panthers. It just doesn’t make any sense. C.J. is a good dude.
  4. You pay him. You don't let a franchise QB walk away.
  5. It probably will be around $40M/year when we have to extend him in 2 years.
  6. Rodgers is going to own the entire state of Wisconsin
  7. We can watch him ride the bench first hand? He isn't getting carries over Zeke and they've already got a big banger in Rod Smith who looked pretty good last year.
  8. Don’t even think he went to the Maryland pro day per his post 1st round press conference
  9. People are freaking out about 5th and 7th round picks which admittedly make very little sense but in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter. Hurney did very well with Moore, Jackson and Thomas and I even think Haynes can be an impact pass rush specialist. Those are the picks that really matter. Don’t like the Gaulden pick but I’m willing to give him a chance. Seems to have the right mindset from what I’ve heard from his interviews post draft.
  10. Yep and Munnerlynn in the 7th.
  11. Can be a good backup. Solid UDFA pickup.
  12. Bartin

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Doesn’t mean much but people seem to love the Haynes pick and think he will just produce and get to the QB, size be damned. Was surprising to me but if he can be a threat on every 3rd down and do some special teams work then that’s pretty solid for a 5th. Getting off the field on 3rd down is one of the most important things in football. He doesn’t have to be a starter or full time player to have a major impact.
  13. Bartin

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Yeah I got nothing then. Literally can’t play anything but 3rd and long and end of game guaranteed passing type situations at his size.
  14. Bartin

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I’m guessing he slots into SLB when Shaq moves to WLB to take over after TD retires. Might actually not be that bad of a pick. He’s a good rusher and can blitz from the Sam position like how Bruce Irvin was used in Seattle. He sure as hell isnt playing DE at 6’2” 235
  15. Same thing happened with the Tre Boston pick from UNC fans.
  16. Bartin

    Defensive End in round 4?

    He’s got the frame to add 15 lbs. The big concern is his knee. It could be shredded and might be why he is still available. Guys with his combine performance aren’t usually available in the 4th.
  17. Bartin

    Defensive End in round 4?

    Hand strikes me as a 3-4 DE/4-3 3T rather than a true EDGE guy. 7.98 3 cone is bad. I’d much rather see someone like Ejiofor or Sweat be the pick.
  18. Bartin

    BPA/need josh sweat.

    On board with this. Freak athlete who probably needs a little time to develop but he’s a potential home run pick.
  19. Don’t really love the Gaulden pick but Harrison has basically the same numbers. 4.63 40 120 inch broad jump 34 inch vertical Gaulden is 6’1” 200 and Harrison is 6’2” 207 So if Gaulden is unathletic then Harrison is too.
  20. Lot of value in having the first pick in the 4th with the break it can be leveraged for good value by someone who really wants someone.
  21. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/27/17292374/rashaan-gaulden-tennessee-double-birds-alabama-fans-nfl-draft-ravens Based solely on this on only this I say fantastic pick
  22. Bartin

    DJ Moore Highlights Video

    Literally what they are actually.
  23. Sign that contract so you can get yourself a nice suit DJ.
  24. I’m glad he tried and I’m just as glad he didn’t let himself get swindled.
  25. Bartin

    Yikes are WR depth chart

    Lol if we cut Smith we will have completed the most worthless trade in NFL history.