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  1. Good points. We have had years of constant clock mismanagement, predictable offense and failures to address in game shortcomings at halftime. Not only won’t it change, it will keep costing us games.
  2. It is beyond pathetic that we had 10 days to prepare and this is the best this coaching staff could do. For gods sake we were beaten by a coach who is well known for his own stubborn brand of stupidity and clock mismanagement. This was an absolutely pathetic effort by both coaching and team. Time to clean house.
  3. My god how many times can we shoot ourselves in the foot in this game?
  4. This is the worst first half of football I have seen from this team in a long time.
  5. Bright side to losing Thursday

    You must be trying to get banned, that is the only possible reason for all these posts today.
  6. Help...

    Curahee Garrand if you can get it. Anything Deschutes is awesome. Thomas Creek IPAs are always solid. Southern Tier Warlock is also the poo at this time of year.
  7. SCP, great work as always. Ranks up there with “Matt Ryan wears braided belts” and “Did someone fart on this airplane or is it Saints week?”. Someone needs to prepare a compendium of your posts. I used to live in DET and almost all of this is spot on. Scarily spot on.
  8. Shows you we have underachieved so far. And NE is good, people can say whatever but the fuggers did win a ring last year in epic fashion
  9. Bills beats the Dirty Birds

    Really stupid play calling down the stretch by their coaches.
  10. Hot diggity shitnuts I have missed the weekly SCP posts. Thank you and your magnificently sadistic comedic genius.
  11. This entire coaching staff has proven many times over they cannot consistently adapt or adapt at all to beat division rivals. There was no semblance of a game plan today and we stubbornly cling to whatever sham of a game plan we conjured up this week even when it was clear it would not work.