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  1. Mock offseason moves

    Good thread. I think they will do whatever they can to sign Norwell. Like the draft but of all things I don’t see is getting rid of Gano, he was in a much hotter seat last year and survived. Carlson is a great kicker though. I see more attention being paid to OT in the draft but this would be a great draft as is IMO.
  2. Whelp at least we made it a game and it wasn’t on Cam. That hosesh1t intentional grounding call was the killer.
  3. Best ad campaign in a long time. Especially for such a horrible beer.
  4. Rivera mismanaging the clock as usual. Your 15.5M extension hard at work folks....
  5. CMC goes? He is a WR right?
  6. We have UDFAs beating our 2nd rd pick CB.
  7. My god WTF with this playcalling? We are in this game by the grace of god at this point and the village idiots who coach this team still manage to kill off momentum.
  8. Could we even make an effort to be aggressive? Hell for that matter are we fooling ourselves to think there is anything of a playbook that we might be sitting on?
  9. Miss from 25 and hit a 58. Seems par for the course for the team as a whole
  10. To the extent the team is not mentally prepared to play that is the fault of the HC. Talent levels...sure I agree with you. But this coaching staff couldn’t win even with the talent the Saints have.
  11. This is embarrassing. On the heels of an extension for this awesome HC who failed to have this team ready to play. Again.
  12. He was total ass as AL head coach, showed every trait we see in him as an OC
  13. More runs up the middle who saw that coming?
  14. We don’t have the weapons to keep up. Especially when what few we have aren’t catching the ball.