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  1. manu4t

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Very treatable type of cancer if caught early enough. Good luck DG.
  2. Not to mention with new owner(s) coming on board, our GM and HC may be in a one year "prove it" situation as well.....
  3. manu4t

    More from Voth

    The most baffling aspect of this is that it has been pretty much the same attitude towards the position irrespective of the Head Coach and/or the GM at the time of the draft(s).
  4. Good pick he was projected to go in the third. Feeling better about the Hurney trade down now. Blocking is good not great and he catches well, not a ton of speed though.
  5. manu4t

    Defensive End in round 4?

    DE makes sense which means we will pick a LB
  6. Next up... Hurney loads up on punters.
  7. Trade Down Gesicki, TE Penn St At least 89% of the Huddle will complain
  8. Great post and great work. For those of us who appreciate objective stats and analysis, this is a damn good post. Thanks for the work on this.
  9. manu4t

    Reading the LG tea leaves

    True. Depends on whether Larsen can bridge the gap if they don’t want to start a rookie at C next season
  10. manu4t

    The Norv Factor

    I think Bama already had their Pro Day, we sent a crew down as I recall. I would be shocked if Ridley fell to us at 24.
  11. manu4t

    Reading the LG tea leaves

    Moton will get the nod. Hopefully we see as little of Silatolu as possible. If Price slides far enough down the Board in the second or high third rds (meaning we trade up to grab him if he does fall to the high third) due to his pectoral year at the Combine I think we grab him as Kalil’s replacement at C, Larsen was ok in fill in duty for him but may not be the answer long term.
  12. manu4t

    Mel Kiper Jr mock draft

    I have always been baffled as to why the team, irrespective of GM or coaching staff, doesn’t invest in the S position more in the impact rounds of the draft. The one S they drafted high they converted to LB- Thomas Davis.
  13. A PSL only guarantees you the right to be able to buy tickets (and post-season tickets if you opt to do so) for certain seats. It's value is not attached to anything physical, like the stadium, even if the money from the PSL is used to finance the building of a stadium. You can buy or sell PSls like a commodity, but that is the only value you will recover from them. Not disagreeing with your sentiment at all (I have 3 PSLs) but the risk with buying a PSL is that you will see that money evaporate if the team moves or the stadium is demolished and rebuilt elsewhere.