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  1. I have a vague recollection of him making a nice tackle in punt coverage a couple years ago. That’s literally it. The whole special teams ace thing is way, way oversold by the coaches and front office.
  2. Just checked for the hell of it, DA has never played for or with any of the Packers offensive coaches. Doesn’t really mean anything but there is no familiarity that would suggest they really want him as a guy who could come in and know the system. Winston is supposed to be fine so I don’t think the Bucs are trading for him and we aren’t trading in division during the season anyway.
  3. We didn't play bad

    Yes we did. The refs kept us in the game.
  4. Relying / Overpaying Veterans

    So do the really old teams. You want to be in the middle
  5. Why would he ever come here to just be insurance when he could go somewhere to be the starter? There are multiple very good teams who could use a LB like Bowman. There is probably an 80% chance he ends up in New England.
  6. You absolutely should have reported him. He would get a lifetime ban from all NFL stadiums. That's unacceptable.
  7. From what I’ve seen it is mostly the guards inability to get any push
  8. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Just a broken arm so he could be brought back after weeks but I have no idea why you'd want to. He looked worse than Samuel.
  9. What does our fullback do?

    he was in for 2 plays
  10. That Final 4th and 1

    So we are blaming the offensive coordinator for a play that worked but was just a terrible throw from Cam. Seems about right.
  11. Star was all over the place last week. Eagles have a great interior OL and he’s never been a pass rusher anyway.
  12. He’s under contract. We are obviously keeping him next year. The real question is if we pick up his 5th year option which is around $10M.
  13. That’s basically what we did with Klein and Shaq while Luke was out in 2015. We went away from that for god knows what reason last year until the very end which was a disaster. I suspect that’s what we do again. Mayo is solid. Credit to Gettleman for that find. I think I hated that pick more than any other he made and that one has turned out pretty well.
  14. Luke needs to retire

    They officially said he did during the game and he is in the concussion protocol.
  15. I’m not sure I trust him to shed 2nd level blocks but admittedly I haven’t seen enough to have a true judgement on that. That was probably his biggest weakness coming into the NFL. Possible he has improved greatly though.
  16. Yeah he gave up an identical play to Gronk on 3rd or 4th down in the 4th quarter. Both Fells and Gronk right right next to him cut out slightly, sat down 5 feet from him and catch the pass with Shaq never even looking towards them.
  17. I’ve always believed that was a load of BS they came up with to justify the pick after the fact because they didn’t want to come out and say they thought TD was going to be finished in a year or two tops. Either that or they really were that stupid because there was honestly nothing from his college play that suggested he could cover WRs or athletic TEs in the NFL from the slot and his athletic testing didn’t either. That one game he played safety? They protected him like crazy with small zone coverage responsibilities. Is it too late to move him to RB?
  18. I think his problem is that right now he is just an athlete. Works fine in college when you are just faster and quicker than everyone else, but that doesn’t really cut it in the NFL. As a WR I really don’t think he really knows how to run routes or get off a jam. Missing all that time in preseason probably didn’t help. All I see now is a poor mans Tavon Austin and that’s not a compliment. He has a lot of work to do.
  19. He got burned by Daniel Fells last week who is a 285 lbs blocking TE that probably runs a 5.0 40 He looks lost in zone. He will have a guy standing 5 feet away from him and doesn’t even seem to notice until the ball is halfway to the receiver. In man coverage, he just gets beat. Great blitzer and hitter but if you can’t do the other stuff then you’re a liability on the field as an every down player which is what he is right now.
  20. He’s up there again this year. Best case scenario is the OL gets zero push off the snap. What usually happens is someone gets their ass beat and he is hit 4 yards deep. Everyone screams about waiting for Kalil to get back but Norwell and Turner are getting their asses whooped too. Great pass blockers but for all their “nastiness” they get Molly whopped regularly in the run game. Not too sure what the issue is. I’m sure everyone wants to blame predictable play calling but that’s BS. It happens on literally every run in every situation.
  21. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    You know Cam doesn’t have to throw the ball deep right? He can make his own decisions. There are other receivers running routes.
  22. Do you understand game situations?