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  1. Flaming emergency needs due to depth age and need for upgraded talent - S, CB Immediate need due to roster depth - power RB Needs in the next year for depth - G, TE Needs due to lack of talent on roster, not due to lack of players - OT, WR
  2. This^ Breeland and his agents burned all bridges with us and set our plans back at CB. I don’t see a GM under pressure to keep his job with new ownership being a second chance guy here.
  3. Burnett or Reid, our S depth is way too thin, trusting 2-3 rookies there is not going to get it done. IF healthy Mewhort on a short prove it deal, he could be quality depth under good coaching and healthy.
  4. This ^ Guice is a beast if he is on the board in the second I have to think he is near or at the top of our Board. I could live with Michel in the late second/third rd or Chubb in the third rd. Kerryon Johnson in the late third or fourth is another one I wouldnt be upset with either.
  5. Good write up Saca, as always.
  6. We save a lot more by cutting him post-June 1, I think the savings is around 2.85M with 700K dead money. This is per overthecap.com
  7. I married into a hardcore AL family so I was MADE to care, LOL. Of course my deal with her was she had to ditch the Saints for CAR. I didn’t realize what a religion SEC football was until I moved to GA 21 years ago, it is damn near cult like down here.
  8. Sadly, it is really hard to find fault with this reasoning.
  9. Let’s hope his first move is to listen to anyone around him who has a scouting background and toss out the 2018 Nowracki draft guide he used for the draft board after rd 1
  10. My feeling as well. FA may do something on one position or the other, but we dont have the money to spend on both in terms of getting quality starters.
  11. Non-rhetorical question - at this point would OT be more of a priority than S or WR in the first round?
  12. SCP, you are truly a glorious bastard.
  13. Whether true or not insulting anyone’s child is out of bounds and classless. Period.
  14. Whelp at least we made it a game and it wasn’t on Cam. That hosesh1t intentional grounding call was the killer.