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  1. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    I never could stand him. He sucked since the day he was hired. MoRon Rivera.
  2. Lawd I hope he gets fired and Rivera needs to join him. The comments on the petition are hilarious! I needed a good laugh after witnessing that bull of a game today.
  3. Has Rivera Quit on the Team

    "The team quit on me more so than anything else."
  4. Is Cam the poster child 'Millennial'

    Mods do your job and lock this stupid ass thread.
  5. what can we do as fans

    Force Rivera and Shula to eat thousands of Bo Berry biscuits without anything to drink. They will give up and quit and we'll be FREE of their incompetence!!!! Nah, but seriously, I doubt there is anything we can do. It's all up to JR.
  6. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    You're right that he doesn't understand offenses. He only cares about the defense.
  7. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    I swear Ron is so clueless. Why is he still here? Any other franchise would've fired him by now.
  8. Leadership, and lack thereof

    This franchise is ran like a backwoods mom and pop shop. JR doesn't know what in the world he is doing. He keeps hiring these stupid defensive coaches and wants to play football like it's the 1970's. The lack of leadership starts at the top.
  9. Pay Attention to Post Game PC

    All the local media wants to do is write BS articles about Cam and create controversy. Rivera would get eaten alive if he was being interviewed by the New York media.
  10. AMEN. Rivera is lucky the local media sucks ass.
  11. Instead of the terrible Charlotte Observer writing articles about Cam not speaking to the media, they should write about Rivera and Shula needing to be fired. This is beyond pathetic.
  12. This post makes absolutely no sense AT ALL. Why are you so obsessed with fans who are Cam fans? There are plenty of posters here on this forum who are Luke fans, but I don't see you complaining about them. Wonder why that is? Cam is my favorite player on the team and if that pisses you off, then boo f*cking hoo!