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  1. Secondary...

    Mark Dominik was on the radio today talking about failed physicals in regard to Ryan Grant and mentioned that there were cases of it happening. The player would sign for less or with some additional injury protections. Can’t remember the example he listed though. Would have a paid a lot more attention if I knew it was going to happen to us! EDIT: found it. http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2004-03-13/sports/0403120763_1_dolphins-contract-ankle Damion McIntosh in 2004.
  2. What's left at CB

    I’d be ok with DRC on a 1 year somewhat cheap deal if he’d go for it along with drafting someone.
  3. Not even sure Worley will make the Eagles roster. They've got 3 outside CBs that are definitely ahead of him in Darby, Mills and Jones then a guy they drafted in the 3rd round last year, Rasul Douglas, that played solidly when Darby went out last year. The 5th spot then has to go to a nickel CB which Worley definitely can't play.
  4. It's not that difficult to get a low cap number in year 1 with signing bonuses. A 5 year/$60M contract with a $1M year 1 salary and a $15M signing bonus is only a $4M cap hit and that's around the number it would take to get him I think. That's not really the concern, but it does free up the cap in years 2 and 3 for Mathieu where Breeland had close to $10M cap hits.
  5. Oh I definitely wouldn't wait if I was him, but for our sake I hope we get lucky and he does.
  6. You can. Richard Sherman wouldn't be able to pass a physical right now having just come off achilles surgery, but the 49ers passed him anyway knowing the prognosis and estimated recovery time. We could have done that with Breeland as well but there are going to be unknowns with Breeland's injury compared with a much more common injury like an achilles. Definitely smart of us to wait. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and we can still sign him later.
  7. I think that was DG's biggest failing. He was too obsessed with going by the draft board. If it's close then you should take need and if it's not close then BPA is fine. There is no way Butler was well above the positions we needed.
  8. $9M is what he turned down from the Cards. We’d have to go pretty well north of that in all likelihood. I’d guess around $12M. It really doesn’t make much sense for us, but it would be pretty awesome to have him.
  9. Short-Butler-Suh-Peppers

    Short can't play full time DE
  10. The RB market is dead though. I think we might be able to get him for $3-4M which I’d be good with.
  11. Obviously worse right now, but the draft and the rest of FA is still to come. We’ve upgraded with the two players we’ve acquired so far so that’s a positive.
  12. Breeland a Panther

    Yep. Assuming there is somewhat tough out after year 1 and and easy out after year 2. The more I see the numbers other CBs are getting the happier I am.
  13. Breeland a Panther

    Need to see the money but I think I really like this signing.
  14. in which we laugh at seahawk fans

    Greg Olsen. Nailed it.
  15. Apparently it's not a fine, but a cost of expenses incurred by the other owners based on his actions and Jones has pay that back. Like if a judge made you pay attorneys fees for the other party in the lawsuit because you were clearly in the wrong.
  16. Does that matter anymore?
  17. Seahawks defense and in particular the secondary are more a product of Carroll than anything. That’s his area of expertise.
  18. Karma is real

    He definitely used to. He’s had to get help for it.
  19. Karma is real

    The reason I'm not sure I believe that is because on the last few plays of the game they will have a camera dedicated to both head coaches the entire time. If it's true we would have already seen video of it.
  20. In fairness to Ireland, he originally asked what his dad did and Dez replied that he was a pimp then Ireland asked what his mom did and Dez said that she worked for his dad. He asked the most logical next question.
  21. yeah basically the only reason you would trade a top 5 talent at WR you have to pay less than $1M is if you think he is 100% going to relapse and be out of the NFL again or someone offered you a stupid amount of draft picks. meaning you dont want to be the team getting him because you've screwed up one way or the other.
  22. it means they only have to offer him the minimum and he has to take it
  24. Umm there was that playoff game one time. I’m pretty sure he’s not upset over delhomme beating him
  25. The guy being paid $4.7M/year to be the head coach? Probably because no one wants a $3-4M paycut.